We are Rotarians in action! Today we helped with a Rebuilding Together Project.

This event was put together by Rebuilding Together. The event was only one the of numerous Rebuilding Together projects worked by groups of volunteers throughout Sonoma County and throughout the nation.

I was the house captain and I am on the board for R.T.

Project Coordinator: Rebbecca Batista. Rebbecca also is a board member and works for Friedman’s. Friedman’s was a staple for the multiple projects that were executed on April 26th. They donated windows, decking, fasteners, wiggle board (privacy screen), bark etc.

Funding for the project was made possible by several businesses throughout Sonoma County.

Volunteers for the project were Rotarians for the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa and a friend. Yale and Terry Abrams, Jack Atkin, Mark Burchill, Ginny Cannon, Troy Carrington, Tim Fawcett, Robby Fouts, and Jose Guillen volunteered. The project was a great success. Everyone was in great spirit and worked hard for the common goal to help Ms. Ginden to have a better place to live. It was truly a pleasure.

Ms. Ginden had been cited with a violation from the State. The citation stated that here railing needed repair due to dry rot that made the rail system unsafe. The Rotarian’s worked very hard, not only to repair the crippled rail but also remove dry rotted decking and then facing the existing deck with Trex decking material. The hand rail was made of redwood and was not only sturdy and well built but also had a nice architectural look. Note: The men on this project helped not only build the deck rail but design it also. What a delight to see team work of this caliber on a project.

Other Rotarian’s helped with weed removal, placing weed preventative fabric and placing bark to spruce up the landscape. there were people pulling plants, that the client requested being removed, weed eaters mowing down weed ridden areas in the yard and the removal of misc. debris. We replaced privacy wiggle board that was distressed from years of weather damage. The landscape looked fresh and much more alive than when we first arrived.

I believe I speak for everyone when I say, everyone walked away from the project with a great sense of pride and accomplishment. Smiles were on every face and sore backs were the norm but yet the heart and commitment that everyone showed was truly commendable.

My only wish was that everyone would have stayed a bit longer to receive the wonderful hug and thank you that I received. That made the day so worth every drip of sweat we poured into that day. A day that allowed us as Rotarian’s to give back to our community, make someones life a little better and help make Ms. Ginden, who was in need of a little help, feel like someone really cared about her.

I was proud to have been a part of this Rotarian Team.

Best Regards,


Troy L. Carrington

Thank You Letter from Miriam Ginden

Here are some pictures from the event:

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