DIGITAL EDITION   No. 41     August 14, 2013     EDITOR:  Jim Johnson     PHOTOGRAPHERS: Kris Anderson

Our Program For August 21st


Support, encourage & expand Sonoma County business & jobs

Formed last year by the Board of Supervisors and the Economic Development Board, Sonoma County’s Business Assistance works proactively to
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  • Support job creation and retention
  • Assess & address the needs & concerns of Sonoma County businesses
  • Support & encourage startup, retention and expansion and jobs in this county
  • Provide business outreach, technical assistance & access to capital resources
  • Help to navigate the multi-agency regulatory permit process
  • Support job creation and retention.
  • Meet with businesses to gather information to guide to future policies & programs
  • Share success stories & best practice with business owners
  • Build a stronger, more robust business community & local economy.
  • Promote Sonoma County as a great place to locate & expand business
  • Serve as allies for local business to build & grow local economy



August 28:         Santa Rosa Rotary Club Assembly
September 4:     Marcy Smothers’ Adventures in Food
September 11:   District Governor’s Visit


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President Peggy welcomed Rotarians and guests to the Finest Club in District 5130, explaining that she was starting a little early because of the full agenda. Chip Rawson led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Red Badge Rotarian Jason Black quoted Hansel B. Duckett as today’s invocation, “What this country needs is more free speech worth listening to.”

Jason added his own charge to close his invocation: “Today, let us learn to think, listen and speak so that our speech will not only be worth listening to, it will move hearts and minds and souls of those listening.”


Mike Cook

Mike Cook from Sebastopol Sunrise Rotary Club

Our brand-new Red Badge Rotarian, Jason Black, and our entire Rotary Club gave an enthusiastic Welcome Back to Genie Delles whom we have all missed so much the past few months. Many of you did not know that today was unofficial Certified Public Accountants Day & the Two Mikes’ Day at our Rotary Club: Mike Musson from East Santa Rosa Rotary Club, CPA John Jones, from Santa Rosa Sunrise Rotary, and Mike #2 from Sebastopol Sunrise Rotary, Mike Cook. Welcome to all three visiting Rotarians; seriously it’s great to have you with us.


Wayne Rowlands introduced Mike Cook from the Sebastopol Sunshine Rotary Club & Dr. Jim Gude, guest speakers for today.  Dr. Gude spoke later as today’s program about worldwide telemedicine for the underserved know as Wireless Global World Web. Wayne also welcomed back his sponsored guest, Sonja Butler.


Sonja Butler: Realtor, RE/MAX Spectrum
Sponsored by Wayne Rowlands


Penny Tibbetts wanted to be sure that all of us knew that Genie Delles was out and about on Carole Cooper’s day. Nick Knickerbocker was absent today and Penny mentioned that Nick’s wife Camille was not doing well. In closing, Penny thanked all Rotarians who attended Carole Cooper’s Celebration of Life this morning.


Brandon Ulrich just can't watch as Bob Sorensen tries for the winning card

Brandon Ulrich just can’t watch as Bob Sorensen tries for the winning card

All of us were so concerned that this week’s Raffle-meister, Brandon Uhrich, was missing in action, or that something had happened to the Jackpot. Turned out that Brandon got his little hands dirty counting all 500 of those one dollar bills and slipped away to wash them. That meant that Loser Bob Sorensen only despoiled the 10 dollar bills he was awarded for not winning the growing jackpot. But the odds are slowly getting better as does the weekly jackpot. Next week the cards in the bag are down to 36 and winner’s take depends on how many red tickets we buy before next Wednesday’s Rotary meeting.


As promised, the new Rotarian of the Month showed up wearing his Good Luck Face to let the 72 percent of us who volunteered this year know how well we did for Santa Rosa Rotary’s third Giro Bello. .As we just wrote in The Santa Rosarian, almost three-fourth of our Rotary membership worked at least part of that Friday and Saturday in early July. Doug Johnson said that we were only ten riders short of last year’s registrants.

“Because Giro Bello’s expenses are fixed, locked in place weeks before the event, how hard we work, how many sign up, and the sponsors we convince: the only thing we can do during the months before the race to increase the funds we use to fund more projects, award more school scholarships, help more kids, and do what Rotary does best: help those who need help the most is to tell more riders about Giro Bello, talk to more potential sponsors, tell more cycling aficionados about the beautiful rides and how much fun everyone enjoys and the friends we make.” In his remarks, Doug reminded us that every rider we can convince to register adds $60 to our resources to help others.

The First Lady of The Giro Bello!

The First Lady of The Giro Bello!

Everyone that Doug commended for all their hard work for Giro Bello received a beautiful  Giro Bello T-shirt. First on his list was Jackie McMillan for her bookkeeping beyond the call of duty, dealing with almost 700 riders, keeping track of the money, keeping everyone under control. Wayne Rowlands got a shirt and Doug’s compliments for all that he did to keep everyone well informed. Doug went overboard bragging about the great job that Layne Bowen did in keeping the musicians in line, playing great music most of the afternoon, and keeping the musicians away from Gesine’s pizzas. Sarah Trajo did an outstanding job with the cyclists’ reservations and Gesine Franchetti took care of providing fresh, delicious food for the rest stops not to mention all the pizzas, salads, and pasta throughout the day. And Don McMillan for taking over for Doug when he left to handle that “business” in Costa Rica and Portugal. Gesini & John Franchetti, the entire pizza oven crew for dedication beyond the call of duty. Doug kept piling it on. He gave Robby Fouts the “Individual Indispensable Award”, The Moral Support Award went to Diane Moresi, and Doug presented a bouquet of beautiful flowers to The First Lady of the Giro Bello, Carmen Sinigiani. In passing, Matt Fannin was commended for completing his training for the operation of the club website after only two years.

Last week, as President Peggy said when naming Doug Johnson Rotarian of the Month, “Doug earned this title with months of arduous work. He talks about what he does as building a successful business. He has helped build our Giro Bello into an event in which fellow are enjoying more, doing more, and becoming more involved in every year. He exemplifies my theme for this year as he has taken something that is good and became better over two years. Then he built upon it, brought in more club members, and made Giro Bello even more fun”.


Elizabeth Karbousky gives her Craft Talk

Elizabeth Karbousky gives her Craft Talk

Elizabeth Karbousky had everyone’s full attention when she mentioned that she met Kevin, her future husband, when he was less than a year old. It wasn’t what we thought though. You see, her family and Kevin’s family were close friends and neighbors. With the families being so close, my notes get a little confusing, but Elizabeth’s father was a Rotarian, a member of the Rotary Club of Paso Robles, and tragedy struck her family when her father passed away, bringing the families even closer together. But after high school she left the U. S. to go to Dublin, Ireland, to take advantage of what she called “the best scholarship & education ever”! She and Kevin started dating again in 2009, three months before she graduated. About this time Kevin was diagnosed with an immune deficiency disorder and finally underwent colon surgery to cure his illness. He swore that he was so healthy and well that she and Kevin were married not too long ago. Rotarians might remember that they celebrated their first anniversary a few weeks ago.  She turned 30 this year, works for Union Bank, and her hobby is running Marathons.


Rotary‘s August Social: Joy Parker invited us all to her home next Thursday afternoon at 5:30 pm. The address is 4627 Sonoma Highway, only a U-Turn past Mission Boulevard. Guests are invited to bring snacks.

Public Relations & Marketing: As announced last week, in response to on-going member discussion about increasing membership and community about increasing community awareness of the growing projects—locally and internationally—of the Rotary Club, President Peggy announced that Wayne Rowlands and Doug Johnson are working on our club’s outreach, recruiting members to the long-dormant Marketing & Public Relations Committee in the Records & Outreach segment of Club Service V.

Club Assembly: President Peggy urges each of us to visit our club’s website before the Club Assembly the last Wednesday of this month—August 28th—and examine the various committees to see on which committees you would like to serve this Rotary Year. Access the website at www.

Girls Day: Dr. James Conners, one of today’s Rotary speakers, distributed flyers and in connection with the Boys & Girls Club, gave a pitch for Girls Day, a one-day event aimed at empowering young women through mentorship and fun with women in Sonoma County. The date is Saturday, September 28 in the Bertolini Student Center at SRJC, from 9:30 am to 2 pm. Dr. Conners left his contact information for any women and girls interested in attending: 528-7977 or

The Evening Rotary Club is holding its First Annual Heidi Zimmer Memorial Chili Cook Off on September 20th from 6pm to 10pm at the Scottish Rite Hall, 600 Acacia Lane in Santa Rosa. All proceeds will go to the Rotary International Foundation. Download the flier for details: Chili Cook Off Flier


Limitations, professional care, & cost effective: Medical care in much of the world is limited because of the unavailability of trained and experienced medical personnel and other geographical problems quite difficult to remedy or resolve. The concentration of medical specialists in big cities is a global issue that leaves large areas of the world underserved. Even an organization as far-reaching as Rotary International lacks the resources to have much impact for reasons that most Rotarians are aware. However Telemedicine is a way to address that is very cost effective because it reduces travel for patients. It also enables specialists to expand their practice and build skills while avoiding the down time of travel. Telemedicine is a way to address that issue that is very cost effective because it reduces travel for patients. It also enables specialists to potentially (and in theory) expand big city medical care potentially anywhere on the globe

Speaker Dr. James Gude

Speaker Dr. James Gude

Rotary involvement: Dr. Jim Gude and Mike Cook, guest speakers on Wednesday, August 14, to the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa, provided the background on what Dr. Gude had been accomplishing for the past two years. The Rotary Club of Sebastopol Sunrise had launched an initiative to bring high quality health care to the underserved using affordable telemedicine technology without the limitation of travel or time.

Electronic medical records & iPad communication: The electronic medical record system is hosted so the hospital does not need to acquire and maintain servers, but it does need a good Internet connection and reliable electricity. The project involves using electronic medical records to capture clinical information and notes from medical staff, lab results and pharmacy orders. Having electronic medical records is a big help in making available accurate and reliable information which can be used for remote consultation. Another key aspect of the project is to use an iPad to have specialists communicate visually with patients and staff in real time using secure video chat communication. Global MedWeb is a newly formed non-profit set up by Rotarians who are familiar with the work in telemedicine begun by Dr. Gude. The proposed Rotary involvement would be to provide durable equipment – wireless networks, iPads and peripherals.

A proven clinical tool: The telemedicine system is a proven clinical tool. It has been used in California at over five small hospitals for over four years. The telemedicine team has provided service in several countries in Africa, Haiti and now in the Philippines and India. For example, the system is in use at a hospital in the Congo where successful consults have been provided. Dr. Gude has developed a panel of specialists that can be called on to consult any time of day. The plan is to expand the panel of medical specialists with specialists in other countries as the projects take hold and expand. Currently the medical specialist consults are provided gratis. Ultimately, the plan is to have the consults paid by insurance where possible so the project is sustainable.


“He is the best physician who is the most ingenious inspirer of hope.”

Samuel Taylor Coleridge



Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Officers

President: Peggy Soberanis, President Elect: Mark Burchill, President Elect Nominee: Jose Guillen, Past President: Bill Rousseau, Secretary: Jack Abercrombie, Treasurer: Cecil G. Humes, Sergeant at Arms: Jack Geary

President Rotary International

Ron D. Burton, member of the Rotary Club of Norman, Oklahoma, USA

Governor, District 5130

Helaine Campbell, Rotary Club of Sebastopol Sunrise

Attendance Secretary

Jack Abercrombie P.O. Box 505 Santa Rosa, CA 95402 707-538-4770

Board of Directors

Debra Dorfman, Matt Fannin, Jose Guillen, Doug Johnson, Nicole Le, Robert Pierce, Jack Tolin, Creed Wood, Cathy Vicini