CLUB DARK – Wednesday 11/24/21

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Wednesday December 1, 2021

100 Year Club Anniversary – Kickoff

Susan Zachensky-Walthall & Mark Burchill

Our club program will feature past member Susan Zachensky-Walthall who along with past president Mark Burchill will present a kick off to our May 13th 100 year club anniversary.   Susan Zachensky-Walthall is affectionately known as “ZW”.   She became a popular speaker for many Rotary events sharing her inspirational speech entitled “My Rotary Story – The Awesome Power of Rotarians”.  And Mark Burchill will present fun facts and interesting material on our club’s history

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In-Person / Hybrid Meeting details:
All meetings are in-person and online meetings. In-person meetings will be located at the Epicenter Sports Center located at 3215 Coffey Lane, Santa Rosa, CA.  Use the first door, closest to Piner Road. There will be greeters at the door to guide you.

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Wednesday November 24: CLUB DARKDay Before Thanksgiving
Wednesday December 1: 100 Year Anniversary Party
Wednesday December 8: Catholic Charities
Wednesday December 15: Marine Wildlife
Wednesday December 22: CLUB DARK – For Holidays
Wednesday December 29: Trivia

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–> BSRAC is having a social on 11/23/2021 at 5:00pm PST.  Contact Mary Graves for details.

–> International Service Project

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–> 100th Birthday Celebration:

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100th Flier 211107Put this date on your calendar:  Friday, May 13, 2022. The party will be at the Santa Rosa Golf and Country Club. Tickets are $125.00 or pay $150.00 to be at a table of eight Rotarian friends. The club is so pleased that we came to an agreement with SRCC for the new date!

Keep checking back.  New socials coming soon!


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Opening Ceremonies:

President Ray welcomed us to the meeting and Steve Baime led us in the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance and The Four-Way Test. His refection of the day was several quotes from comedian Steven Wright.

Visiting Rotarians:

Fred Ptucha and Michael Cook


Sabra Locke, Mike Kellison and Renee Marie

Sunshine Report:

No report – all is good!


Only 4 marbles and $74.00 in the pot. Matthew Henry had the winning number, but he did not pull the blue marble. The pot rolls over.

Paul Harris Fellows:

This week we had several Paul Harris Fellowship awards to give out, President Ray Giampaoli got a pin with 3 stones, Debi Zaft got a pin with 4 stones, Carolyn Fassi got a pin with 4 stones, Diane Moresi got a pin with 2 stones and Julia Parranto got a pin with 3 red stones. Not present today: Doug Johnson gets a pin with 5 stones and Nicole Le a pin with one stone. Thank you all for Rotary’s mission to do good in our world.

Houston Convention:

The convention is coming up before you know it. It takes place June 4- 8 in Houston, Texas. Mary Graves introduces us to the Bahamas Sonoma Rotaract Alum Club (BSRAC). Formed in 2020, BSRAC began with a grouping of past and present Rotaractors from the Bahamas and Sonoma County who have each, in some way, contributed to the telemedicine project. They will be at the convention and are planning a social on June 7th for Districts 5130 and 7020. Mary Graves, Ann Gospe, Cookie Garrett, and Rick Allen are advisors. Mary Graves and Michael Cook showed us one of the portable Ultrasound machines the group has purchased.


BSRAC is having a social on 11/23/2021 at 5:00pm PST.  Contact Mary Graves for details.

The nominating committee will be meeting the first week in December. Anyone who would like to hold a leadership position is encouraged to let President Ray know. There are at least 5 positions on the Board of Directors and numerous committee committees looking for leadership. The nominating committee is made up of the 5 past presidents, current president, president elect and president elect-elect (So if I have this right, Ray, Jeff, Cathy, Tony, Julia, Jose, Kris, and Ann). We really want your input!

Do not forget about the Hands-On Project in Puerto Vallarta in March. Reservations are being taken now. We will be opening it up to other Rotarians. The deposit is $650.00, and the total cost is $1650. Kris Anderson is going and needs a roommate.

The 100th Birthday Gala is on for Friday, May 13th at the Santa Rosa Golf and Country Club, 5:00- 9:00pm. Reserved tickets are $150.00, unreserved tickets are $125, and tables of 8 are $1200. Thus far we have 107 tickets sold. Contact Mark Burchill or Karen Ball for tickets.

Now taking orders for Poinsettias. They are $15.00 each. See Ginny Cannon for details.


Dan Balfe and his wife, Linda, got married the same day as the Cal Stanford game 50 years ago. The only time they could get married was between 10:00 and 11:30 that day due to the minister’s commitment to the game. So, in honor of their 50th anniversary Dan is donating $50.00 to the club.

Fred Ptucha on Peace Poles

Fred is a veteran of the Viet Nam War, and it has been his mission to promote peace any way he can. He is a member of Veterans for Peace and the Rotary Action Group for Peace. He has been on several mountain climbing trips as a part of Climbers for Peace (there last climb he spoke to our club about. The group climbed the 18605-foot Mt Damavand in Iran in 2018). The idea for Peace Poles came about 25 years ago. He would like to have all 220 schools in Sonoma County to have their own Peace Pole. He invited Renee Marie, a friend and fellow veteran, to play us a video about the Peace Pole Project. She would like to plant at least on Peace Pole per year for the rest of her life. The message can vary on the poles. They are eight foot tall and have four sides to them. They are made of PVC vinyl so they will last a long time. 4-8 languages can be on each pole. It just takes a small hole and some QuickC rete, and the pole is in position. Fred and Renee envision schools paying for the poles:  $100 from the PTA, $100 from the school staff and $100 from the students. Then they will have a tangible peace symbol that they can see daily. Fred is inviting Rotarians to help get the poles in the Sonoma County schools. Schools in Calistoga and Boyes Hot Springs already have them.

President Eisenhower Quotes on peace:
“I like to believe that people, in the long run, are going to do more to promote peace than our governments. Indeed, I think that people want peace so much that one of these days governments had better get out of the way and let them have it.”

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Additional Pictures:

Governor, District 5130

Dustin Littlefield


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Board of Directors

President Elect, Kris Anderson
Club Service I, Membership, Julia Parranto
Club Service II, Club Meetings, Casey D’Angelo
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Club Service V, Information Technology and Records, Pete Lescure
Club Director, Casey Carter
Community Service I, Member Involvement, Rio Ray
Community Service II, Youth, Andrea Geary
Vocational Service, Carolyn Fassi
International Service, Dan Balfe

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