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Next meeting
Wednesday September 7, 2022

Current State of Police Dept Affairs

Chief John Cregan

Santa Rosa Police Chief John Cregan will present a program about the current state of affairs within the police department and how he will be addressing future issues facing our city. He will be joined by Fire Captain Chris Matthies and together they will discuss the INRESPONSE program which deals with mental health issues. Chris Matthies is a Firefighter and Engineer Paramedic with the Santa Rosa Fire Department.


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Wednesday September 14: DG Jennifer Strong
Wednesday September 21: Farm To Pantry

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Redwood Empire Food Bank

The next workday at the Redwood Empire Food Bank will be
Wednesday September 14, 5:00 to 7:00pm

Youth AG & Leadership
18th Annual BBQ Fundraiser
Saturday September 24th, 3:30 – 7:30 pm

Celebrating the life of
       Larry Miyano
Sunday October 9, 2022, 2pm
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Keep checking back.  New socials coming soon!


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Watch The Meeting:  Did you miss the meeting?  Here is a link to the recording of last week’s meeting:
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Please note it is only available to view until: 9/11/22

Opening Ceremonies:

President Kris greeted us followed by Sam McMillan leading us int the Pledge of Allegiance and the Four-Way Test. His Reflection comes from the Social Enterprise Academy of Scotland.

“5 Ideas to Build Reflection into a Day.” Realize your impact to others.

  1. Keep your values close.
  2. Embrace your intentions
  3. Get inspired and explore ideas.
  4. Recognize the importance of nature, exercise and switching off (stop the world for a little while and think about where you want to be and where you are going).

Visiting Rotarians:

Marilyn Lira was visiting from the Rotary East/West Club. She is also District Governor’s, Jennifer Stong, right hand person for this year.


Marcel EuTu (former Rotarian in Firebaugh), Robin Yonash, and guest speaker, Ed Davis, and William Folkesson.

Sunshine Report:

Steve Baime has not been able to participate with our club for some time. He has cancer and is just not well enough to participate. Therefore, he is resigning from the club. We wish him the best, as we know it is not easy.

Will Haymaker is getting better day by day.  Joanne hopes to have him home soon.

Mark Burchill’s wife, Mel Conrad got Covid while they were in Las Vegas. Knock on wood, but so far Mark is fine.

Both Obi’s are under the weather. Obi Two went to Las Vegas and is recuperating at the Burchill house and Obi One is at the dry cleaner after having a dark liquid (coffee or coke) was spilled on him. Both should be back soon. (For future Obi updates, check out the “NEW – Obie’s Adventures” section below, just before “Additional Pictures”)


Nine marbles today with a pot of $30.00. Our guest, Marcel EuTu had the right number, but did not pull out the blue marble. He was pleased to receive the $10.00 consolation prize. As for the second chance drawing, Ted Wilmsen’s marble was pulled, and he chose a candy bar instead of a scratcher.


1.Saturday, October 15 will be the date of our annual Junior Livestock Meat Auction. Our club bought 2 pigs and 2 lambs this year. They are already butchered and in Sam McMillan’s freezer. Sam is going to try to get us a professional auctioneer. Stay tuned for more information on this event. Right now, just “Save the Date.”

  1. Karen Ball is looking for Rotarians that want to form a bocce team. The current season has just ended so she wants to get ready for the next season. The season runs for m April to September, on Tuesday nights from 4:00 – 8:00pm, three games each night. The cost is $85.00 for the whole season; less if they sign up early. The more the merrier so if someone cannot play one week they have enough. The bocce year end picnic will be on October 8.
  2. The Spanish class at Casey Carter’s office starts on October 5.

This Week’s Auctions:

We had two auctions today. One was for a bottle of pinot noir from the Ken Brown Winery in Buellton, CA brought by Ted Wilmsen. Tim Fawcett got it for $70.00. We also had some jewelry that Odalis Medianero brought back from Puerto Vallarta. Dan Balfe got that for $25.00.


Ted Wilmsen donated $50.00 for his vacation down south. Ray Giampaoli donated $100.00 to the club for the Wild Game Dinner that he had at Jeff Kolin’s home Saturday night (and it was a wonderful dinner!). Participants were Jeff and Patty Kolin, Mary and Steve Graves, Kris and Jim Manos, Craig and Elaine Meltzner, plus Chiara Puddu, Bill and Angie Hatcher. Ray and Jodi Giampaoli did the cooking and serving with the help of Robert Pierce. President Kris got the prize for the number of pellets in her pheasant. Another dinner will be auctioned off later this year.

Dates to Remember:

September 14:  District Governor Jennifer Strong will be visiting out meeting. Be prepared for a DG meeting unlike others. Please come to this meeting.

September 24: Youth Ag & Leadership Foundation of Sonoma County Annual BBQ Fundraiser, 3:30 to 7:30pm at Richard’s Grove and Saralee’s Vineyard 3575 Slusser Road, Windsor. $65.00 per person. See Sam McMillan for details.

October 8:  The Foundation South dinner. Time and location to follow.
October 15:  The meat social and auction
May 4-6:  District conference at the new Konocti Harbor Resort
May 28 –31: Rotary International Convention in Melbourne

Program for Today:  Author Ed Davis on HOBOs and his new book, “The Last Professional.”

First, he read us the Hobo Ethical Code that was written in 1889

  1. Decide your own life; don’t let another person run or rule you.
  2. When in town, always respect the local law and officials, and try to be a gentleman at all times.
  3. Don’t take advantage of someone who is in a vulnerable situation, locals or other hobos.
  4. Always try to find work, even if temporary, and always seek out jobs nobody wants. By doing so you not only help a business along but ensure employment should you return to that town again.
  5. When no employment is available, make your own work by using your added talents at crafts.
  6. Do not allow yourself to become stupid drunk and set a bad example for locals’ treatment of other hobos.
  7. When jungling in town, respect handouts, do not wear them out, another hobo will be coming along who will need them as badly, if not worse than you.
  8. Always respect nature, do not leave garbage where you are jungling.
  9. If in a community jungle, always pitch in and help.
  10. Try to stay clean and boil up wherever possible
  11. When traveling, ride your train respectfully, take no personal chances, cause no problems with the operating crew, or host railroad, act like a crew member.
  12. Do not cause problems in a train yard, another hobo will be coming along who will need passage through that yard.
  13. Do not allow other hobos to molest children; expose all molesters to authorities…they are the worst garbage to infest any society.
  14. Help all runaway children, try to induce them to return home.
  15. Help your fellow hobos whenever and wherever needed, you may need their help someday.

Hobos were migratory workers. Ed and a friend, 17 years old at the time, had a plane ticket to go to Scotland. However, they had to fly from New York to get there. It was suggested that they hitchhiked or ride the trains to New York. That was what they did, and Ed was hooked. His girlfriend, and eventually his wife, went with him out a couple of years later. He gave it up when it was time to settle down, but it was during those years of riding the rails that he started writing and therefore, his novels about hobos. His latest book is called “The Last Professional” which takes place about the time when riding the rails ended (for the most part). It was always dangerous, but it became more so, today. He read a few pages from the new book.

Club Job Openings:

Still need a few bulletin writers. Need a person on the board for Vocational Service Recognition

Program Slides

No Program Slides This week

NEW – Obie’s Adventures

Both Obi’s are under the weather. Obi Two went to Las Vegas and is recuperating at the Burchill house and Obi One is at the dry cleaner after having a dark liquid (coffee or coke) was spilled on him. Both should be back soon.

Additional Pictures:

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Governor, District 5130

Jennifer Strong


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Board of Directors

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Casey D’Angelo – President Elect Nominee
Ray Giampaoli – Past President
Debi Zaft – Secretary
Karen Ball – Treasurer
Julia Parranto – Club Service- Membership
Andrea Geary – Club Service – Club Meetings
Matthew Henry – Club Service – Fund Raising
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Pete Lescure – Club Service – Records and Outreach
Casey Carter – Member Involvement
Mary Graves Community – Service – Youth
Position open – Vocational Service
Scott Bartley – International Service
Paul Hamilton – Foundation Representative

DIGITAL EDITION No. 470 August 31, 2022  EDITOR: Kris Anderson PHOTOGRAPHER: Jeff Gospe PUBLISHER: Richard Lazovick