DIGITAL EDITION No. 219  April 5, 2017  EDITOR: Kris Anderson PHOTOGRAPHER: Diane Moresi PUBLISHER: Richard Lazovick

Our Program For April 12, 2017

Club Assembly #2

Jose Guillen

President Jose has put together an informative agenda for our 2nd Club Assembly of the Rotary year. Here are a couple of teasers:

Club AssemblySteve Olsen will give an update from the Club Foundation

Ann Gospe will give us a Hands On Tutorial on Sign Up Genius

We will have to show up to find out what else El Presidente´ has up his sleeve!

What makes our club special?

Which one is your favorite program?

Let’s learn and celebrate together!

Wednesday April 19th: Swimming with Sea Monsters
Wednesday April 26th: Youth Protection Awareness Training
Wednesday May 10th: Artist in Residence
Wednesday May 17th: Real Talk about Homelessness in our Community


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Check out Rotary International at:
Come see us at: http://rotarymeansbusiness

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Doug Johnson led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Andrea Geary gave us the invocation, “Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles. It takes away today’s peace.


Wayne Booth (a retired educator), Abigail Bridgeman (today’s speaker), Tommy Abel  (outgoing student to Finland) and David Berman (who has turned in his application for membership!).


Rich de Lambert pulled the lucky marble and won about $200.00!Ginny Cannon announced that Dan Wright’s wife Patsy just passed away from cancer. The Board of Directors voted to send $200 each to the charity of choice for both Patsy Wright and Robbie Chase.


Rich de Lambert pulled the lucky marble and won about $200.00!


Los, our acting sergeant at arms, just got a new job and can no longer be our sergeant at arms.  So we are looking for a new person or persons to fill the post.  Please see Debi Zaft or Jose Guillen if you can fill Jack Geary’s shoes.


Tommy Abel (outgoing student to Finland) April 19th is bring a guest to Rotary Day.  Our speaker for that day will be Tom Kendrick, a sea urchin diver who will talk about his book, “Bluewater Gold Rush.”  His book will be available for purchase for $15.00.

Tommy Abel who will be heading to Finland this fall is having a fundraiser dinner at Rotarian Kris Lepore’s house in Sebastopol on Saturday June 17th.  It is $20.00 to buy a raffle ticket.  The winner will be able to attend this dinner with 7 of their friends. So buy, buy, buy!!!

Next week is Club Assembly.  It might be a new security training or it might be something inspiring!

Jeff and Ann Gospe say the Sign Up Genius is ready to go for the Giro Bello.  Here is the login . Everyone in the club should go on and sign up for a task or two.  This is really important that everyone do their part for this important fund raiser for our club.

Elizabeth Karbousky announced the next Rotary Social.  It will be April 20th at Jack Atkin’s house in Kenwood.  5:30 to 7:30.  Bring a bottle of wine and/or an hors d’oeuver. Parking is limited, please try to carpool.

Matt Fannin is in charge of marking the route for the Giro Bello.  He needs 15 volunteers to help mark the road the day before the Giro Bello.  Please see him if you can help!


As part of our on-going series of interviewing long time members, today’s interview was Jeanne Levin.

Jeanne grew up in Seattle and attended George Washington University where she met Fred Levin.  Fred came out to California and so did Jeanne.  Jeanne worked for the American conservatory Theatre and Planned Parenthood before getting her law degree.  Their daughter Laura was born.  In 1988 the moved to Santa Rosa and she opened her law office.  She joined Rotary and eventually became our first woman president!  She 6174664896_IMG_2831loves Rotary and stays because of the friendships and the sense of belonging.


Steve Olson must have brought a picture of a cow statue with a Rotary Wheel on its back from New Zealand last year.  President Jose was unsure to the age of the photo, but it was cute!

Bill Hatcher is leasing a new car….he got fined!


Abigail BridgmanAbigail is an attorney and Rotary Peace Felloe Nominee.  She is part of the prosecution of Dominic Ongwen in the International Criminal Court for his part as a leader of the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) in Uganda for war crimes of murder, enslavement, inhumane acts on a human, among many other charges.  She is interviewing hundreds of witnesses which should take more than a year to do.  Her biggest concerns are the children who are in conflict regions.  As it is, Dominic Ongwen is one of those children who was abducted, abused and turned into a monster. Children under the age of 18 should be entitled to life, protection, health, education, family and an identity.

Without an identity they may not know who their parents are.  They have no birth certificate.  They have no ability to get a passport.  Without an identity they are not entitled to state benefits.

Displaced children are vulnerable to so many things.  They are subject to killing and maiming, recruitment as child soldiers, are victims of sexual violence, they are used as human shields.  They become dehumanized and can themselves be turned into monsters.  Education, keeping families together, rescuing the children and getting them the help they need are Abigail’s major concerns.  She cited UNICEF’s No Lost Generation Initiative 2013 as a start.  Targeting the conflict countries for help and aid.  The kids need remedial classes and safe places for learning and socialization.

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Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Officers

President: Jose Guillen, President Elect: Julia Parranto, President Elect Nominee: Tony Roehrick, Past President: Doug Johnson, Secretary: Debi Zaft, Treasurer: Cecil G. Humes, Sergeant at Arms in Training: Los Barron

President Rotary International

John F. Germ, member of the Rotary Club Of Chattanooga, Tennessee

Governor, District 5130

Wulff A. Reinhold, Sr. member of the Rotary Club of Rohnert Park – Cotati

Attendance Secretary

Debi Zaft P.O. Box 505 Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Board of Directors

Kathleen Archer, Jack Atkin, Gesine Franchetti, Ray Giampaoli, Will Haymaker, Elizabeth Karbousky, Steve Marburger, Jackie McMillan, Diane Moresi