DIGITAL EDITION   No. 74   April 30, 2014     EDITOR: David Brown     PHOTOGRAPHER: Kris Anderson

Our Program For May 7th


While on vacation in Mexico in 1984, Ted Rose stumbled into a small village and a children’s home for underprivileged kids.  That unplanned visit turned out to be a life-changing event.

ted-susan-dec-2012A couple of years later, he and his wife Susan sold their office equipment business in northern California and moved to Colima, Mexico to devote full time to helping disadvantaged children learn skills and develop visions to improve their chances for a better future.

Their effort launched Project Amigo which now provides educational and incentive programs and higher education scholarships to 300+ disadvantaged children each year. It also provides dental, auditory and vision care, thanks to volunteers.

Ted has been a Rotarian since 1980, and is now a member of the Rotary Club of Colima. He received Rotary International’s “Service Above Self” Award in the year 2000.

Susan has been a Rotarian for thirteen years, and is also a member of the Rotary Club of Colima.

Ted and Susan are both past Club Presidents and are Rotary Foundation Major Donors.



May 14: Al Loebel – His Recent Visit to Turkey
May 21: The United Way
May 28: Changes in Power


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President Peggy called the meeting to order in her usual graceful style by identifying us the finest club in District 5130. Joy Parker was asked to lead us in the pledge of allegiance (but alas, there was no flag – Johnny of the Flamingo staff rushed to the stage to reveal the flag behind the drape.) The invocation was presented by Craig Meltzner, sharing some history about May Day that might have challenged the record for longest invocation in club history.


Anne Gospe reported that there were no visiting Rotarians this week.


PAST President Debi Zaft introduced Paul Pholewinski, owner of Home Care Assistants, who has a membership application pending. Layne Bowen presented Bill Keene, our speaker for today.


Penny Tibbetts had sad news to report today: Services for Nick Knickerbocker’s wife Camille will be held on Saturday, May 17 at 2pm at the Church of the Incarnation located on Mendocino Avenue at 10th street. Robert Pierce’s mother passed away this week – she was 99 years old.

Bob Higgs shared that Past President Wally Lowry is suffering from gallstones and is on the road to recovery.

Robby Fouts chooses a card from Tim Delaney

Robby Fouts chooses a card from Tim Delaney


Tim Delaney announced that the raffle now consists of 10 face cards with the winner being the Queen of Diamonds. This week’s pot was a hefty $39. Robby Fouts got the call for having the lucky ticket but he had to settle for the $10 consolation prize.


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  • Debi Zaft reminded us that this was the last day for the club to be able to declare itself with 100% readership of the Rotarian Magazine.
  • Don McMillan announced that he needs more volunteers to help out at the Wine County Century bike race this weekend.
  • Yale Abrams thanked those who helped out last weekend on the Rebuilding Together Project with a special thanks to Troy Carrington for making everyone look like a pro!
  • Darren Elliott shared what the Marketing and PR Committee is up to which includes a new brochure and a request for feedback from the club.
  • President Elect Mark Burchill announced the next Rotary Means Business gathering in Cotati.



Today was a great day to be a Rotarian as we watched Steve Olson & Eileen Carlisle hand out five scholarship wards to the following:
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  • Juana Lopez-Ochoa – The Larry Bello vocational scholarship for $1,750. Juana is an SRJC student studying Dental Hygiene.
  • Tia Nowak – This is the initial award of the Christopher Wood scholarship for $1,750. She is an SRJC student who will be transferring to San Francisco State with an interest in wine & cinema.
  • Megan Johnson received the Trustee’s scholarship for $1,750. She will be transferring to Cal State East Bay with a goal of becoming a Physical Therapist
  • Colin Hart was awarded the Spencer & Shirley Flournoy Engineering scholarship for $1,750. Colin plans to attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in the fall.
  • Marea Otter was recognized as the top scholarship recipient by receiving the President’s award for $2,250. She impressed the scholarship committee with all of her accomplishments juggling work and school. Marea will be attending Berkeley this fall.

These scholarships are made available from the efforts by all club members in supporting club fundraising activities and their generosity in supporting the Club’s Foundation.

Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Recipients


Doug Roberts

Doug Roberts

One of our newest members, Doug Roberts, shared his story that included his growing up in Pleasant Hills, California – a third generation Californian. Doug received his education at UC Berkley and proceeded to spend 7 years in the oil field industry before getting a degree in Accounting. He transitioned into the Education field spending some time with Contra Costa College before joining SRJC as a VP of Business Services. Doug is married to his 3rd grade sweetheart and his brush with fame was shaking hands with then Governor Bill Clinton while he & his wife were living in Arkansas. Welcome to our club, Doug!


Pres. Peggy acknowledged the great job that Cathy Vicini & Debra Dorfman did with our evening meeting/social/mini fund raiser on April 23rd. We raised a little over $3,900 with the live auction and $1,104 for the Club Foundation.

The Board has been trying hard to improve our communications, so do not forget to use the suggestion box, email us with comments or ideas for suggestions, or speak to any board member. If you have an issue or concern, speak with any Board member.

Reminder: The Board minutes are posted on our website. The access code is sr1921.

All members were asked to review the protocol that is on the table for Rotary Programs and Comments.


Speaker Bill Keene

Speaker Bill Keene

Layne Bowen introduced our speaker, Bill Keene, General Manager of the Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District. Bill presented information regarding the District’s history, accomplishments to date as well as current and upcoming projects. Formed by Sonoma County voters in 1990 and reauthorized with over 76% of the vote in 2006, the District protects and stewards over 105,000 acres of agricultural, natural resource, scenic and recreational lands in Sonoma County. The goal of the District is to promote livable communities. A 3 prong approach of stewardship, conservation and acquisition is the focus. A number of projects were described including the development of Taylor Mountain which is one of the county’s greatest resources.


Pledge: Joy Parker
Invocation: Craig Meltzner
Ticket Sales Asst.: Doug Roberts
Greeters: Doug Chase & Keven Brown
Visiting Rotarians: Anne Gospe
Raffle: Tim Delaney
Lunch Tickets: Darren Elliott


A Native American Proverb –“We do not inherit the land from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”.

The Club then stood in a moment of silent remembrance for Nick Knickerbocker’s wife, Camille, and Robert Pierce’s mother.



Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Officers

President: Peggy Soberanis, President Elect: Mark Burchill, President Elect Nominee: Jose Guillen, Past President: Bill Rousseau, Secretary: Jack Abercrombie, Treasurer: Cecil G. Humes, Sergeant at Arms: Jack Geary

President Rotary International

Ron D. Burton, member of the Rotary Club of Norman, Oklahoma, USA

Governor, District 5130

Helaine Campbell, Rotary Club of Sebastopol Sunrise

Attendance Secretary

Jack Abercrombie P.O. Box 505 Santa Rosa, CA 95402 707-538-4770

Board of Directors

Tim Delaney, Debra Dorfman, Matt Fannin, Jose Guillen, Doug Johnson, Nicole Le, Robert Pierce, Jack Tolin, Cathy Vicini