Here are some photos and videos of past events and projects.


.2020 Club Rotary Guadalajara – our sister club in 2012

A visit was made by Shari with her family Rotary in Guadalajara, where she was a member between 2006-2012, before  transferring to Rotary club of Santa Rosa. Club Rotary Guadalajara and our Santa Rosa club became  sisters in the program of bringing an Orchestra of under privileged  children a federal program in Mexico assigned to the Secretary of Culture in the state of Jalisco to improve the lives of poor children. The program was jointly coordinated by both clubs and successfully implemented in 2012 at the Green Music Center.
These photos are members of the club Rotary Guadalajara in hotel Quintana Roo where they meet every Tuesday for lunch. Their speaker was a professor from the University of Guadalajara speaking on women’s issues and lack of services provided for women with low income status.
It is amazing so many years of working towards progress in women’s issues and it seems they are regressing backwards.
The highest rate of assault, death and violence against women was in 2019 in the history of status of women.

2018 Children’s Holiday Festival

On Saturday, December 15th, our annual Children’s Christmas Festival took place at Spreckels Performing Arts Center.  108 students, plus several adult chaperones, from six elementary schools were hosted by Santa (Tim Fawcett) and his elves (Judy Glenn, Steve Baime, Kris Anderson and Casey Carter); the children  saw a performance of the Nutcracker Ballet, and afterward enjoyed punch and cookies (baked by elves Debi Zaft, Andrea Geary, Kim Graves, Kathy Schwartz, Ann Gospe, Kris Anderson, Diane Moresi, Casey Carter, and Judy Glenn), and a gift for every child from Santa.  It was lots of fun for everyone!

2017 Dictionaries For 3rd Graders

2017 Children’s Christmas Special


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