DIGITAL EDITION No. 327 August 7, 2019  EDITOR: Layne Bowen PHOTOGRAPHER: Kris Anderson PUBLISHER: Richard Lazovick

Our Program For Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The Cannabis Industry

Dona Frank

Dona Frank

Dona and Lauren will talk about what it has been like to bring the business of cannabis to where it is today, and some possible insight into where they think it’s going.


Wednesday August 21, 2019: Sonoma Clean Power
Wednesday September 4, 2019: United Way Schools of Hope


Aug. 19-26, 2019Rotary Rhine River Cruise
The cruise is sold out. Those still interested may place their names on a waiting list.
                 Click here  for pricing, itinerary, etc.
                 Click here for flyer.
                 For more information contact Eva Atkin.
Sept 21, 2019 – Club Social – Paella
Great event to invite potential members.
Kid friendly with a nice park and games 🙂
Please RSVP to Doug Johnson –


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Opening ceremonies

Pledge: Chad Nour
Reflection: Sam McMillan recited a veterinarian’s prayer

Visiting Rotarians 

None present


Michael Moore introduced his much better half, Janet. Dan Balfe introduced his better half Linda.


All is sunny!


With $25 in the pot, Tim Delaney had his ticket drawn, but he was not able to draw the blue marble.

The Funny Pages

Dan Shell told a Jewish joke. A possible fine was discussed…..


Doug Johnson dropped $4,000 at the West Club fundraiser for a paella dinner. He is trying to recoup the cost with a paella event. Tix are $40 each.

Andrea Geary needs bocce players! Sebastopol Rotary is sending 3 teams this year. It’s getting very competitive. So put together some teams!

Ray G. Announced our net of $67,000 from the 2019 Giro Bello and thanked Casey for all his hard work..

Sam McMillan announced that tomorrow, he can use some help buying a pig at the fair.

Cathy’s announcements

Video of cheesecake girl was a great idea, but the old computer just couldn’t play it. Jose tried.


Ryan Thomas talked about his fishing trip in Baja with his family. His son Zack in a full leg cast caught a 58 lb. tuna. Ryan came up with a formula combining the weight of the fish with some other stuff and came up with a donation number of $107.

A photo of Layne Bowen playing with the Michael Capella Band on Sunday at Julliard Park last Sunday appeared on the screen. Layne donated $50 ($25 per original song played) to his PH.

Charlie Howard- Gibbon attended the Boy Scout Jamboree and ran into several of his fellow Rotarians. He donated $50 toward his Paul Harris.


Dr. Steven Krome talked about recent changes in the veterinary world. Dr. Krome talked a bit about several new diseases that have spread to the area in recent years.  He noted that new Lyme Disease and other vaccines have been developed including one for rattlesnake bites. The rattlesnake vaccine costs $30. The treatment for a bite is $1,500.00, so the antivenom vaccine is actually a good buy if you have a dog who likes to tempt fate by snooping around snakes. The doctor also discussed both new conventional and organic treatments that are now available.

Doctor Krome told us how new computerized digital diagnostic tools, CT scans, MRI’s, etc ….as well as new chemistry has also advanced. Many diagnostics can now be done in the office in minutes rather than sending samples off to a lab and waiting days or weeks for results. Dr. Krome discussed issues such as dogs getting into their owner’s marijuana edibles. He also noted that a small spill of antifreeze can be dangerous to a cat that steps in it. If the cat licks his paws, the antifreeze can be fatal. 

Doctor Krome discussed alternative treatments that are available for pets. He noted that Casey Carter does chiropractic work on dogs and cats, even parrots. Like humans, pets are living longer and cancer care such as chemo is available to treat them. Other new medicines include transdermal jells that can be absorbed through the skin replace pills, especially handy for cats. Vets now have to learn to treat alternative pets – He noted that pet chickens are now a thing and are sometimes brought in for medical treatment. (Good thing we didn’t have chicken today!)

The doctor talked about medical developments that are often tested on animals first. Artificial hips, for example, were tested on German shepherds which allowed them to see how the hip stood up to use over time. A dog can put 30 years of wear on an artificial hip in 5 years. The artificial joints were put in free of charge to the pet owner with the stipulation that the joint be returned when the dog passes to check wear.

Dr. Krome answered a number questions. He was a very entertaining and informative speaker. 

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