DIGITAL EDITION No. 253 January 10, 2018  EDITOR: Layne Bowen PHOTOGRAPHER:  Nicole Le   PUBLISHER: Jack Atkin

Our Program For Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Building Community: Sonoma State and the North Bay Dr. Judy K. Sakaki

On January 24th we welcome Dr. Judy K. Sakaki , the first Japanese-American woman in the nation to lead a four-year college or university. She became Sonoma State University’s seventh president on July 1, 2016, culminating a career in higher education that has been devoted to access, affordability, inclusion and diversity, and student success.

Dr. Sakaki’s presentation will highlight the many ways in which Sonoma State serves the communities of the North Bay. She will discuss why Sonoma State’s public liberal arts mission is central to educating strong future civic leaders, business owners, and community members, and why it makes a difference to have Sonoma State students and alumni in the North Bay who have made a commitment to the Seawolf principles of integrity, respect, excellence, and responsibility during their years on campus.

Wednesday January 24, 2018: Dr. Judy Sakaki, Sonoma State University President
Wednesday January 31, 2018: Public Safety Awards – Marnie Goldschlag 
Wednesday February 7, 2018: Club Assembly #2 – Julia Parranto, Moderator
Wednesday February 14, 2018: High School Recognition – Ryan Thomas



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Opening Ceremonies:

Mike Moore did double duty today with leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance and today’s reflection.  He told us he has been a Rotarian for about 29 years and is still a newbie in our club. At a recent meeting he found himself sitting between Robby Fouts and Peggy Soberanis.  Peggy asked of Robby, “How was Burning Man?”  Mike knew in that instant that he had found his “tribe.”

Visiting Rotarians:

Dan Balfe from Camdara


Caleb Harriman and Rita McMillan were here with Grandpa Sam, Riley Ball was here with Grandma Karen, Peggy Carter is a retired nurse and Patti McQuarry is a retired postmaster from Sebastopol.  Our guest speaker was Pat Harper from Keysight.

Upcoming Calendar of Events:

1/25 SCARC meeting at Legends Restaurant at Bennett Valley Golf Course.  We are hosting!  Bruce Maxwell will talk about communications through color.  Please let Debi Zaft know if you are going.  We need about 40 people.  The cost is $50.00 and you can pay at the door.

2/12 is wine tasting at Mark Burchill’s home

4/9 is the drawing for the $25,000 raffle prize.  Keep selling those tickets!

6/23 is the Giro Bello.  Make sure you have that day and preferably the day before and/or after to help.

Sunshine Report:

Kathy Schwartz’s mom has had a stroke.  Jack Abercrombie is feeling much better.  Tim Fawcett is out of the hospital and at home healing.  Richard Lazovick is recovering from his kidney surgery and doing very well!


Doug Johnson said the pot was up to $141.00 and there were 5 marbles remaining.  Kim Graves and Ginny Cannon had to find their reading glasses to see which one of them had the number.  It was Kim, however she did not pull the correct marble.

Joke of the Day:

Layne Bowen filled in for Cathy Vicini….  Donald Trump paid a visit to Israel to check on the progress of the embassy move to Jerusalem. His motorcade stopped at a McDonald’s on the way, where he picked up and quickly scarfed two Big Macs and a large order of fries, washed down with a 32 oz. diet Coke. Soon afterward, he clutched his chest and died on the spot. The American diplomats took him to the undertaker to be prepared for burial. The plan was to have the Donald shipped back to the U.S. but the cost, they were told would be $50,000. The undertaker suggested that the cost to bury the Donald in a nice plot in the Holy Land would cost about $100, thereby saving the American taxpayers a significant amount of money. The diplomats huddled together for a few minutes to discuss the matter. In a few minutes they came back and one said, “Respectfully, we’ve decided that we need to return the Donald to the U.S. for burial”.  “But why”, said the undertaker. You will save so much money by burying him here!”  The diplomat replied, “A long time ago a man was buried here in the Holy Land. Three days after he was buried, he arose from the dead and we just can’t take that chance!”

Paul Harris Fellows:

Kim Graves had 6 to give out today.  Bob Bratberg and Brandon Uhrich got their first award.  Julia Parranto got her 3rd.  Karen Ball got one for her granddaughter Riley and Sam McMillan got his 8th (!) for his grandson Caleb.  Kathleen Archer got her 3rd.  Sam got a new pin with 3 rubies for 8 Paul Harris Fellows! Wow!  Kim Graves wanted us to know that these particular pins were saved from the Tubbs fire due to her husband’s quick thinking.


The board is actively looking for a new meeting location now that the lunches have gone up to $27.00.  Got any ideas? Let the board know.

Cool Kids Camp will still happen this summer at Cloverleaf Ranch.

Jose Guillen has 2 tickets available for the Rotary Club of Russian River Crab Feed for Saturday January 27th.  Julia would like to auction them off.  If you are interested, let her know.

The Chinese dinner for 8 that was auctioned to Rotary West was a smashing success!  Steve Baime’s wife, Michele, out did herself.

Super Bowl pool:  Doug Johnson is running the pool this year.  Sign up at the meeting.  I believe each square is going for $10.00 each.

Ted Wilmsen reminded everyone to make their appointments to deliver the dictionaries and get them delivered.

Giro Bello Update:

$350,000 has been raised by the Giro Bello since its inception.  This year the goal is 1200 riders and $35,000 in sponsorships.  Ann Gospe is in charge of volunteers, Matt Fannin is in charge of marketing, Kathleen Archer will be going out to the wineries to get more free tasting coupons, Jeff Kolin along with Jack Atkin will be heading up sponsorships.  Jeff said that he would match $500 x 3 for any club members willing to sponsor right on the spot.  Casey Carter, Layne Bowen, Karen Ball, Julia Parranto and Rick Allen all agreed.  We know that Sutter Hospital and Memorial Hospital will be sponsors and have team(s) riding.  We should be able to get Kaiser too.

Guest Speaker:  Pat Harper of Keysight Technologies and 180 Studios

Pat first talked about what happened to Keysight on the night of the fires.  Two buildings were destroyed as well as their school.  Building 4 had roof damage.  All structures had smoke damage.  They immediately rallied for their employees, getting them cash and other assistance.  No one lost their job.  In fact they have hired more since the October fires.  Not everyone is back at the Fountaingrove facility, but they should all be back there by June.

Pat is also involved with the maker space at 150 Todd Road, Santa Rosa called 180 Studios.  There is a skilled labor crisis in Sonoma County.  Keysight and other companies do not have the skilled labor they need.  So with the Maker 180 Studio they are teaching classes in construction and other trades.  There is incubation space for entrepreneurs.

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Governor, District 5130

Bob Rogers, Rotary Club of Sebastopol

Attendance Secretary

Debi Zaft P.O. Box 505 Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Board of Directors

Kathleen Archer, Ray Giampaoli, Steve Marburger, Jackie McMillan, Diane Moresi, Laura Held, Peter Holewinski, Steve Baime and Jeff Kolin