Applying the Science of Story to the Art of Communications

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Date(s) - Wednesday, June 18, 2014
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Flamingo Conference Resort and Spa

Your communication happens not when you say or write something, but when that information reaches the conscious mind of another person. Recent neural and cognitive research has uncovered the tortured path that lies between your audience’s sensory organs (eyes and ears) and their conscious mind—a snare-filled path of cautions and dangers that your information must successfully traverse. I will demonstrate what happens to your information along this pathway and how communications success relates to effective story structure.

Kendall Haven

Kendall Haven

Today our presentation will be from storyteller Kendall Haven. The only West Point graduate to ever become a professional storyteller, Haven also holds a Doctorate Degree in Oceanography (Oregon State University) and spent eight years as a Senior Research Scientist for the Department of Energy before finding his true passion for storytelling and a very different kind of “truth.” With 32 years experience as a master storyteller, and as author of 34 books, he is an internationally recognized Subject Matter Expert (SME) on story structure and on story architectural design and serves as a story consultant to departments in various governmental science agencies from DoD and the Navy to EPA, to NASA, NOAA, and NPS (the National Park Service). He was also selected as the only storyteller to participate in the 2012 Department of Defense Narrative Networks Research Program.

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