Where is Cybercrime Really Coming From?

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Date(s) - Wednesday, March 8, 2017
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Flamingo Conference Resort and Spa

Where is Cybercrime Really Coming From?

Where is Cybercrime Really Coming From?
Host: Steve Marberger

Cybercrime netted a whopping $450 billion in profits last year, with 2 billion records lost or stolen worldwide. In a November 2016 Ted Talk, security expert Caleb Barlow calls out the insufficiency of our current strategies to protect our data. His solution? We need to respond to cybercrime with the same collective effort as we apply to a health care crisis, sharing timely information on who is infected and how the disease is spreading. If we’re not sharing, he says, then we’re part of the problem.

Following the video, our own IT expert Steve Marburger of Pipeline IT will follow up with more alarming information and what we can do to protect our own personal and business data.

There is no doubt that this topic is among the most relevant in the news today!


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