Sydney, Australia

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Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW 2000

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Sydney, Australia

Sydney Australia, known as the Harbor City, has both a unique landscape, as well as a unique history. The sheltered harbor of Sydney Australia made Sydney an excellent home for indigenous peoples, and later a useful port for Europeans. On January 26th, 1788, 11 ships from Britain arrived in Sydney Cove. Called the “First Fleet”, these ships carried British soldiers, along with British prisoners, sent to establish a new colony. Modern Sydney still bears the mark of these early settlers. Some of Sydney’s main streets run along the original trails carved out by European settlers.

Today, Sydney is known for its beautiful harbor, along with the Harbour Bridge that graces its waters. The Sydney Opera House is also a famous landmark for Australians and tourists alike, and an excellent stop on your Australia sightseeing journey. The Opera House is open year round, and features some of the best in world dance, music, and theatre. Travel in Sydney is not complete without touring the house, or maybe even seeing a show. You may even purchase tickets online when planning your trip. For travelers who are patrons of the arts, the Sydney Arts Festival is also a great option. Held each January during Australia’s summer, this event is completely free of charge. The arts festival is an exciting way to experience both European and Indigenous tradition, along with music, dance, and arts from around the world.

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