DIGITAL EDITION No. 302 January 30, 2019  EDITOR: Layne Bowen PHOTOGRAPHER: Diane Moresi PUBLISHER: Richard Lazovick

Our Program For Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Sonoma County Teacher Shortage
A Solution

Jason Lea

The vision of the North Coast School of Education (NCSOE) is to develop a workforce of teachers and leaders who engage in research-based educational practices, understand the importance of preparing students for college and career readiness, and who possess 21st century skills to develop and implement innovative methods and ideas in California public classrooms, schools and districts.



Aug. 19-26, 2019 – Rotary Rhine River Cruise
The cruise is sold out. Those still interested may place their names on a waiting list.
                 Click here  for pricing, itinerary, etc.
                 Click here for flyer.
                 For more information contact Eva Atkin.


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Opening Ceremonies

In President Tony’s absence today, President Elect Cathy kicked off the meeting. 

Pledge: Yale Abrams

Cathy made us recite the 4 Way Test.

Reflection: Tim  Fawcett shared some thoughts. The first 80 years of life are the hardest. Tim also memorialized Mike Kelly who passed away Sunday.

Visiting Rotarians



Gerry Humes, Ron Andrews, JC Sun, Mel Konrad and Roxanne Voorhees-Andrews.


Michael Moore ran today’s raffle and Steve Baime drew a $10 marble.

Cathy’s Clown Show

Told the joke of the $500 physician, Dr. Geezer and Dr. Young.

  • Announcements
    Casey Carter announced that Tim still needs our help in reestablishing his mental skills and sent around a signup sheet.
  • Ted Wilmsen asked that all remaining dictionaries be returned.
  • Mark Burchill is looking for 6 host families from France April 26th through the 28th. (More information at the end of the Bulletin)
  • Mark said we need to we need a couple of current Rotarians to provide a photo and testimonial for the club website.
  • Steve Baime and Ray Giampaoli are looking for Giro Bello sponsorships with a goal of 45K this year.


President Elect Cathy said she recognizes most of us and then declared the beginning of Trivia Day! Table 6 was the winner and Table 4 held on for 2nd place.


Do you want to host Rotarians from France?

Ten visitors from France, 4 couples and 2 singles, will be visiting Sonoma County in April and early May.  Many Rotary clubs are participating, and offering to host the visitors for a few days.  The Rotary Club of Santa Rosa has been assigned the dates of April 26, 27, and 28.  We need a total of 6 host families plus one back-up host.  Two have already signed up to host, so we need five more hosts.  If you are willing to host, please contact Mark Burchill at  The deadline to offer to host is February 13th.

Mark Burchill, Past President

 The Rotary Club of Santa Rosa

…where Fellowship and Service come together!

Governor, District 5130

Barb Spangler, Valley of the Moon Rotary Club





Attendance Secretary

Debi Zaft P.O. Box 505 Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Board of Directors

Club Service I, Membership, Ryan Thomas
Club Service II, Club Meetings, Jeff Kolin
Club Service III, Fundraising, Steve Baime
Club Service IV, Member Activities, Anne Gospe
Club Service V, Information Technology and Records, Brandon Urich
Community Service I, Member Involvement, Andrea Geary
Community Service II, Youth, Laura Held
Vocational Service, Carolyn Fassi
International Service, Peter Holewinski