DIGITAL EDITION No. 254 January 24, 2018  EDITOR: Layne Bowen PHOTOGRAPHER:  Kris Anderson PUBLISHER: Richard Lazovick

Our Program For Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Public Safety Awards – Marnie Goldschlag – Moderator


A revered tradition of our Club is the annual Lee Abramson Public Safety Awards Program, where we honor a member(s) of the Santa Rosa Police Department and the Santa Rosa Fire Department for an act of extraordinary service during the previous year. This year we have added the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department to our program. We welcome the families of the recipients, as well as the Chiefs and Sheriff of the respective departments, who will help present the awards.

EVERY first responder deserves our gratitude and praise for the work they do each day, but especially for the incredible heroism they showed throughout the days & nights following October 8th. We invite you to join us on January 31 as we offer our heartfelt thanks. Have tissues handy…..

Our MC will once again be Past President and current AG Marnie Goldschlag, whose humor and close relationship with law enforcement add to the festivities.


Wednesday February 7, 2018: Club Assembly #2 – Julia Parranto, Moderator
Wednesday February 14, 2018: High School Recognition – Ryan Thomas 
Wednesday February 21, 2018: Trauma Therapist: Resiliency – Lori Carter 
Wednesday February 28, 2018: Land Paths Restoration – Craig Anderson


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Pledge: Fred Levin

Reflection: Will Haymaker

Fire Relief Fund Grants

Jose introduced club members who are involved in interviewing candidates for the Fire Relief Fund grants. Committee member Jack Tolin presented a $5,000 check to Tiger Kicks owner Scott Butler who lost everything in the firestorm. Jack Atkin introduced fellow Rotarian Ken Moholt-Siebert who is the owner of Ancient Oaks Cellars which also burned in the fire. Jack presented a $5,000 check to help Ken get back in business.


Visiting Rotarians

Ken Moholt-Siebert and Dan Bales joined us today. Dan turned in a membership application!


Tami Meraz, administrative assistant at SRJC was a guest of Carrie Chambers.


Steve Marburger reports that Richard Lazovick is taking walks and doing well with his new kidney.  Jack Abercrombie is gradually recovering from pneumonia and hopes to return to Rotary soon. Hurry back, Jack and Richard – we miss you both!


Debi Zaft was unlucky in drawing the marble.

Rose Frances was today’s secret greeter and said Fred Levin showed the most love.

Craft Talk

Dr. Casey Carter gave a craft talk that showed the circuitous route she took to be the person she is today. Raised in Southern California, Casey was basically a country girl who saw the city eventually grow up around her. Casey shared her story of a wide range of experiences and personal growth in a variety of fields including: art, Bob Marley music, photography, Chinese medicine, and other disciplines. Casey is widely travelled and has lived and studied with Huichoi Indians in Mexico. Casey holds 3 doctorates and is knowledgeable in Chinese medicine, naturopathy and acupuncture.



Next week is the Public Safety Awards. This is a great program to invite guests.


Sonoma State’s liberal arts mission is central to educating strong future civic leaders, business people, and community members.  Dr. Sakaki emphasized the importance of having Sonoma State students and alumni in the North Bay and shared the university’s outreach programs to the community. An example of that outreach is a program for 3rd graders that allowed them to spend a day on a college campus, participating in campus art and other activities. 

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Governor, District 5130

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