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Wednesday August 17, 2022

SRJC Update

Dr. Frank Chong 

Dr. Frank Chong, President of SRJC will present a program  with an update on SRJC.   Most of us know the basics of the college but he will discuss change with regard to curriculum, new areas of study, housing issues, and the impact covid had on the school.


PLEASE NOTE: In-Person & Zoom meetings returned!  Please register.

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Wednesday August 24th: Deputy District Attorney & former Santa Rosa City Attorney
Wednesday August 31st: Former Hobo, on riding the rails and his latest novel

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SCARC – Dinner August 25th
Deadline to RSVP is August 19
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Celebrating the life of
       Larry Miyano
Sunday October 9, 2022, 2pm
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Keep checking back.  New socials coming soon!


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Opening Ceremonies:

“Welcome to the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa where we imagine a world that deserves our best, where we get up each day knowing we make a difference.”

Bill Hatcher Led us in the Reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance and the Four-Way Test. He had some very funny quotes:

“So long as your desire to explore is greater than your desire to not screw up, you are on the right track.” Actor Ed Helms

“You cannot wait for inspiration; you have to go at it with a club.”  Jack London

“Seize the moment, remember all those women on the Titanic that waived off the dessert cart.”  Erma Bombeck

“Whatever you do, always give 100% unless you are donating blood.”  Bill Murray

“To be is to do.” Socrates – “To do is to be.” Jean-Paul Sartre – “Do be do be do.” Frank Sinatra

Visiting Rotarians:

None today


Steve Olson brought his wife Elaine. Also, back for a visit…. Matt Fannin (as you may remember he left the club a few years ago for Texas. He is back!)

Sunshine Report:

Carmen Sinigiani’s mom has passed away. A card was circulated at the meeting.

Mary Graves and Paul Hamilton have covid. They are doing OK.


Eight marbles in the bag.  Pot of $42.00 Rose Wognum Frances had the opportunity to win, but she did not.  The second chance drawing went to Jeff Kolin, and he took a Scratcher.  No willing there either.  Bummer!


  1. ROBERT PIERCE IS AVAILABLE AT NEXT WEEK’S MEETING TO TAKE PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS. THE COST IS $100 PAID TO THE CLUB. So, if you need a current photo for business or the roster and DACdb make sure you come early for next week’s meeting. It is going to be a good meeting too! Frank Chong for the Santa Rosa Junior College is our guest speaker.
  2. President Kris wants to remind our membership that she is counting the number of pints of blood that members donate this year, so keep her posted.
  3. Santa Rosa Junior Livestock Auction was last week. Sam McMillan and Steve Olson sharpened their pencils and got us two lambs and two pigs under $10,000. Stay tuned for our social that will be in late September or October for our own meet auction. The steer auction went very well (we do not bid on the steers). The supreme champion was from a Wes Jamison Award recipient, and it sold for $24,000!
  4. Thursday night was our first Rotary social of the year and we had a nice turnout at the Gospe’s to welcome our exchange students from Italy and Sweden. We also had in attendance Sebastopol’s student from South Korea and our out bound student to Germany. If we have a social at the Gospe’s, you really should come. They have a lovely backyard, perfect for socializing without being crowded.
  5. The memorial for Larry Miyano will in October. Let Mary Miyano know that you are coming.
  6. We had a nice turnout at the Redwood Empire Food Bank on Wednesday. If you have not been there recently, we are now bagging the fruit/vegetables inside the building. Starting immediately, when volunteering you will enter through the front door.
  7. We have the Rotary Squares game coming along. The squares cost $10.00 each. The grand prize is an instant Paul Harris Award. There will be some other prizes too. For those not attending the meeting, contact Debi Zaft to buy you squares.
  8. Obi is back from Belgium and is going to the cleaners. The other Obi is on his way to Las Vegas.
  9. Steve Olson is promoting the 2022 Elsie Allen Ag Boosters 25th Annual fund raiser. It will be Friday, August 19, 5:30pm at Kunde Family Winery. Tickets are $75.00 each or a table for $750.00. Contact or (707) 533-0436 to purchase.
  10. The Rotary Club of Healdsburg has an event on Wednesday, August 17 at the Raven Theatre in Healdsburg. There will be a showing of the film, “Embers of Awakening: From Firestorms to Climate Health,” a climate and environmental information fair, and a panel discussion after the film. It starts at 6:15pm. Tickets at $10.00 and are available online at or at the door.
  11. Casey Carter is going to have a Spanish class on Monday nights at her office. We understand that it is free. The program is called “For This We Are Friends.”
  12. SCARC is next week on Thursday, August 25.  5:30 at the Moose Lodge, 3559 Airway Drive, Santa Rosa.  Please make your reservation by August 19.  The program is about what our local clubs are doing for Ukraine. See the attached flyer.

Today’s Auction(s):

We had a box of Belgium Chocolates from Elisabeth. According to Craig Meltzner they are #1 on Yelp.  There was some serious bidding, but Julia Parranto got them for $110! Matthew Henry was back from a vacation to Colorado, and he brought back a coffee mug, some flower seeds and two stickers. He donated $50.00 to the club.


Sam McMillan donated some money to our local foundation today because he was recognized by the Sonoma County Fair Hall of Flowers for his years of participation. Sam says he started back in the 1970’s. It was at the Sonoma County Fair that he met Rita 52 years ago, married 49 years.

Sam And Rita McMillan SCF Flower Show Award

Attached is an excerpt from the Sonoma County Fair online magazine describing how this year’s Sonoma County Flower Show is dedicated to Sam and Rita McMillan.  (Click Here)

Today’s Program:  A new presentation on his trip to Antarctica focusing on climate change

Doug says the average person uses 50 metric tons of carbon per year.  It took 50 hours, and the plane trip was about 8 metric tons of carbon.  That is like 5 months of normal car driving.  He really thinks about his carbon footprint, so this was a big deal going to Antarctica. He thinks about where he goes and what it means to his personal carbon footprint; how he can lessen it.  However, you cannot totally be carbon free.  He says manage what you can and don’t feel bad about what you cannot do.

The Cape Horn at the tip of South America is not named that because it is shaped like a horn. It was named by Willem Schouten who sailed there as part of the Dutch Empire. It is named after the town of Hoorn where he came from in the Netherlands. Doug went to Ushuaia, at the tip of the horn to embark on his trip to Antarctica. This is where Charles Darwin came. The channel there is named Beagle, after his ship. Unfortunately, the Europeans that came down there brought measles and smallpox. If that did not kill the natives, the settlers killed them. The area is called Tierra del Fuego. It is tough to get there and once you do, it is not much to the town. It caters to the tourists that go to Antarctica. There are nice hotels next to nondescript diners, warehouses, etc. The seas are very rough between Ushuaia and landing in Antarctica itself. You can have 40-50 mile an hour winds and 12–18-foot waves, even higher. Antarctica was not considered to be affected by global warming but that is not true. The current around Antarctica keeps the icebergs from drifting away, otherwise they could drift far to the north. Antarctica is the coldest and driest place on Earth. It gets less than 2 inches of rain each year. The ice is at least 2 miles thick above the water, more below the surface. What people do not know is that the ice forms from below the surface and pushes upward as it forms. However due to climate warming the ocean is warming and that is affecting the glacial ice. There are even lakes below the ice. One is as large as Lake Ontario. Doug says as concerned as scientists are about Antarctica, Greenland is a far bigger concern. There are six types of Pelicans that live there. They have their own seasons, so they naturally can coexist. Avian Flu is a concern, so cleaning their boots is important each time off and on a boat. The penguins have longer legs than we see. Their fat and feathers just make it look like they have no legs. Waddling is how they expend energy to keep themselves warm. Oh, and it stinks!

To see Doug’s presentation, go to Watch The Meeting, at the top of this bulletin, just above Opening Ceremonies.

Club Job Openings:

Still need a few bulletin writers. Need a person on the board for Vocational Service Recognition

Program Slides

To see Doug’s presentation, go to Watch The Meeting, at the top of this bulletin, just above Opening Ceremonies

Additional Pictures:

(no additional pictures this week)

NEW – Obie’s Adventures

Obie took a break and stayed home this week

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