Today, three members of our club (Mark Burchill, Wayne Rowlands, and Vinay Patel) traveled to the Elephant Bar located near the San Francisco International Airport to meet Rajeevalochan Dinamani from the Rotary Club of Bangalore Yelahanka, India. Rajeev is not a Rotary club member yet, although he has been a great contributor to Rotary traveling with the GSE team and providing software that Rotary can use, all donated by this great man. He was introduced to us by Rotarian Sachin Gururaj of the Rotary Club of Bangalore Yelahanka, India.

A number of us have come to know Sachin as we have worked together with the Rotary Means Business website. Sachin has developed the Rotary Means Business iPhone app to can be downloaded from the App Store now. Rajeev is currently developing the Rotary Means Business Android app which will be out shortly. Sachin’s club has been working on a number of heart surgeries. The heart surgery project is aimed at children having Co-genital Heart Diseases. Sachin tells us, “This is one of the great projects that my club has undertaken. I will in the near future connect you to the heart surgery group (of my club) on Facebook.” On April 8th a surgery was completed due to the efforts of the Sachin’s club taking the total to 11 lives saved!!!

During our meeting, we got to know of all the things that Rajeev is doing including his work with Rotary. In addition to all the businesses that Rajeev is working on, he is an excellent animal photographer. We were in awe of some of the photos that he had taken while on some of his travels. We exchanged club banners at the meeting and each of us received gifts of books from the Rotary Club of Bangalore Yelahanka, India.


On Wednesday April 24th, we presented the banner to the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa during our meeting.

In conclusion, we are excited about our Rotary connections that we are establishing due to the awesome work of Rotary Means Business. We all look forward to a continued friendship and business connections that we owe a great deal of thanks to Rotary!