DIGITAL EDITION   No. 17     February 20, 2013     EDITOR: Layne Bowen     PHOTOGRAPHER: Diane Moresi

Our Program For February 27th:


Vicki Whiting, publisher of Kid Scoop News speaks to the literacy crisis in Sonoma County and ways Rotary Clubs can get involved in helping children become readers by powerhour-smthe third grade.

Vicki Whiting is the publisher of Kid Scoop and Kid Scoop News. Kid Scoop is an internationally-syndicated newspaper feature for children which appears in more than 250 newspapers and has a circulation of more than 7 million. Kid Scoop News, her Sonoma County newspaper for children, is used in 87% of the schools in Sonoma County, and serves more than 13,000 students each month. Two principle concerns have guided Whiting’s personal and career paths: children and their participation in the community. Her company, Kid Scoop, maintains a mission to enable children to express their basic desire to discover and participate in their local community


March 5, 2013: History of Marin’s 99-year-old Mountain Play
March 13: TBD (Meeting location: St. Rose Hall)
March 20, 2013: Santa Rosa’s Gang Task Force


This Saturday, February 23rd, marks a year of both achievements in the fight to eradicate polio and a stepped-up commitment to finish the job. Last year 222 polio cases were reported worldwide, a little more than a third of the 650 cases reported in 2011. India marked its second year without polio and overall the annual incidence of polio has decreased 99 percent since 1988 when the Global Polio Eradication initiative was launched. That year—only 24 years ago—the polio virus infected more than 350,000 children every year! Not counting adults, also victims of polio!! Although the wild virus is currently endemic only in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria, it could spread from those three nations back to other countries now polio free.


It was fortunate that the Super Active Rotary Club of Santa Rosa was back in the full-sized Flamingo Ballroom, because we had a large crowd of Resident Rotarians, Visiting Rotarians, and Guests of Rotarians as President William called today’s meeting to order and Kathleen Archer recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.  Jim Johnson shared a touching, heartfelt personal story that reminds us not to give up on those we love. This might have been the most eloquent speech Jim has ever given at our club. Scroll down to the last page of today’s The Santa Rosarian, if you missed it.


President Bill greets today’s speaker, John Jones, from the Sunrise Rotary Club, and welcomed our other Sunrise guests who joined us today in honor in honor of the joint club project in Nicaragua with our Rotary Club: Jen Ezbon, Harry Coffee, Steve Zwick, John Jones, Steve Herron, Rich Randolph and Jim Kirkbride. Jean Herschede, from the Healdsburg Rotary Club, was also present, as was Dr. Shari Shamsavari of Guadalajara. Welcome…to all guest Rotarians!


A number of other guests helped fill the room at today’s meeting: Jeff Gospe introduced his four guests—  Kathryn Osmer, who will be leading the District 5130 Group Study Exchange to French Wine Country this summer, Joan Kazmar from Comcast, Sophia Lai, our Rotary youth exchange student from Taiwan, who is a senior at Montgomery High School where she has a 3.8 GPA. and, last but not least, his wife and the mother of his children, Ann Gospe, his better half by far. Club Treasurer Cecil Humes welcomed CPA Alan Bertoli, his partner at Linkenheimer CPAs & Advisors. Robert Pierce introduced his guest, web designer Darron Elliot. Sunrise Rotary’s John Jones introduced his wife Ardys. And we welcome two new prospective members Manuela Gonzalez and Annette Walker.

Anne Walker, CABI Clothing consultant

Annette Walker, CABI Clothing consultant


Joan Kazmar
Ann Gospe: Sonoma County Economic Development Board
Sponsored by Jeff Gospe

Manuela Gonzalez: Business Banking, Rabobank
Sponsored by Kerrie Chambers

Elizabeth Karbousky: Banking, Union Bank
Sponsored by Jack Abercrombie, Diane Moresi & Doug Johnson

Annette Walker: Clothing Consultant
Sponsored by Wayne Rowlands


President Bill tries his luck with Mike Kalhoff

President Bill tries his luck with Mike Kalhoff

Mike Kallhoff presided over today’s rather unusual raffle:  No one claimed the lucky ticket so Mike shredded it and a second raffle ticket was drawn. The second ticket belonged to…President Bill! But, like the Monopoly Guy in the tux who always wins 3rd place in a beauty contest, he missed today’s $443 Jackpot, and walked away with a mere $10. Tune in next week when the Rotary Jackpot may be approaching $500 mark!


Eileen Carlisle had a sunny health report for our membership.


CNHS Principal Graham Rutherford with outstanding student Sarah Sims

CNHS Principal Graham Rutherford with outstanding student Sarah Sims

Bill Hatcher and Mike Truesdell hosted our student honoree from Cardinal Newman High School. Graham Rutherford, another Newman grad and current principal at CN, introduced the club to Sarah Simms. Aside from being an outstanding scholar, Sarah is a pleasant, well-spoken young woman, and an accomplished opera singer who plans to study voice in college. Congratulations, Sarah, for being the Outstanding Student from Cardinal Newman!


The generosity of our fellow Rotarians is remarkable! Two recent examples that we missed in the February 13th recognitions illustrate that point: Diane Moresi, who won the largest share of the infamous Santa Rosa Rotary Super Bowl pool, quietly gave most of her winnings back to the club.  And Tim Stewart, who won a total of $500 in two Super Bowl pools (Rotary’s infamous pool and Lazzini’s non-Rotary Super Bowl pool) donated $250—half of his ill-gotten gains—to his fifth Paul Harris Fellowship for sister-in-law Maryanne Stoll. Great examples for all of us!


Dear Fellow Rotarians:

I am writing to confirm the nomination of our next governor for District 5130 in Rotary Year 2015-2016.  On February 2, 2013, our District Nominating Committee met, interviewed candidates and put forward a name for confirmation which can now be officially announced.

I am very pleased to inform you that Erin Dunn, of the Rotary Club of Fortuna Sunrise, is our District Governor Nominee Designate for 2015-2016 (Wow! That’s a lot of letters after her name!).  Many of you are very aware of Erin’s leadership in our district.  She is a Past-President, has served as an Assistant Governor, Lead Assistant Governor and currently is our District’s Communication Coordinator.  Ms. Dunn has had experience as an Institute for Leadership Trainer, Foundation Dinner Chair, Assembly Chair and District Conference Chair.  She has also been a Youth Exchange Parent and District Group Study Exchange Chair.  In addition to being a great leader Erin’s personal warmth and creativity are two of the many hallmarks of our next district governor.  Please join me in congratulating Erin Dunn, District Governor for 2015-2016!

As an aside, Erin will also serve the remainder of this term as my second appointee to our newly formed Board of Directors for District 5130.  Congratulations again, Erin!

Yours in Rotary Service,

 Michael R. Juric
District Governor 2012-2013
Rotary International District 5130


Our club’s President-Elect, Peggy Soberanis, & Helaine Campbell, Rotary’s President-Elect & District Governor-Elect, are teaming up to ask each Rotary Club in the district to consider doing a “green project” next year that deals with water and rivers. To help us focus on that project we will vote individually on a “River theme song”. You can vote for your favorite, as long as the title contains the word “River” in it.  If you missed voting this week, you may still suggest a song if you email your vote to Peggy at You have only four days left! Votes must be received before next Wednesday’s meeting on February 27th. The song getting the most votes will be our Club’s suggestion. District 5130’s final choice will be announced at PETS (President Elects Training) on March 2-3.


  • Troy Carrington donated two pancake breakfast tickets to the club to raise a little scratch.
  • Sam McMillian donated two tickets to the 4-H breakfast on March 2ndPast President Marnie Goldschlag was hungry and dropped twenty bucks to the club to eat pancakes, which ironically, are made from scratch!
  • Debi Zaft, that most social of Rotary butterflies, reminded us that this month’s Rotary Social is next Thursday, February 28th at Corricks hosted by Keven Brown and Ancient Oak Cellars. Corrick’s will be closed to the public at 5:30 pm, but open to Rotarians that evening. Please enter front entrance at 637 Fourth Street in downtown Santa Rosa. Bring food and snacks; the wine is furnished.
  • Club Secretary Jack Abercrombie alerted all of us that the Wednesday meeting on March 13th has been relocated to St. Rose Hall, 320 Tenth Street, next to St. Rose Catholic Church. Mark your calendar, or tell your Smart Phone.
  • Dan Walker broke the rules by making a non-Rotary announcement that Montgomery High School is starting an alumni association, hosting a polenta feed fundraiser on March 9th to fund the start-up. Dan paid way more than the required $10 fine. He cheerfully made up for his transgression, and contributed $50 to the Club and $150 to his Paul Harris Fellowship.


  • For the second week in a row, we learned that Deborah Smith cruised through the Panama Canal in luxury with one Marvin Ray Dorfman, but this week she donated $100 to her daughter’s scholarship fund. Past President Ray was strangely silent.
  • Kathleen Archer presented Bill with Mardi Gras mementoes

    Kathleen Archer presented Bill with Mardi Gras mementoes

    Past President Kathleen Archer (and husband Bill) could not be contained to just New Orleans (‘Nawlins, as the natives say it!) for Mardi Gras. They also visited the charming Mississippi River towns of Natchez and Memphis on their “Tour of the South”.

  • (Last batch – photo #6) Kathleen returned from her trip with some magic gumbo powder and a sparkling load of beads which she place around the neck of President Bill.
  • The home of Greg Johnston has become a fire hazard according to reliable sources. His Christmas tree is still standing and the neighbor (Marnie) is NOT happy. Greg plans to leave the dry & brittle holiday relic in place (complete with working Christmas tree lights) until June just to collect on a bet. He placed a $25 down payment to the club.


by Rotarian Jim Johnson

Most parents understand the Parable of the Prodigal Son when the father says “He is my son, who once was lost, and now is found.” In the next minute I want to share with you a personal story of perseverance and patience:

When my family and I moved to Santa Rosa, my beautiful young daughter became addicted to drugs while still in high school and for more than 20 years lived the life as a drug addict…and all that it implies. It was a nightmare for our family. The fact that she survived and gave us two grandchildren was a miracle. Seven years ago, she married again and moved to southern California. When that marriage ended, she quit her job as a bartender but continued to work as a waitress, then quietly decided to end her addiction.

Three years later, her withdrawal was a success. She was assigned to handle the catering for a large corporation that was opening a branch office near the restaurant where she worked. They were so impressed with her that they hired her as their receptionist. She was promoted soon to office manager, and over the past year her responsibilities continued to grow. Recently she was promoted to sales, while continuing her other duties.

Over all those years, we stayed in touch, in spite of the agony of suspense and my fears for her. For the past seven years we exchange email almost every day. She and my granddaughter spent Thanksgiving with me here and I spent Christmas with them in southern California. It is a miracle: I have my real daughter back and she gives me so much to be proud of.

The moral of my story is for all of you who have children and family with problems is to hang in there, always love them, keep the doors open, and never, ever give up.

Rotary to Rotary: President Bill welcomes John Jones & Rotary Sunrise guests

Rotary to Rotary: President Bill welcomes John Jones & Rotary Sunrise guests


Doug Johnson, chair of our World Community Service, kicked off today’s meeting with a visual illustration of a world-wide problem that faces billions of disadvantaged people who live in poverty-stricken third-world countries: Reliable sources of clean, safe, healthy, and accessible water. Holding up a plastic bottle of brown water, Doug asked for any volunteer who would drink the water for $20. With no responses, he offered to drink the water himself if anyone would pay him $20. With several bills offered him, he produced a small rudimentary pump, and filtered several ounces of now clean water, into a glass, and drank it. The demo was self-explanatory.  Most of the primary problems around the world, especially in remote, poverty-stricken, highly-populated nations come from water that is inadequate, polluted, inaccessible, and unsafe to drink, cook with, bathe or wash in. The results are devastating to public & personal health, politics, family, economics, medical care, the problems are endless.

Doug Johnson demonstrates water purifier

Doug Johnson demonstrates water purifier

Fellow Rotarian John Jones took the stage to prove Doug’s point and outline their efforts to help those who struggle to survive, and the huge & numerous obstacles both the victims and the benefactors face. John talked about the projects in which his Rotary Club has been involved in for years, their adventures with the people they are dedicated to help, and both encouraging results & devastating failures. The new joint project in which we will participate, the Sabalos Surgical Center, will be located on the San Juan River, the southern border of Nicaragua, which is one of the largest, poorest, and most dysfunctional countries in the western hemisphere. The new center is a follow-up to their small eye care and dental missions nearby, and will be major resource in a region where more than 26,000 native people exist with minimal access to even the most basic medical care.

This new Nicaraguan Project joins our Rotary Club’s other funded international projects overseen by our World Community Service Committee:  the Joint Honduras Water Project (with the Sebastopol Rotary Clubs), Project Amigo, a school in rural Mexico, the Guatemalan Student Scholarship, and the club’s Shelter Box Project.


President Bill’s flame is alive and well after a dose of spicy creole seasoning and beads from Past President Kathleen Archer!

President Bill’s flame is alive and well after a dose of spicy creole seasoning and beads from Past President Kathleen Archer!


Rotary Club of Santa Rosa

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