Wally Lowry Honorary Business Scholarship

[imageeffect type=”shadowreflection” align=”alignleft” width=”250″ alt=”” url=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/wally-lowry250.png” ]Wally Lowry is a retired Emeritus Professor of Business Administration from Sonoma State University.  He taught at Sonoma State University’s School of Business and Economics for 32 years from 1969 through 2001.  During his last three years at SSU he was director of the then newly formed Bachelor’s degree program “Wine Business Administration”.  Besides the “Wine Program” Wally taught in all areas of Accounting, Auditing, and Tax.  He also continued a limited practice as a sole practitioner C.P.A. having starting in public accounting in 1959 with an international C.P.A. firm covering auditing and U.S. taxes.  Upon graduating in economics from Stanford University Wally joined the U.S. Navy as a Supply Corps Officer and later retired as a Navy Captain after 29 years in the military reserves.  During this later period he received his Masters in Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley.  Wally started his higher education goals by first attending a California junior college.  He believes that his two years at a California Junior College were the nucleus for his successful career in the fields of education, private industry, and military (government).  The career route followed by Wally is the reason why he has established the “Wally Lowry Business Santa Junior College Scholarship” for second year J C students with an academic interest in any of three professions: economics, finance or accounting.  He has been a member (including past president) of The Santa Rosa Rotary Club since 1976 and because of his Rotary participation this scholarship is being offered through The Santa Rosa Rotary Club’s scholarship program.

Wally Lowry also believes in individuals volunteering for community support activities.  His parallel career efforts included leadership rolls in multiple not-for-profit activities such as the following partial list:  Santa Rosa City Schools Board of Education, City of Santa Rosa Board of Public Utilities, Wells Fargo Center for Performing Arts Board of Directors, Santa Rosa Housing Authority, Santa Rosa Redevelopment Agency, Sonoma County Museum, Redwood Empire Council Boy Scouts of America, Santa Rosa Waterways Advisory Committee, Sonoma County Family YMCA, The Santa Rosa Rotary Club, etc..  Because of this strong belief, a second year SRJC student applying for this scholarship might do well by also showing ones selfless participation in community activities.

 After completing an AA degree at SRJC, the recipient of this scholarship should be aware that Wally Lowry has also established a scholarship fund at Sonoma State University (SSU) titled “Wally Lowry Accounting & Finance” where several scholarships are approved annually for 3rd and 4th year business majors in Accounting or Finance.  Upon receiving this SRJC scholarship, and upon transferring to SSU, you will have another opportunity to apply for additional Wally Lowry scholarships.

Please consider making a contribution to The Wally Lowry Business Scholarship thereby helping our future professionals whom will soon be running our businesses and professions and perhaps one or two, whom are “business experienced”, may participate in politics.