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Wednesday October 26, 2022

Sheriff’s Office’s Goals

Sheriff Elect Eddie Engram

Sheriff Elect Eddie Engram will talk about his goals for the Sheriff’s Office when he takes office in January.  Eddie will start with a bit of a background on his career and will move into what he has in mind for the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office. SCSO.   He will leave time for questions at the end of his presentation.

PLEASE NOTE: In-Person & Zoom meetings returned!  Please register.

–> Debi Zaft will email you the link for online, once you have paid.  Use this link to payCLICK HERE!

Wednesday November 2: Family court Awareness
Wednesday November 9: Earthquake Preparedness
Wednesday November 16: (tbd)
Wednesday November 23: Dark for Thanksgiving
Wednesday November 30: 2nd District County

Click here for the current calendar (Subject to updates).


This was a very busy week for projects and socials.  New ones are in the works for November and December.

Keep checking back.  New socials coming soon!

Rotary Announcements

October 27 , 2022:  The next Sonoma County Area Rotary Club (SCARC) meeting is at Charlie’s Grill at the Windsor Golf Club, 1320 19th Hole, Windsor. This month’s host is the Rotary club of Healdsburg. The topic is “Ideas and Projects of Promise” (sounds intriguing!). The cost is $50.00 per person and includes salad, entrée choice and wine. RSVP by October 20 at Any questions? Contact Doug Garrett at

Volunteer Opportunities at The Salvation Army for the Holiday Season: Please see the list of volunteer opportunities near the end of this bulletin.

May 27 – 31, 2023: The Rotary International Convention will be in Melbourne, Australia. You can sign up now and book you room(s). This will be RI President Jennifer Jones’ convention so it should be epic as the first woman RI president.


Visit our district at:
Check out Rotary International at:
Come see us at: http://rotarymeansbusiness

Watch The Meeting:  Did you miss the meeting?  Here is a link to the recording of last week’s meeting:
(Click here for recording
Please note it is only available to view until: 10/29/22

Opening Ceremonies

Dr. Casey Carter led the opening ceremonies. The quote for the day was “The Lord of the Rings” – “It’s like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger they were. And sometimes you didn’t want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad happened? But, in the end, it is only a passing thing this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sunshines it will shine out clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you. That meant something, even though you were too small to understand why.

But, I think Mr. Frodo, I do understand. I know now. Folks in those stories had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn’t. They kept going because they were holding on to something.

That there is some good in the world, and it’s worth fighting for.”

Visiting Rotarians

There were no visiting Rotarians today.


Guest speakers Justin Petersen and Bejan Nafia were introduced by Rick Allen.

Dr. Casey Carter introduced Robin Yonash.

Michelle Cisneros was introduced by Odalis Medianero. Michelle is from Ecuador and will be joining the Rotaract Club at Santa Rosa Junior College.

Susan Nowaki introduced Laura Stevens as a guest for the last time. Laura will be inducted later in the meeting.

Welcoming back and introducing former club member Steve Marburger was Past District Governor Doug Johnson. Good to see Doug back at a meeting as well!


Jeff Kolin’s number was drawn twice. He received a $10 consolation prize and a large bag of M& M’s.


Ann Gospe thanked Kathy Vicini for her wine donation for the meat auction even though Kathy was a bit under-the-weather at this time.


Sam MacMillian thanked the Gospes for hosting the annual meat auction and those who attended. You can pick up your purchase either today if you were called, or at the next meeting. He has a few lots of meat left that were not sold. Contact Sam for further information.

President Elect Ann Gospe also  thanked everyone for coming to the meat auction and participating. We made over $7,000. She thanked Past President Ray Giampoli for being our amazing auctioneer.

Tim Stewart won the P-Line dinner. Lucky guy!!

Odalis Medianero invited everyone to attend the SRJC Rotaract meeting on October 28th at 4 PM. If you would like more information, please contact Mary Graves.

Debi Zaft emailed several Rotarians for their full birthdate. Dacdb now requires the year as well as the month and day.

Past President Ray announced the initial planning stages for Giro Bello are starting now! We are looking for a ride director with good organizational skills and strong leadership skills. There are experienced committee chairs already in place to support the director. If you would like to be a part of our annual fundraiser which raises approximately $50,000 for our charitable budget, please let Ray know. The date will be June 24, 2023. If you have questions about the responsibilities of the director position, please contact Ray.


President Kris and sponsor, President Elect Ann Gospe, inducted Laura Stevens into the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa. Laura has said that she was immediately interested in Rotary after watching the club in action when her son was selected as our outbound exchange student to Germany. Nicole Le will be Laura’s blue badge mentor.

Volunteer Opportunities at The Salvation Army for the Holiday Season

  1. November 23, from 9:30 am to around 2 pm, we will be serving hot chocolate and coffee at the Fairgrounds for the Redwood Gospel Mission Thanksgiving event/dinner they do every year.
  2. We have secured The Rotary Club’s spot at Safeway on 4th Street for the 1st and 2nd Saturday of December.
  3. We have ongoing opportunities throughout December for volunteers to come to our warehouse at 93 Stony Circle to help match & pack toys and food boxes for needy families & children for Christmas. That begins December after December 1st, if there are Rotarians who want to help in this capacity.
  4. We also have a dual volunteer opportunity inside Coddingtown Mall, at our Angel Tree/Red Kettle Table in the Mall. This is a great opportunity for volunteers to take in toys and man a Salvation Army Red Kettle at the same time. People can come in shifts, but the table is open from 12 noon to 5 pm, Monday through Saturday, until December 15. The 1st day the Angel Tree table/Red Kettle area will be open is on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving).

The volunteer registration link will be live on November 2nd. The link will be availbe before then, so that Rotarians can all get signed up well before the Red Kettles are out, and before the Christmas Warehouse is open. Basically, they will have a month to sign up on our volunteer site.


“The Work of  Medtronics in Santa Rosa”

Rick Allen introduced today’s guest speakers Justin Petersen and Bejan Nafia. Justin Petersen is an engineer and project manager in the structural heart and aortic operation unit. He has worked at Medtronics for 13 years and has 10 Medtronic patents. Bejan Nafia is the senior principal reliability engineer in the coronary and renal operations unit. He has worked for Medtronics since 2004 in the coronary and operational unit. He began work on the blood pressure procedure project testing and verification unit in 2011. He travels the world overseeing the testing of the product.

“Engineering the extraordinary” is the goal of the company which is currently working on engineering products to treat more than 70 health conditions. The six powerful words that drive the work of the company are: alleviate pain; restore health: and extend life. Cardiovascular, neuroscience, medical surgery, and diabetes are the key business units. Peripheral and endovenous, structural heart and aortic denervations are areas of  focus for the Santa Rosa unit. For more information about the specific procedures go to Youtube and type in Medtronics.

Program Slides

No program slides this week. (See “Additional Pictures” below for some of the slides)

Club Job Openings:

Still need a few bulletin writers. Need a person on the board for Vocational Service Recognition

Additional Pictures:

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Governor, District 5130

Jennifer Strong


Debi Zaft P.O. Box 505 Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Board of Directors

Kris Anderson – President
Ann Gospe – President Elect
Casey D’Angelo – President Elect Nominee
Ray Giampaoli – Past President
Debi Zaft – Secretary
Karen Ball – Treasurer
Julia Parranto – Club Service- Membership
Andrea Geary – Club Service – Club Meetings
Matthew Henry – Club Service – Fund Raising
Charlie Howard-Gibbon – Club Services – Member Activities
Pete Lescure – Club Service – Records and Outreach
Casey Carter – Member Involvement
Mary Graves Community – Service – Youth
Position open – Vocational Service
Scott Bartley – International Service
Paul Hamilton – Foundation Representative

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