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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Hole In The Head

Eric Stanley

In the early 1960s a 70-foot deep pit was dug at Bodega Head.   It is a sort of anti-monument, a place to remember something that didn’t happen.  PG&E drew up plans for a nuclear power plant which was to be one of the largest in the world at the time.  Although an earthquake fault lay directly beneath the site, the Atomic Energy Department told people not to worry and just  leave it to the experts.  This did not sit well with people who felt they needed a nuclear plant like, well, “a hole in the head”.     


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Wednesday April 6: Past President’s Day
Wednesday April 13:
Valley of the Moon Children’s Foundation
Wednesday April 20: Competitive Ice Dancer
Wednesday April 27: Puerto Vallarta Water Project

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–> Bowling Social (3/31/22):

Please see the attached updated flyer for our upcoming club bowling social.  The RSVP phone number was incorrect.  If you already sent your RSVP to that number, please resend it to 707-495-3239.

We have a guarantee of 16 slots with the potential of adding lanes if we have a robust response.  The sooner we get responses, the better.

Bowling Social Flyer

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Opening Ceremonies:

Sandra Stolz, no, Jose Guillen welcomed us to the meeting as President Ray was having coffee on the beach with 10 of his new best friends. I see his granddaughter has done some redecorating to his computer. Dave Berman led us in the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance and the Four-Way Test. His Reflection was on the crisis in Ukraine and “Indifference.”


Today’s guest speakers; Frank Nelson & Kanani Reynolds

Sunshine Report:

Kris Anderson’s brother-in-law, Larry Manos died suddenly on Sunday. The cause of his death has not been determined and pending an autopsy. I forgot to let Ginny know.


Pete Lescure says there are 3 marbles and $126.00 prize money. Sam McMillan pulled a yellow marble, so the pot rolls over to next week.

Hop To It For Hunger:

Jeff Kolin thanked everyone for their support. The goal was 150, but we sold 106. He told us about the beers in the bag (your bulletin writer recommends Death and Taxes and Morpheus).

Special deal! A whole case of beer for $100. Jeff started it off buying two cases. Sam, Steve, Karen, William, Diane, Craig bought some of the remaining beer. Two cases remaining. Contact Jeff if you want beer!

World Community Services Wine Basket:

Carolyn Fassi thanked everyone for their support. World Water Day was March 22nd. Your bulletin editor along with President Ray, Ann Gospe, Jeff Gospe are in Puerto Vallarta to deliver the water filters along With Hap from the East/West Club and non-Rotarians, Jake Gospe, Courtney Coogler, Lisa Coogler, Carol Brown, and Sue (let me take a sip of my margarita). The winner(s) are …… Ann and Jeff Gospe! Accepting on their behalf is Kris Anderson. She will tell them.

District Assembly:

District Assembly is coming up on April 1st and 2nd. Saturday the 2nd is full of classes on all things Rotary. Steve Baime will be doing a presentation on our Pepperwood Preserve project. Register at The cost is $50.00, but the club will REIMBURSE YOU THE COST IF YOU ATTEND.

Humanitarian Relief for Ukraine:

You guys are awesome! We collected $11,000+ and the East West Club has raised $15,000 which has been wired to the Rotary Club of Cherkasy for medical supplies.

Advanced Trauma Life Saving Training:

This is a peace project between Palestinian and Israeli Doctors. 120 doctors will attend 6

Training sessions of life saving medical training with the idea that working together for peace.

This week’s program:  Frank Nelson and Kinani Reynolds. on the HICAP program:

First, Steve Olson wanted to let us know that Joey Seghesio, a former NewGen Peace Builder, he is going to Tulane University in New Orleans. He was part of the first cohort that did the Foster the Future project. Joey sends us his greetings. HICAP, Health Insurance Counseling Advocacy Program. It provides counseling in the 6 north bay counties. Kinani helps on our Foundation’s Wes Jamison scholarship program. This year the Wes Jamison program will help 32 kids in FFA programs by lambs, pigs, goats, and steers. She is a prospective Rotarian. Frank was a nursing home administrator for many years before he went into the nonprofit world. Now does Medicare advocacy for seniors as part of HICAP. Senior Advocacy Services has 3 contracts:  Sonoma County Long-term Care Ombudsman Program, the Elder Justice Initiative, and the HICAP program. Several of our members have gotten help on Medicare through HICAP a program started in California in 1986. It is known nationwide as the SHIP program. They do individual, one on one counseling on Medicare so that you can make informed decisions about Medicare. Plans are always changing, and they help you decide what is best for yourself. Annual election is now October 15 to December 15. That is the time to make your change of program if necessary. As easy to understand as filing a tax return, right? If you do not enroll in Medicare at age 65 the plan you are on has to be “creditable” or there are penalties that may not go away! Part A is your inpatient.  You may not have a premium if you had an employer for about 10 years, but it still has a deductible of $1500 per benefit period. There is a daily copay when in the hospital. Part B is the outpatient of which there is monthly payment of $170.10. If your income is high, you could pay more; low income could pay less. It can add up! A part D plan and/or medigap insurance can help you pay the deductibles.  If you belong to a health management program, you will have a Senior Advantage Plan. You must decide, do you want original Medicare or the Senior Advantage Plan? They both have their pros and cons. This year there are 27 different Part D plans!  HICAP can help you figure out which Part D works best for you. Do not forget, you must review every year!

Ok, I am done. The gang is at the pool, and I am heading down. See you all next Wednesday!

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