DIGITAL EDITION No. 260 March 14, 2018  EDITOR: Mark Burchill PHOTOGRAPHER: Nicole Le  PUBLISHER: Jack Atkin

Our Program For Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Welcome to the Exponential Age – Colton Briner – Emerging technologies that will disrupt industries

Colton Briner

Would you like to learn about four emerging technologies that will disrupt industries, grant us super powers and fundamentally change our reality? Then join us on March 21st when Colton Briner will cover what they are, what changes they will likely bring, and who is likely to be impacted.  You will not want to miss the closing discussion!

Colton has been developing transformational technologies since 2002. Working with Santa Rosa based tech firm Democrasoft, he led the team that created Collaborize Classroom, an online learning platform that brought blended instruction and the “flipped classroom” model to thousands of classrooms. In 2013 he joined VisiQuate, a Santa Rosa-based big data solutions provider dedicated to eliminating the inefficiencies in American healthcare.

Colton especially enjoys helping educate audiences on how to position themselves for fulfilling lives in the exponential age.         

Wednesday March 28, 2018: Lessons Learned on Fire Insurance – Club Fire Survivors 
Wednesday April 4, 2018: Past Presidents Day / Jose, Moderator – Speaker will be Willie Tamayo 
Wednesday April 11, 2018: Adult Literacy Services – S C Libraries – Alisa Adams


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The pledge was led by Bob Sorensen.


Ann Gospe shared an Irish blessing.


Chip Rawson and Karen Ball did a lovely performance of the Irish chestnut “Danny Boy.”  (Historical Note:  Did you know that Chip Rawson once had a Top 40 hit in his home town?)






Visiting Rotarians

Carolyn Fassi told us there were no visiting Rotarians.


Nicole Le introduced Paige Pedri, who publishes neighborhood magazines.

Jeff Kolin introduced Chuck Regalia who plans to submit his application to join our club.

Blaine Goodwin introduced Rio Ray from Salvation Army, who also plans to submit an application.

Larry Miyano introduced our exchange students.

Paul Hamilton introduced Paul Gullixson, father of Christopher Gullixson.


Andrea Geary reported that everything was sunny.


Steve Marburger handled the raffle, with guest Paige Pedri pulling the winning ticket.

Kathy Schwartz had the lucky ticket, but, alas, pulled a blue marble and settled for the $10 consolation prize.  Only four marbles in the bag next week!


Cathy Vicini was absent, so Doug Roberts stepped in with a story about a bluebird, a fox, and a cowpie.  (Once again, you had to be there…..)


President Julia read a “thank you” from a fire relief recipient.  She also reminded us about the District Training Assembly and showed us how to use the SignUp Genius website to volunteer for the GiroBello.

President Julia then took some extended time to tell us of her experience in sending out a letter asking for contributions to the fire relief fund, and encouraging all of us to do the same.

Andrea Geary reminded us about the deadline to sign up for the European river cruise.

Jeff Kolin announced that GiroBello lawn signs were now available.

Program:  Rotary Youth Exchange

Larry Miyano introduced our exchange students.


First up with his presentation was Giordan Vilomoski, our inbound from Brazil.  He told us a bit about himself and his home town, as well as important information about all of Brazil.  We did learn that it is colder here in Northern California than back home in Brazil.  As a result, Giordan has worked hard to improve his ice skating and snowman building skills.

Next up was Christopher Gullixson, our returning outbound to Sweden.  He talked about his multiple host families, all with a patriarch named “Lars.”  Christopher talked about the challenges and joys of suddenly moving to a foreign land, and how the host families helped him.  One host family, in particular, included someone who had been an exchange student in his youth, and understood the issues that face someone newly arrived in a country.

Pete Lescure was very pleased that both of our exchange students are considering becoming civil engineers.

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