Next Meeting is via Zoom – July 29, 2020

Prostate Cancer in the Age of Genomics and Robotics

Dr. Adam Kaplan

Dr. Kaplan serves as the Medical Director of Robotic Surgery at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital where he launched the robotic surgery program. Dr. Kaplan will be presenting “Prostate Cancer in the Age of Genomics and Robotics,” which will take a look at the personalization of prostate cancer management as our tools for screening, diagnosis and treatment evolve in the modern era.

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All in-person meetings are currently on hold.  Instead, we will be holding online meetings using Zoom.  Please be on the look out for an email with the link from either Jeff or Debi.

Wednesday August 5, 2020: Club Assembly – With A Twist
Wednesday August 12. 2020: Transcendence Theater
Wednesday August 19, 2020: Assisting Local Business With The COVID Virus Shutdown

Keep checking back.  New Programs coming soon!


Keep checking back.  New socials coming soon!


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Opening Ceremonies

Pledge:  Casey D’Angelo
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Jackie McMillan and Gordon Shurtleff


Leticia Hanke


— Rio Ray announced the need for people to help fill Day Camp Boxes this afternoon from 2:00 to 4:00

— Ray Giampaoli announced that the 15 Giro Bello jerseys have been shipped

— Andrea Geary announced that the Bocce Ball Tournament has been canceled due to concerns of the Covid –19

— The SCARC meeting is Thursday this Thursday night.  The Zoom link was previously sent.


Tim Delaney had his picture in the newspaper of him talking with Chris Beasley.  Tim was in Courthouse Square to support the Police Department and Chris was there for Black Lives Matter.  Chris was a bit agitated, but Tim was able to defuse the situation and they had a pleasant conversation.  They departed with a handshake and a better understanding of each other.

Today’s program:

Steve Page, President and General Manager, from the Sonoma Raceway

When the raceway opened in 1968 it was known as Sears Point.  In 2002 the name was changed to Infineon Raceway in a 10-year partnership with Infineon Technologies.  In 2012, when that partnership ended, Infineon no longer wished to continue the partnership, nor did any other company set up to replace Infineon.  It was considered to change the name to Sears Point, but ultimately it was decided to rename the raceway Sonoma Raceway due to the worldwide name recognition of Sonoma.

The racetrack was a bit rustic in the beginning.  There was minimal infrastructure, especially for racing fans.  Dan Gurney won the first big Indy Car race in 1971.  The Winston Cup in the 1980’s brought prominence to the raceway.  NASCAR came to the raceway in the late 1980’s so the raceway had to improve.  It was bought out in 1996 by a company that had the money to invest in the track.  At one point it was known to have the fastest drag strip in the world.  Today it is 2.52 miles long and has 12 turns on the hilly course.  There are two major races each year at the raceway, but many other events as well.  Infact the raceway is active about 340 days a year.  Amateurs come out to race their cars.  Corporate groups come out for racing schools.  There is safe driver courses and corporate product testing.  Right now, they are shut down due to Covid-19 like everyone else.  They hope to be back to a normal schedule in 2021with the two major races and other events.

They Raceway supports many nonprofits. They have donated over 6.5 million to local charities in Sonoma County.

Steve page is active locally in the Santa Rosa Junior College Foundation, North Bay Leadership Council, 10,000 Degrees, Social Advocates for Youth and local tourism.

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