NewGen Peacebuilders Project

The NewGen Peacebuilders (NewGen) project started during the 2015-16 school year.  This pilot project consists of three separate NewGen Peacebuilders class cohorts (NewGen Class 2015-16, NewGen Class 2016-17, and NewGen Class 2017-18).  Each class cohort of NewGen Peacebuilders students will be recruited and selected from each of our Santa Rosa High Schools with a targeted amount of 25 – 30 students per year.  They will participate in an intensive curriculum-based training, encompassing knowledge, skills, and abilities in conflict resolution, peace building within our community, compassionate presence, human rights and justice, personal accountability, and leadership development.
This comprehensive and intense training, education, and development process mirrors the principles of the Rotary Peace Fellow Program, except that NewGen Peacebuilders has been tailored for High School students.
The NewGen Peacebuilder Project is paid for and supported by Rotarians as mentors and culminates each year with the creation of peace projects, applying what they learned and collectively committing to accomplishing their established goals/peace projects.
The Peace projects have included:
“Foster the Future”
“HOPE (Hope, Opportunity, Possibilities, and Equality)-Humanizing Stories of Homelessness”
“Plant Roots of Peace”