DIGITAL EDITION No. 229  June 21, 2017  EDITOR: Layne Bowen PHOTOGRAPHER: Nicole Le PUBLISHER: Richard Lazovick

Our Program For June 28, 2017


Doug Johnson

NOTE: No Lunch Meeting



Doug Johnson5:15 appetizers
6PM sit down plates dinner
Skit about 6:45 to 7PM
Done before 8

This annual program always brings with it lots of good fun as we honor and roast our outgoing president Jose Guillen.  It is led by the immediate past president, Doug Johnson, and his troupe of “actors”. Come ready for some serious laughing!

Includes hors d’oeuvres, sit down dinner and wine    

Thespians wanted! Contact Doug.

Wednesday July 5th: Club is Dark
Wednesday July 12thWelcome New President – Julia Parranto
Wednesday July 19thNew Gen Students
Wednesday July 26thSanta Rosa artist and Creative Director of ArtStart


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Steve Marburger with invocationOPENING CEREMONIES

Editor: Layne Bowen
Photographer: Nicole Le
Publisher: Richard Lazovick
Pledge:  Nona Lucas
Invocation:   Steve Marburger

Don McMillanMcMillanVisiting Rotarians – Don McMillan

We were honored today to have a Rotarian from Karachi, Pakistan,Talaat Tyabji. 


Talaat Tyabji, Past President of the Rotary Club of Karachi, Pakistan is looking forward to the presentation of our banner to her club when she arrives home. We hope our meeting leads to some international projects between our clubs.


Talaat Tyabji, Past President of the Rotary Club of Karachi, PakistanSteve Olson’s wife, Elaine was present today. Dr. Shari Shamzavari’s guest was Lailee Bakhtiar. Elizabeth Karbousky’s husband, Kevin was also our guest.

Sunshine by Ginny

Ginny announced that all is sunny in Santa Rosa!

The Raffle

Doug Roberts raffle lose but Paul Harris winnerMatthew Henry ran the raffle today. Some wine was donated for a couple of numbers, then Doug Roberts failed in his bid to win the $146.00 pot.



  • Jeff Kolin recruiting Giro BelloDoug Johnson Passed out the sign- up sheet for the debunking party on the 28th. Doug also wanted to emphasize the need for all of us to have a smile on our face and be helpful to our 850 or so Giro Bello riders this Saturday.
  • Jeff Kolin took over and said that we’ve received 98% positive reviews for our event, a very high number. He asked for more volunteers for striping on Friday and a few other odd jobs day of event.
  • Steve Olson announced that we have over $6,000 donated so far for the Chase Sorenson scholarship matching grants. Our goal is $10,000.
  • Also announced was a social for Broadway Under the Stars on August 4th and a Sonoma Stompers game on July 14th.

Elizabeth and Kevin KarbouskyJulia Parranto & Karen Ball Paul Harris winnerINSTANT PAUL HARRIS

With two boards, $2,000 in Instant PH awards and many goodie bags were available. Karen Ball and Doug Roberts were the big winners when both Julia Parranto and Chuck Wear decided they’d won enough stuff and declined their awards.

Dan Schell recap his experience in Mexico


Many of our retired Rotarians have great stories from their past.  Today, Dan Shell shared his experiences working with colorful characters, dictators and Sandinista’s in Central and South America.

Kim GravesLayne Bowen with Paul Harris FellowshipPAUL HARRIS AWARDS

Kim Graves recognized the following Rotarians for achieving PH levels” Roy Thylin, Doug Johnson, Kevin Karbousky, and Layne Bowen.

Paul Harris Fellowship recipients


Our club members continue to donate generously to this fund for scholarships in memory of Doug’s wife and Bob’s daughter, Robby. Today’s donations were” Diane Moresi: $250.00, Elizabeth Karbousky, Sam McMillan and Fred Levin: $100 each.

Please see update on the Chase – Sorenson Fund at the end of this bulletin.

Please click here for details of the Chase – Sorenson Fund.


Congratulations to John Poremba and Elizabeth Karbousky for their hard work and accomplishments!

Rotarians of the month, John Poremba and Elizabeth Karbousky

Pres Jose GuillenPres Jose GuillenPROGRAM

El Presidente Jose shared his memories and the achievements of our club during his tenure at the helm.


Formal El Presidente Don Juan McMillan wishes to thank the following Rotarians for making today’s meeting a success:

Pete LeiscureGreeters:  Pete Lescure & Paul Hamilton
Lunch Ticket Taker:  Nona Lucas
Lunch Ticket Sellers:   Judy Glenn & Chip Rawson

Invocation: Steve Marburger
Raffle Seller:   Matthew Henry
Visiting Rotarians: Don McMillan

Sgt. At Arms:  Rich de Lambert, & Dan Shell

Sorensen-Chase Education Fund Update

The generosity of the members of the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa continues to amaze me. With all that is going on with the Giro Bello, Polio Plus and other projects, the club has solidly gotten behind the Chase Families matching grant in support of the new Sorensen-Chase Educational Fund. We are approaching the 75% mark in our goal to maximize the $10,000 matching grant. The deadline is July 1, 2017 so it is not too late to contribute or contribute again. Contributions should be mailed to the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Foundation C/O Judy Glenn, PO Box 1513, Santa Rosa, Ca. 95402. It is not often that $10,000 in member contributions will result in $20,000 flowing to the foundation. Let’s try to reach the $10,000 goal!

Steve Olson
Scholarship Chair
Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Foundation


  Jack Abercrombie  Jack Abercrombie  Steve Baime

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Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Officers

President: Jose Guillen, President Elect: Julia Parranto, President Elect Nominee: Tony Roehrick, Past President: Doug Johnson, Secretary: Debi Zaft, Treasurer: Cecil G. Humes

President Rotary International

John F. Germ, member of the Rotary Club Of Chattanooga, Tennessee

Governor, District 5130

Wulff A. Reinhold, Sr. member of the Rotary Club of Rohnert Park – Cotati

Attendance Secretary

Debi Zaft P.O. Box 505 Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Board of Directors

Kathleen Archer, Jack Atkin, Gesine Franchetti, Ray Giampaoli, Will Haymaker, Elizabeth Karbousky, Steve Marburger, Jackie McMillan, Diane Moresi