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Wednesday January 13, 2021

Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit District

Farhad Mansourian

Farhad Mansourian is currently the General Manager for the Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit District. He joined SMART in 2011.  He is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the District’s responsibilities including development and construction of the Project which spans 45 miles long in Marin and Sonoma counties. SMART currently has 9 departments including Public Safety, Operations, Administration, Finance, Engineering, General Services, Vehicle & Systems, Outreach and Marketing and Legal.

Farhad will give an update on SMART.7.

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All in-person meetings are currently on hold.  Instead, we will be holding online meetings using Zoom.  Please be on the look out for an email with the link from either Jeff or Debi.

Wednesday January 20: Public Safety Awards

Keep checking back.  New Programs coming soon!


Keep checking back.  New socials coming soon!


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Opening Ceremonies:

President Paul O’Rear welcomed all of us to this special meeting… least 144!  Megan led us in the Pledge and Mary quoted some famous people on violence.

Guests of the Sunrise Club:

Jeff Kolin, Kris Anderson, Tim Fawcett, Steve Baime, Robert Pierce, Chuck Wear, Ginny Cannon, Rose Francis, Matt Fanin, John Poremba, Debi Zaft, Sam McMillan, Diane Moresi, Cecil Humes, Jose Guillen, Paul Hamilton, Richard Lazovick, Steve Olson, Ann Gospe, Jeff Gospe, Andrea Geary, Carolyn Fassi, Casey D’Angelo, Dan Balfe, Ted Wilmsen, Jackie McMillan, Susan Nowacki and my apologies if I missed anyone!

Club Presidents:

Each club president was given a few minutes to talk about their club and accomplishments.  President Jeff did us proud!  Presidents in attendance were Julia Leza/Calistoga, Philip Paskel/Petaluma Sunrise, Brian Reed/SR East, Paul O’Rear/SR Sunrise, Barbara Barney/Sebastopol Sunrise, Daymon Doss/Valley of the Moon, and Jason Korte/Willets.

How climate Change in the Arctic Affects You:

Fran Ulmer is the Global Chair of The Nature Conservancy.  She has been working in Alaska for many years. Some points if interest:

Unlike Antarctica, the Arctic Ocean is surrounded by land.

She went on a two-week trip on a Russian ice breaker (one week up and one week back).

The ice in the Arctic Ocean is very shallow, limited walking.  It rained while they were there.

Due to global warming the Arctic is warming much faster than the rest of the planet.

The sea ice is necessary for the animals to survive.

The permafrost is melting.  24% of the northern hemisphere has permafrost.

How does this affect us?  The snow and ice in the arctic reflect the sun. This is the Earth’s air-conditioning.  Without the snow/ice the planet grows warmer.

We are already seeing the damage of higher water levels on the coasts.

The jet stream wobbles are less, so that areas of the world get more rain/less rain, etc.

The shipping industry likes the warmer temperatures so that they can pass through the Arctic faster than going through a southern route.

The Arctic has a lot of oil and gas reserves.  Russia is heavily invested in oil and gas and are most interested in developing these resources

Thus far the many countries that have interests in the Arctic are cooperating with each other vs. Competing.

There is a moratorium on fishing in the Arctic Ocean.

If they could turn it all around, would the Arctic heal slowly or quickly?  Most likely slowly.

Three communities in Alaska are moving or planning on moving due to the loss of ice.

The US Coast Guard operates several in the Arctic, but the Navy does not.  the Navy does have submarines.

Tourism is growing in the Arctic; if you like a colder vacation.

Additional Pictures:

Governor, District 5130

Doug Johnson


Debi Zaft P.O. Box 505 Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Board of Directors

Club Service I, Membership, Julia Parranto
Club Service II, Club Meetings, Casey D’Angelo
Club Service III, Fundraising, Diane Moresi
Club Service IV, Member Activities, Anne Gospe
Club Service V, Information Technology and Records, Pete Lescure
Community Service I, Member Involvement, Rio Ray
Community Service II, Youth, Andrea Geary
Vocational Service, Carolyn Fassi
International Service, Dan Balfe

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