DIGITAL EDITION   No. 112   February 4, 2015     EDITOR: Layne Bowen  PHOTOGRAPHER: Kris Anderson

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Wednesday, February 25th: High School Student Recognition
Wednesday, March 4th: Susan Swartz – Life After Newspapers
Wednesday, March 11th: Past President’s Day
Wednesday, March 18th: Wells Fargo Center for the Arts


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President Mark Burchill opened the meeting. The Pledge was led by Jeff Gospe. Rich de Lambert delivered an inspirational statement and led us in a brief prayer.


Larry Miyano told us that there were no visiting Rotarians on this day.


We did have several guests today. They were: Richard Lazovick, a technology tutor, and Cardinal Newman Interact students Paige Amormino and Daphne Bradley.


No report today.


Debi Zaft joined our club in 1995 as a mortgage broker. Today, however, Debi has been transformed into a realtor.


Steve Olson gave a nice overview of the founder of StoryCorps and will have another entry into the year-end drawing for $100.

The magazine question for our Rotary meeting on the 25th is:  Page two of the February magazine is covered in gloves.  What was their purpose?

Mike Kallhoff and Emily Harrington

Mike Kallhoff and Emily Harrington


Emily Harrington was the marble matron today, and asked Wayne Rowlands to draw the lucky ticket. The lucky ticket, #550377 to be exact, was owned by one Mike Kallhoff. His luck ended, however at having his ticket drawn as he drew the wrong colored marble from the bag. He did receive a $10 consolation


President Mark announced that there is one pair of seats left for the formal wine tasting on Monday night.

Ryan Thomas announced that there will be a recognition meeting held in March recognizing outstanding students from each high school in Santa Rosa

Fred Levin reported that he & Queen jean boarded the Queen Elizabeth in Florida (where they visited Fred’s sister) for a cruise through the Panama Canal. Fred donated $50 to the John Brown Fund.

Cardinal Newman Interact student Paige Amormino told us that their club will be volunteering at the Redwood Empire Food Bank on Saturday the 28th from 9 until noon. If anyone from the club would like to help and get to know some of our future Rotarians at the same time, come on down and join the fun.

Jackie McMillan

Jackie McMillan

Don McMillan, reminds us that there will be a Giro Bello meeting at Carmen’s office on Thursday, the 19th at noon. Anyone interested in becoming involved in helping on our biggest fundraiser is welcome to come. Don also announced that anyone wanting this year’s ride jersey should place an order with Jackie McMillan. By bundling all jersey orders together, we can reduce shipping costs.

President Mark then awarded Cecil Humes and Fred Levin a special badge for bringing new members into the club.

At this time, President Mark noted that our club has donated a paltry $50 to Polio Plus so far this year. Last year, our club donated over $5,000, so there is work to be done. Mark opened it up for those members who wanted to confess something and perhaps donate to the cause.
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  • Vicky Hardcastle got the ball rolling and donated $50 to Polio Plus.
  • Jeff Gospe announced his parents have moved into Spring Lake Village and will now be neighbors of Schuyler Jefferies (which reminded this writer of a Seinfeld episode. For a $50 donation to Polio Plus from me, can anyone identify the episode I’m thinking about and tell me the two couples involved? Another $25 to the winner if you can name the retirement community involved!)   Hopefully, this will work out better for all concerned…….   Mark, I’ll ask this question at the next meeting during the announcements. Contest is open only to those who actually read the Bulletin and who will be asked to stand before the question is asked.
  • Doug Johnson announced the arrival of a new grandchild and donated $50 to the club and $50 to Polio Plus in celebration.
  • Tim Delaney regaled us with the story of how he came to drive 6 hours to San Luis Obispo instead of flying in very dangerous conditions to plan the wedding dinner with his son and future daughter in law. From his description, this may be the social event of the year in that fair city. For this, Tim donated $100 to Polio Plus.
  • Rich de Lambert went to Mount Hood and helped his grandkids with their skis and boots and donated $50 to Polio Plus for his efforts.
  • Craig Meltzner got in on the action and donated $50 to Polio Plus.
  • Don McMillan and wife Jackie will be going to play tennis next month at Indian Wells and donated $50 to Polio Plus.
  • Gesine Franchetti is BACK!!!! Gesine announced that not only is she back, but the new restaurant is doing so well, she is going to take a week off and attend her sister’s 50th birthday in Germany. $100 to Polio Plus.
  • Ray Giampaoli donated $50 to Polio Plus for something about Little League baseball.
  • Robby Fouts went wild and donated $50 to Polio Plus, $50 to John Brown Scholarship, $50 to the Jack Levar Scholarship and $50 to the club.
  • Robert Pierce announced that he is going to work with former club member Vinay Patel and donated $50 to Polio Plus.
  • Judy Glenn recognizing the joy she received from delivering dictionaries to 3rd graders, donated $50 to Polio Plus.
  • Kevin Brown whose tree is responsible for knocking out power to the Hidden valley area last weekend donated $50 to Polio Plus.
  • Sam McMillan’s wife got a new car, an Impala, I think and he donated $50 to Polio Plus to mark the event
  • Finally, Cecil Humes announced that he travelled to Playa del Carmen, a lovely place indeed. He donated $50 to Polio Plus.

All in all, it was a good day for fundraising for Polio Plus at the Downtown Rotary Club of Santa Rosa! Over $700 was raised for Polio Plus! Good job, Rotarians!


Steve Olson gave a nice overview of the founder of StoryCorp and will have another entry into the year-end drawing for $100.


Kendall Haven

Kendall Haven

If you were not in attendance, you missed a fun and informative presentation on the way people hear your message. Kendall started off the best way possible, with a joke about a priest and a cabbie. Both were killed in a crash. Upon arriving at the Pearly Gates, the priest assumed he would be the first to enter and stepped forward. He was stopped by St. Peter, who then waved the cabbie through. He then closed the gates leaving the priest to ponder the situation for an hour or so. Finally, St. Peter came back and invited the priest in.

The priest needed to know, “After all the preaching I’ve done, all the sick people I’ve visited, all of the time I’ve spent serving the Lord – why was I not invited in first?”

“It’s simple” said St. Peter. “You preached but they were sleeping. When the cabbie drove they were wide awake and praying! “

From that jumping off point, Kendall examined how we hear and process information. Everything we perceive becomes a story between our senses and our conscious mind. He called it “Your brain on story”. Your job is not to get the story out, but for the receiver of the information to get it correctly.

Influence equals: attention, engagement and emotion. If the listener doesn’t feel engaged enough to have an emotional response, then the message is not received. Kendall explained that your story must lead to engagement of the listener. He explained that the majority of people in the developed world only learned to read in the last 200 years. The written word has been around for 7,000 years, though less than half the population were actually literate enough to read. Storytelling, however has been around for 150,000 years! As a result, Kendall concludes that humans are “hard wired” to think in story telling mode and that information we gather from our senses is converted to a “story” before it reaches our conscious mind. Kendall demonstrated several humorous examples of how we use limited information and create a story in our own minds in order to make sense of the information.

Kendall Haven proved to be one of the most entertaining and informative speakers we’ve had. He obviously used the very principals he was explaining to make his presentation engaging to the audience.

WORKER BEES……. President Mark wishes to thank the following Rotarians for their contributions today

“Hi there, I’m Blaine, what’s your name?”: Blaine Goodwin
Alms Taker: Jack Tolin
Lunch Ticket Hawkers: Ginny Cannon, Chip Rawson
Illegal Gambling Matron: Emily Harrington
Mother Earth News: Layne Bowen
“Speak Directly into the Microphone”:  Anne Gospe


Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Officers

President: Mark Burchill, President Elect: Doug Johnson, President Elect Nominee: Jose Guillen, Past President: Peggy Soberanis, Secretary: Jack Abercrombie, Treasurer: Cecil G. Humes, Sergeant at Arms: Jack Geary

President Rotary International

Gary C.K. Huang, member of the Rotary Club of Taipei, Taiwan

Governor, District 5130

Kevin Eisenberg, member of the Rotary Club of Calistoga

Attendance Secretary

Jack Abercrombie P.O. Box 505 Santa Rosa, CA 95402 707-538-4770

Board of Directors

Karen Ball, Tim Delaney, Debra Dorfman, Tim Fawcett, Bill Hatcher, John McHugh, Jack Tolin, Cathy Vicini