DIGITAL EDITION   No. 103   December 3, 2014     EDITOR: David Brown  PHOTOGRAPHER: Kris Anderson

Club is dark Wednesday, December 24th

Our Program for December 10th


A Portrait of Sonoma County, released on May 20, 2014, is an in-depth look at how the residents of Sonoma County are faring in three fundamental areas: life expectancy, education, and income. The report is based on the Human Development approach, which puts people at the center of an analysis to assess the opportunity that each of us has to live up to our full potential. The Index is calculated on a range of 0-10 and mapped at the census tract level across Sonoma County.

A Portrait of Sonoma County examines disparities within Sonoma County among neighborhoods and along the lines of race, ethnicity, and gender, and helps identify specific geographic places and populations in the County where we have the potential to positively affect long-term health outcomes. The report includes comparisons across neighborhoods, schools, and populations, drawing connections between the multiple factors that influence health.


Wednesday, December 17th: The Redwood Chordsmen
Wednesday, December 24th – CLUB IS DARK
Wednesday, December 31st – CLUB IS DARK
Wednesday, January 7th: 
Club Fellowship – Family Trivia


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The Meeting was brought to order by President Mark Burchill and the pledge was led by Past President Debi Zaft. The thought for the day was delivered by Bob Sorensen.


Daniel Hemphill from the Petaluma Valley Rotary Club joined us today.


Yale Abrams introduced his guest Daniel Howard.

Elizabeth Karbousky tries her luck with Steve Marburg

Elizabeth Karbousky tries her luck with Steve Marburg


Elizabeth Karbousky had the lucky ticket and unfortunately did not pick the right marble for the $260 prize and had to settle for the $10 consolation prize. The pot is getting richer!!


Forecast is Cloudy: Pam Williams, Genie Delles’ sister reports that “Unfortunately, Genie is in a holding pattern. More testing will be done after the holidays. We are all thinking positive thoughts for Genie. She is an amazing warrior.”

Robby Fouts reports that his wife had surgery on Monday, December 1st. Her recovery now requires full time care for at least a month. This will necessitate his absence for the month of December.


What American city won the contest for best-tasting drinking water?


There were 13 Rotarians celebrating December Birthdays. Those present included Layne Bowen, Will Haymaker, Nona Lucas, John McHugh, Robert Pierce, Bill Rousseau, Dan Schell and Ted Wilmsen. Happy Birthday! Not present but also celebrating a birthday were: Judy Glenn, Roy Hurd, Norm Owen, Wayne Rowlands & Chuck Wear.

A sampling of our December Birthdays!

A sampling of our December Birthdays!


Rich de Lambert receives his pin back

Rich de Lambert receives Sponsor Pin


Prez Mark presented Past Prez Rich de Lambert a sponsor pin for his sponsoring new member, Laura Held. Wear it proudly Rich!


In an effort to have enough time for all meeting functions there is now a requirement to let President Mark know ahead of time that you have an announcement and that it cannot exceed 90 seconds.
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  • Wine social for next Monday, December 8 at the home of Mark Burchill
  • The SCARC meeting in January is filling up. Guest Speaker is Past International President Rick King .  See Mark Burchill if you are interested in attending.
  • Shannon McConnell thanked all who bought and helped with the poinsettia sales and invited those interested to attend the reception today at the Vigil Light Apartments after the meeting today.
  • Steve Olson shared information about the Wes Jamison Fund and the recent allocations of that fund to Santa Rosa High School for $2,000 and to Elsie Allen High School for $1500. The fund is part of our local foundation and support Ag programs in our community.
  • Julia Parranto requested those on the Children’s holiday party committee to stay after today’s meeting for a short meeting to discuss the upcoming event.
  • Ted Wilmsen reminded all that it’s time to sign up for delivering dictionaries again and sign up lists are in the back of the room before and after meetings.



President Mark presented Rotary Bux this week to Past President Peggy Soberanis and Shannon McConnell. Way to go ladies!


President Mark summarized the outcome of the last board meeting, which included a number of topics. First up was that if there is an evening meeting that replaces the usual lunch meeting that week it would required attendance. Mark shared the results of the surveys from last week and based on input from the club at large and the vote of the board it was decided that we would not do the Pillow Fight event next year. All other events will continue as scheduled.


Doug Johnson and his brother were pictured on the golf course back in October in Mass and after a few lies about his score, Doug donated $50 to the club.

Don McMillan celebrated his 10th year anniversary of his law firm, McMillan and Shureen, LLP, and was also spotted with a mystery woman in Reno?? For all that Don stepped up with a $50 donation to the club.

For Squealing on Don and for leaving the Y golf trophy at the meeting last week, Rick Allen was $16 poorer (something to do with Poker winnings) and $25 for leaving the trophy. Rick then busted his golf partner Bill Rousseau for not being there for the trophy presentation. Bill coughed up $25 to set the record straight and will take the trophy home to display in his trophy case.

Cathy Vicini paid $50 for letting us know that her tasting room is now open at 7th and Humboldt in downtown Santa Rosa and Rotarians receive a 30% discount on all purchases. Thanks Cathy!

Ryan Thomas donated $50 to the club based on the generous gift to him by fellow member Ray Dorfman of Hurst Castle tix that Ray won at the Y golf tournament.

Tim Delaney shared a story about his travels to Winsbourgh Texas and his arrival at the airport that is too long a story to share but ask him sometime, it has to do with his political views and a beat up Ford Taurus… Anyway he donated $50 to the club.

Speed Dating with Layne Bowen, Elizabeth Karbousky, and Vickie Hardcastle with Nona Lucas and Bart Eddy in the background.

Speed Dating with Layne Bowen, Elizabeth Karbousky, and Vickie Hardcastle with Nona Lucas and Bart Eddy in the background.


The program today was a Rotary Version of “speed dating”. Rotarians got to know each other a little bit better by spending 90 seconds or so visiting with each other.



Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Officers

President: Mark Burchill, President Elect: Jose Guillen, President Elect Nominee: Doug Johnson, Past President: Peggy Soberanis, Secretary: Jack Abercrombie, Treasurer: Cecil G. Humes, Sergeant at Arms: Jack Geary

President Rotary International

Gary C.K. Huang, member of the Rotary Club of Taipei, Taiwan

Governor, District 5130

Kevin Eisenberg, member of the Rotary Club of Calistoga

Attendance Secretary

Jack Abercrombie P.O. Box 505 Santa Rosa, CA 95402 707-538-4770

Board of Directors

Karen Ball, Tim Delaney, Debra Dorfman, Tim Fawcett, Bill Hatcher, John McHugh, Jack Tolin, Cathy Vicini