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Wednesday September 15, 2021

Getting To Know You Better
Susan Nowacki – Hosting

Craft talks from senior Rotary members Bill Hatcher, Pete Lescure, Robert Pierce, & Vickie Hardcastle.     Time goes by and sometimes we forget, or weren’t there, when these long-time members of our Rotary Club gave their original craft talks.   So it’s time to learn more about these wonderful members.     If you have been in the club for many years and would like to be included in another “Getting To Know You” presentation, please let Susan Nowacki know and we’ll do this again.

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All meetings are in-person and online meetings. In-person meetings will be located at the Epicenter Sports Center located at 3215 Coffey Lane, Santa Rosa, CA.  Use the first door, closest to Piner Road. There will be greeters at the door to guide you.

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Wednesday September 22: Polio Update – Bob Rogers
Wednesday September 29: Afghan Peace Fellow
Wednesday October 6: Art Start

Keep checking back.  New Programs coming soon!


Sept 18th:
The next social will be next month on Saturday, September 18th at the Gospe’s house. This time it will be a family pool party. Please bring the kids and grandkids. We will also be having our meat auction from the lambs and pigs that were bought at the Sonoma County Fair. More details to come.

Keep checking back.  New socials coming soon!


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Please note it is only available to view until 9/19/21

Opening Ceremonies:

After President Ray greeted us, Paul Hamilton led is in the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance and The Four-Way Test. His reflection has about Todd Beamer, the passenger on Flight #93, who helped lead the passengers to crash the plane before it could kill, who knows how many others, if it had reach it is intended destination.


Jeff Gilman and Rhianna Yeager

Sunshine Report:

Richard de Lambert said that after 31 days in the hospital, his son was home from the hospital after his terrible bout with Covid. Debi Zaft says that Cecil Humes fell and was going in for x-rays.


Bill Crowley said we had nine marbles in the bag and a pot of $28.00. Ryan Thomas had the right ticket but did not pull the blue marble. Pot rolls over to next week…..but wait! There is more…

Rotarian of the Month:

…..Bill Crowley was named Rotarian of the Month for August.  Bill is one of those quiet members that is always there to help.  Thank you, Bill, for your service to Rotary.


Mark Burchill confirmed that the 100th birthday party is still on for December 3, 2021. Due to the nature of Covid all guests will have to have been vaccinated or provide a negative Covid test within 3 days of the event. Please sign up and pay as soon as possible as we are now opening reservations to other clubs and guests.

Jeff Gospe says they are recruiting for Youth Exchange. They will be having two informational Zoom sessions in the next two weeks. If you know any student that would like to participate, be their information to Jeff or Craig Meltzner ASAP so they can participate in the Zoom sessions.

Steve Olson announced the Larry Miyano fund has now surpassed $50,000 so that the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Foundation can give away a $2000 engineering scholarship this next year.

Ann Gospe says that there are several spots on Signup Genius that need filling for the Giro d’ Wine Country on September 25th. She will help you sign up if you are having any difficulty.

Ann also reported that the meat auction will not be a pool party this weekend as previously announced. An Octoberfest party is now in the planning phase for October. Details to follow.

William Rousseau announced that tickets are now available for the Business Ethics Award Luncheon on October 8th and now available.

Auction of the Week:

President Ray had two Rotary fleece vests, men’s sizes large and extra-large, to auction off. the bidding was quite active, but in the end, Ted Wilmsen paid $200 for the extra-large and Peter Holewinski paid $110 for the large. Thanks guys! The money will go to the 100th birthday party fund.

Today’s Guest Speaker was Rhianna Yeager, Chief Deputy Assessor for the County of Sonoma on Proposition 19

The simple days of passing a property to your heirs is now in the past. Now the transfer must pass a Value Test. Only a family home or a family farm can qualify. The transfer can be between grandchild and grandparent. You can now sell a home at age 55 or older and move to another part of the state with more flexibility. Principal residence only. It allows for those with mental for physical disabilities. It can be used 3 times per claimant. Disasters have their own rules and Proposition 19 does not sunset Propositions 50 or 171. Lots of questions are coming up because of the new law. The county of Sonoma is waiting for guidance on several issues.

To find out more information:
Rhiannon Yeager, Chief Deputy Assessor (707)565-1866
Julie Divita, Chief Appraiser (707) 565-3139
Barbara Green, Assessment Process Manager (707) 565-1855
Gia Roan, Chief of Assessment Standards (707) 565-6077

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Governor, District 5130

Dustin Littlefield


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