DIGITAL EDITION     No. 7     December 5, 2012     EDITOR: Mike Truesdell     PHOTOGRAPHER: Carrie Ludke

Our Program For December 12th:


You and your family are cordially invited: Wednesday evening, December 12th

This week’s meeting will be an evening event in preparation for the traditional Children’s Christmas Party on Dec. 15th. The program will be wrapping the gifts for Rotary’s annual Children’s Christmas Party. Dinner will be served at 5:30 pm at a cost of $20 per adult and $10 for children 12 and under. The evening’s entertainment is planned @ 6:15 pm. Gift wrapping will follow immediately and it is rumored that Santa might swing by for a visit so plan to bring your spouse and children. Be sure to inform the Club Secretary if you are planning to attend and the number in your party so that we may plan accordingly for meals etc.


December 19: Salman Khan, Educator
December 26:
No meeting due to Christmas holiday
January 2, 2013: Holiday Trivia with Ray Dorfman


After two weeks of hard rain the skies were crisp and clear and the Flamingo Ballroom was full of Rotarians, their guests and others, as though to compensate for absences of the early autumn and Thanksgiving, and to hear Sonoma County’s first female District Attorney give her initial address as the first and largest Rotary Club in Sonoma County began its 92nd year of service to the community. Almost every seat was filled as Past President (2000-01) David Brown welcomed us back to Rotary after Thanksgiving week. Carrie Ludtke led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Rotarian Tim Stewart quoted the legendary British author & philosopher C. S. Lewis on fortitude: “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream.”

Acting President Dave Brown


Acting president Dave introduced his son Jake, a frequent visitor to Rotary who is suddenly a senior at Cardinal Newman. Veteran Rotarian & orthodontist Charles (Chuck) Wear, and still-employed Rotarian Michael (Mike) Truesdell, shared hosting duties for their guest, Brad Weaver, Headmaster of Sonoma Country Day School. Past President (2002-03) Will Haymaker welcomed his guest in the fuel oil business, Albert Sklar.  Kerrie Chambers introduced her generous guest from Sonoma Valley, Mary Kay Hartley, who donated guest passes to many of the birthday boys & girls who lined up for their November & December birthday greetings. Mary Kay’s son, Chef Rudy, has opened Restaurant Rudy, located just off Sonoma Plaza. Wally Lowry, past president (and proud grandfather),  introduced his guest & granddaughter Stephanie Nacouzi, M.D., and Vicki Hardcastle proudly welcomed Sonoma County Superior Court Judge Allan Hardcastle. Although Carrie Ludtke admitted that she had no idea why police officer Josh Ludtke was her guest, she proudly introduced her husband to us.

Debra Smith’s Raffle ticket was drawn by DA Ravitch, but Debra failed to draw a joker and got the $10 booby prize


In a valiant effort to plea-bargain her jail sentence for running the raffle, Past President Kathleen Archer convinced District Attorney Jill Ravitch to draw the winning number. Her effort must have worked: the $122 Jackpot remained intact as Debra Smith missed drawing the Joker. Her $10 winnings were below the minimum and she was not charged.


Although Dick Jenkins is in good spirits and still recuperating at home, he misses the Rotary fellowship and would love to hear from his fellow Rotarians via telephone, cards, and in-person visits. Check the roster for his phone number and mailing address. Please keep Rotarian Stephan Passalacqua and family in your thoughts and prayers as they mourn the loss of Stephan’s mother.


Carrie Ludke – the very deserving Rotarian of the Month

A relative new member of the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa, Carrie Ludtke was recognized for her willingness to volunteer and take charge of some of our club’s most challenging projects. Most recently, after the previous chair of the Children’s Christmas Party, Suzanne Drace, moved out of the North Bay, Carrie took over one of the most complex and difficult projects—the annual Nutcracker Suite Children’s Christmas Party for disadvantaged local elementary school children. Congratulations to Carrie, one of the club’s hard working new Rotarians. Now you know why Josh showed up Wednesday at Rotary. Here’s the story of next week’s long-running Holiday tradition:


The frustrations of being historian of a 91 year old Rotary Club could be classified as The Three M’s: Mortality, Memory, and Missing. We have no active club members dating back into the Forties, some of our club service traditions pre-date the memories of most of our fellow Rotarians, and many of the club records are missing from the archives. For example, the upcoming Children’s Christmas Party at the Spreckels Performing Arts Center has been one of our youth service projects for many years but how long still needs tedious research.

Next Wednesday evening we will meet to wrap gifts for more than 100 of our young guests selected from six Santa Rosa elementary schools by their teachers. The youngsters receive tickets for the Saturday afternoon performance of the annual Nutcracker Ballet and Christmas Party. The Nutcracker Ballet performances are strictly local by the Santa Rosa Dance Theater with the Santa Rosa Youth Ballet Company. If our fellow Rotarians would like to participate in the Spirit of Christmas that highlights our Rotary Club’s community service this time of the year, contact Rotarian of the Month Carrie Ludtke. Ask what you can do to help make the event an on-going success.

President Elect Peggy Soberanis


Peggy Soberanis, president-elect for the upcoming Rotary year of 2013-14 took the floor to conduct the election of the Rotarians who will be serving on her cabinet starting next July 1st. Nominations were announced at the November 14th meeting and Peggy called for nominations from the floor. A motion was made, seconded, and passed that the slate of officer be selected unanimously. Elected to the board were Cathy Vicini, Debra Smith, Doug Johnson, and Jack Tolin.  The president-elect nominee for the 2015-16 Rotary Year will be Jose Guillen.  Congratulations to them all.


“It has been a busy fall and I’m so impressed and appreciative of the visits I’ve made to your clubs. You folks are awesome! Now that I’m home I will be resuming the monthly President Press to keep you informed of the latest happenings in the district. However, this is a special, very important email: It is time to encourage and announce submission of applications for Governor for the 2015-16 Rotary Year. Yes, that’s right 2015-16!

“Our district is seeking qualified candidates for nomination from individual clubs. Please announce the opportunity to nominate candidates each week until January 15, 2013. It is important that we make sure any interested individual is provided the opportunity to apply. The selection of our next governor is a full interview process. Interviews are scheduled for February 2, 2013. Please do not hesitate to contact President William or Club Secretary Jack Abercrombie if you have any questions regarding the process for selection or any suggestions in response to the opening of nominations for District Governor of 5130.”

Yours in Rotary Service,

Michael R. Juric
District Governor 2012-2013
District 5130, Rotary International


First, you will receive a $100 discount if you register for the 2013 R. I. Convention in Lisbon before December 15th. Second, it will be a great convention in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Third, half a century ago Portugal was one of the world’s great naval powers. You can see evidence of Portugal’s prosperity during the Age of Discovery at some of Lisbon’s most beautiful sites, including the Jeronimos Monastery, which houses the tomb of explorer Vasco de Gama, and Belem Tower, built to defend the mouth of the Tagus River. Portugal’s courageous seafaring explorers landed in places that are now home to many Rotarians who will attend the international Rotary convention, June 23-26. Fourth, you can see for yourself and register to get the generous discount. For more details about this opportunity to attend the conference at a savings, and to register go to


Last week our little love birds announced they were engaged to be married but Debra Smith and Ray Dorfman are very quiet about the details such as the date, location, etc. to themselves. After last week’s generosity (Debra adding $100 to her Paul Harris Fellowship and Marvin contributing $100 to the Jack Levar Scholarship Fund) Acting President Dave Brown poked Ray again who chipped in another $100, this week to the John Brown Scholarship Fund.

Also left over from last week’s bulletin was the news that President Bill sold a copy of a newspaper insert on behalf of the YMCA and the YWCA to Past President David Brown, alerting the general public that both outstanding organizations worked together to help others in the true spirit of Rotary. He contributed $50 to the club in honor of his 34 years as executive director of the Sonoma County YMCA. Eileen Carlisle stepped in and took advantage of Bill’s one-time “True Confessions” offer last week to relate her dedicated commitment to the YWCA’s secure “Safe House”, which handles 30,000 calls for help every year for domestic violence, including the YWCA’s top secret Safe House to protect victims of violence.

Jeff Gospe admitted that he was so honored to present a check for $4,000 from local Rotary Clubs to the joint Rotary project that will build a hospital and clinic in Nicaragua that he contributed $15 to our Rotary Club. Jeff said that a total of five other large donations completed funding to build the project.

In spite of his modesty, Larry Miyano was recognized for the Montgomery Village project that his company, MKM & Associates, designed and is working on. Larry added $50 to his Paul Harris Fellowship


Rotary’s 3rd Grade Dictionary Sign-ups: With seven schools with no sign-ups and three needing partners, Dictionary Czar Ted Wilmsen announced that we still need 17 slots filled with three still needing partners.  Here is the schedule:

  • Wednesday, Jan. 2nd:  Delivery Instruction hand-out to Teams.
  • Wednesday, Jan. 9th:  Distribute Books and label packets to Rotary Teams.
  • Jan. 14th through Jan 25th: Distribute dictionaries to each Santa Rosa 3rd grader

John McHugh announced that we still have space available as escorts for our Rotary Club Hands-on Salvation Army & Redwood Gospel Mission Christmas Feast Distribution. Our shift will be on Saturday, Dec. 22, from 3 pm to 5:30 pm. If you wish to sign up contact John McHugh at. Sign-up sheets will be available at the evening Rotary meeting & dinner on Dec. 12th in the Flamingo Ballroom. Children over 14 years or older are welcome to help.

Rotarian Bell Ringer Chair Jock McNeil is still looking for Rotarians to compete with the local Rotary Clubs to man the Christmas kettles and ring the bells on Friday & Saturday, December 21 & 22. He needs your help in the holiday competition to generate the most contributions for the Salvation Army and boost Christmas Spirit for the Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettle campaign. If you can help, call Jock at 975-0805.

Christmas Bell Ringers:  Past President Kathleen Archer (and current chair of the Salvation Army Advisory Board) reminds us of the close connections our Rotary Club has with the Santa Rosa Salvation Army Corps, who arrived in Santa Rosa in 1889, 32 years before Rotary. If you enjoy manning a Salvation Army kettle at Christmas and would like a wider range of locations and times to help the Salvation Army ring bells, go to the website of for more options.

Giro Bello 2013: The third annual Giro Bello is ready to get organized for next year’s Beautiful Ride on July 6! New chair Doug Johnson recalled the remarkable growth of this major fundraiser for our Rotary Club that raised more than $20,000 in the first year and $50,000 this year. Of course we are looking to continue our growth in year 3. The big event is scheduled for July 6, 2013, once again at the beautiful O’Reilly Media Center in West County. A brief meeting just to get a count of those interested in taking an active role in the upcoming race next summer is scheduled at 11:45 am on December 19th just before the the midday Rotary meeting. Any questions, please call Doug Johnson, who hopes to see a lot of you on the Wednesday before Christmas.

Pinot for Polio: Cathy Vicini is offering a matching dollar amount for anyone who buys the Rotary’s Pinot for Polio’s Best of Class winner—the 2010 Pinot Noir—before December 31st. Cathy has 10 cases left at $25 per bottle (10% discount if you buy a case @ $270) and will match any sales with a donation to the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Foundation. Please contact Cathy at 707-888-8685 or email her at to let her know what you want, and to arrange for pick up at her office on 441 Beaver Street, downtown Santa Rosa.


In her last official act as Birthday Chair Kerrie Chambers gave us a double hitter, combining our club’s 12 November birthdays with December’s 14 birthdays for a total of 26, all crowding the front of the ballroom, eagerly anticipating being serenaded by Rotarians and guests. Kerrie announced that John McHugh had volunteered to chair the monthly birthday recognitions in 2013.

Celebrating November birthdays were Yale Abrams, Kathleen Archer, Jim Johnson, Mike Kallhoff, Fred Levin, Wally Lowry, Craig Meltzner, Diane Moresi, Julia Parranto, Bob Sorensen, Cathy Vicini, & Dan Wright.

This month’s birthdays were Clarice Bolles, Layne Bowen, Roy Hurd, Nona Lucas, John McHugh, Norm Owen, Robert Pierce, Bill Rousseau, Wayne Rowlands, Dan Schell, Derrek Schurter, Chuck Wear, & Ted Wilmsen.

Matt Everson and speaker Jill Ravitch


Sonoma County’s first female district attorney quickly demonstrated the evidence why she has gotten good marks for her first year as the D. A. from her constituents. After a brief hello and thanks for the opportunity to speak, Jill Ravitch launched into her most recent priority: The new Victim Services Division’s experienced advocates, specially trained to work with victims, witnesses, and their families throughout and beyond the criminal justice process to ensure victims are treated fairly and that their voices are heard. Without pausing for breath, she covered the success of the new Family Justice Center, how the district attorney’s office had handled budget reduction mandates without reducing her staff, touched on the past year’s track record and her plans for continuing success in reducing crime in Sonoma County, handling the consignment of California’s criminals to our local jails, criticizing the program but pledging to ensure that it works as best possible to control convicted felons in a system designed for misdemeanors and first offenders. Our thanks to Deborah Gray for arranging an impressive introduction to the new district attorney.             



Rotary Club of Santa Rosa

President: Bill Rousseau, President Elect: Peggy Soberanis, Secretary: Jack Abercrombie, Treasurer: Cecil G. Humes, Sergeant at Arms: Jack Geary

President Rotary International

Sakuji Tanaka – Rotary Club of Yasjio, Japan

Governor, District 5130

Michael Juric – Rotary Club of Windsor

Attendance Secretary

Jack Abercrombie P.O. Box 505 Santa Rosa, CA 95402 707-538-4770

Board of Directors

Matt Fannin, Jose Guillen, Paul Hamilton, Nicole Le, Diane Moresi, Vinay Patel, Robert Pierce, Carmen Sinigiani, Creed Wood, Marnie Goldschlag, Past President