DIGITAL EDITION No. 306 February 27, 2019  EDITOR: Layne Bowen PHOTOGRAPHER: Nicole Le PUBLISHER: Richard Lazovick

Our Program For Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Arequipa Sanatorium:
Life in California’s Lung Resort for Women

Lynn Downey

In 1911 a San Francisco doctor named Philip King Brown built a tuberculosis sanatorium in Marin County to heal the working women of the Bay Area. It was called Arequipa, and stayed in business until 1957. Lynn Downey’s grandmother was a patient there in the 1920s, and Downey has spent thirty years researching Arequipa’s history, interviewing former patients, and uncovering amazing stories of life in the midst of mortal disease.


Aug. 19-26, 2019 – Rotary Rhine River Cruise
The cruise is sold out. Those still interested may place their names on a waiting list.
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Opening Ceremonies

President Tony began the meeting
Pledge: Paul Hamilton
Reflection: Rich de Lambert

Visiting Rotarians 

District Governor Barb Spangler was present today as was Chris Ranney from Petaluma.


Terry Abrams, Jenna Garcia and Emily Quig of COTS, and Michael O’Brien was a guest of Kris Anderson.


Ginny Cannon was pleased to announce there was nothing to report.


$44 in the pot according to Holly Garretson. A guest, Ron Andrews, had his ticket drawn, but he did not pull the winning marble out of the bag. He did, however walk away with the $10 consolation prize.

Special Request

Rotary Fellowship Committee needs a hand to run the Raffle on March 06, 2019 as a conflict has arisen for our prior volunteer. If you are willing & able please email [plescure@lescure-engineers] or text [707-481-7960] to Pete Lescure.


  • Casey de Angelo asked for club members to distribute flyers for Giro Bello far and wide.
  • Casey Carter announced she is taking over organizing club events that involve Transcendence Theater. A rep from the group will be attending an upcoming meeting to promote an up-coming performance.
  • Tim Fawcett announced that he passed his driving test. He thanked all the club members who helped him read and prepare for the test. Tim was especially thankful for all the help Rich de Lambert gave him. Rich drove Tim around and organized club members to help Tim with reading.  Thanks to Casey Carter as well for working closely with Tim on his recovery.
  • Blaine Goodwin asked for volunteers to make sandwiches food distribution to flood victims at the Sebastopol Community Center.
  • Doug Johnson asked who would be interested in helping him recoup his $3K by paying $50 a head for a paella social, date to be determined.
  • Ray G. asked us to sell, sell, sell sponsorships for Giro Bello. Already, $6,000 has been raised.

Casey’s Birthday Recognition

President Tony and PP Jeanne Levin tolerated our caterwauling of happy birthday to them, performed in a variety of keys all at the same time!

District Grant for Fire Relief.

Doug Johnson and Chris Ranney described how District 5130 grant interviews were conducted and funds distributed. After all qualifying grant requests had been filled, $350,000.00 was left over. The District decided to award larger block grants to worthy agencies. Seven $50,000.00 grants are being awarded and our club is one of the clubs chosen to present a grant. Today, District Governor Barb Spangler was present to present a $50K check to COTS Housing and Homeless Service, based in Petaluma. She presented the award to COTS representatives Jenna Garcia and Emily Quig. They shared how the funds will be used to provide housing for the most vulnerable left homeless in the 2017 fire storm.


Cardinal Newman Interact

Ray Giampaoli recognized the Cardinal Newman Interact Club. Ray shared some projects including hand written thank you cards to veterans distributed by VFW. Other projects were sewing and stuffing pediatric trauma dolls, building prosthetic hands for internationally, beach cleanups and handmade Valentine’s Day cards to be delivered to seniors at a senior facility.

Craft Talk

Andrea Geary presented a Rotary craft talk on Bill Rosseau. Bill was a sports star at CN. Bill served as County Assessor. He was our Rotary President in 2012-13. He and his wife Joan have been married for 34 years and has a son and a daughter.  Bill retired in 2019 after 35 years working for the county. Bill joined the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa in 1998.


Diane Moresi introduced guest speaker, author Greg Sarris. In addition to writing books, Greg also is a college professor at Sonoma State and chairman of Graton Rancheria.

Greg shared stories of his experiences as a child attending St. Eugene’s. He shared that he was a precocious child and shared the events that led him to attending high school somewhere other than Cardinal Newman.

Greg described how in American Indian history, the landscape is considered sacred and that every geographic feature has a story. He described the way Native Americans think about creation vs the Judeo-Christian way of looking at things. Animals, such as the coyote were very important and each had a story and a personality.

Greg read from his book How a Mountain Was Made, sharing a story featuring characters with names such as Water Bug and Question Woman on Sonoma Mountain. He described how even the most humble creatures are related and interact with grandest creatures such as eagles. For example, Spider taught a young girl how to weave a basket tight enough to take the water back to her grandmother. Even Copeland Creek was a featured character, complete with a humanlike personality.

Greg stressed the need for all of us to keep reading and sharing stories. He proved to be a skillful and entertaining story teller as well as a quality writer. 

Governor, District 5130

Barb Spangler, Valley of the Moon Rotary Club





Attendance Secretary

Debi Zaft P.O. Box 505 Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Board of Directors

Club Service I, Membership, Ryan Thomas
Club Service II, Club Meetings, Jeff Kolin
Club Service III, Fundraising, Steve Baime
Club Service IV, Member Activities, Anne Gospe
Club Service V, Information Technology and Records, Brandon Urich
Community Service I, Member Involvement, Andrea Geary
Community Service II, Youth, Laura Held
Vocational Service, Carolyn Fassi
International Service, Peter Holewinski