DIGITAL EDITION   No. 38     July 24, 2013     EDITORS:  David Brown & Jim Johnson     PHOTOGRAPHERS: Kris Anderson

Our Program For July 31st


Great stories from 49ers executive, plus a preview of their new $1.2 billion stadium!

Artist's rendition of Levi Stadium

Artist’s rendition of Levi Stadium

Santa Rosa Rotary’s Wednesday meeting features David Spath from the 49ers security team as he shares tales of his 33 years working for the team. Plus a preview of the new billion dollar, all-hard steel and blinding white, the home of the 2016 Superbowl overlooks legendary Silicon Valley. Two times larger than Candlestick with less than 20 percent more seats & enough restrooms for everyone. Which of us will be brave enough to ask if the Smart Train will go all the way to Santa Clara on a football Sunday? Don’t miss the fun this week at Rotary!


August 7: The North Bay Angels’ Che Voight
August 14:Global MedWeb Telemedicine
August 21:The Business Assistance Team


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We stand together, face the American flag, place our hands over our hearts, and recite those words from childhood memory. What are we thinking as those seconds of our lives tick away? One of our fellow Rotarians shares with us some words of prayer, or thanks, or someone else’s wisdom that we selected for this occasion. For most of us in this modern world, those seconds of quiet thought are all too rare. Almost as rare as sharing our feelings and emotions with others we work with, encounter, and brush up against during our daily lives.

The stated object of Rotary is “to foster and encourage the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise.” Scroll down to one example from this week’s program.


Perky and cheerful, Red Badger Elizabeth Karbousky introduced college administrator Doug Roberts, visiting from the Sunrise Rotary Club of Santa Rosa. Welcome to the Mother Club, Doug. We care not if you are alone or heading a large crowd; we’ll unload the whole wagon for you. Enjoy today’s Rotary Fellowship.


Red Badger Ray Giampaoli proudly introduced the owner of Nancy’s Fancys, Jodi, whose name is also Giampaoli. Proposed member Eunice Valentine from the Pacific Foundation was welcomed back by Debra Dorfman. Carmen Sinigiani introduced the soon-to-be new member (very soon) Jason Black. Wayne Rowlands continues his winning streak, introducing Sonja Butler from ReMax Realtors. Sergeant-at-Arms Jack Geary introduced his cohort from the Mayors Council on Disabilities, Eric Martin. From Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, Past President Kathleen Archer introduced keynote speaker, and president, Todd Salnas, Director of Admissions Tucker Beerbaum, Andrea Learned, and Jackie McMillan’s special guest from Memorial, veteran public relations professional Chris Wilson.


New member Jason Black with sponsor Carmen Sinigiani

New member Jason Black with sponsor Carmen Sinigiani

Norm Owen shared a few of his years in Rotary history before inducting another new Rotarian into this club before getting back to his new job inducting Red Badge Rotarians into his club. For 35 years, Norm has been listed in the Rotary Roster as lawyer and mediator, but it looks like he has a new job—at least on Wednesdays—inducting new members into Sonoma County’s first, largest and finest Rotary Club. Inducted this week was Edward Jones broker Jason Black, sponsored by Carmen Sinigiani.


Eunice Valentine, from the Pacific Foundation
Past President Don McMillan, Sponsor


Club Secretary Jack Abercrombie received sad news this weekend that Carole Cooper Holcomb passed away Friday, July 26th .A long-time member of this Rotary Club, Carole had been ill for some time. A memorial service will be announced in the local newspapers.


At this week’s meeting, Penny Tibbetts passed around two get-well cards for us to sign. Penny will send the cards to Genie Delles, an old friend who has been a dedicated member of our club for almost 20 years, and for Patsy White, the wife of fellow Rotarian Dan White. Best wishes to both Genie and Patsy for speedy recoveries.


Dear Debi Zaft! Here is a brand new Rotary magazine quiz question that we just made up for you, except that this this newsworthy question came from Penny Tibbetts’ Sunshine Report and a photograph in the newspaper this week: What does our own Genie Delles have in common with the U. S president who is a close friend of Rotarian buddy Dick Jenkins?

And here is the Rotary Magazine Quiz for the rest of us: In the July issue of The Rotarian, who said “It’s time for us to recognize that the real challenge we face isn’t just bringing new members into Rotary. It’s turning all members into true Rotarians. It’s helping members get engaged in Rotary – helping them realize the potential they have, and how their Rotary service can change lives”?


Judy Glenn offers Mike Kalhoff a chance to pull the winning card

Judy Glenn offers Mike Kalhoff a chance to pull the winning card

Is it luck or is it talent? Or does it seem to you like the lucky raffle tickets belong to a small select group of fellow Rotarians? Even once a month those $10 consolation awards do add up. There’s Mike Kallhoff, whose number came up this week after being selected only two weeks ago, and Robby Fouts, who picked up another $10 bill last week. Not to mention Jane Duggan, whose number comes up so often that she bequeaths her lucky tickets to daughter Shannon McConnell. Sorry, Shannon, luck doesn’t transfer that easily! Blaine Goodwin is not so lucky either; maybe his $10 was a consolation prize for being out of town so often? In early June, Steve Reuter won a rare shot at the jackpot. He got $10 for mistaking the Queen of Diamonds for one of the Jokers. The odds of winning in the wake of these losers look better every week. The jackpot topped $300 this week with two jokers out of 44 lousy cards in the Velvet Bag. As our French group exchange team would wish you, Bon Chance!


Keven Brown receives thanks for his speedy action

Keven Brown receives thanks for his speedy action

Keven Brown received special recognition and a warm thank you for taking immediate action on the suggestion that our infamous fundraising venture into games of chance could benefit from a sign calling attention to each week’s entertainment. Although traveling extensively in recent weeks, within a few days of his return, Keven presented his Rotary Club with an attractive sign that will be prominently displaced weekly.


President Peggy followed up on some loose ends from last week’s open forum: Jose Guillen has volunteered to summarize last week’s input with an upcoming PowerPoint presentation.

The Rotary Suggestion Box, suggested last week, is now available to all club members to expedite the gathering of member comments on all subjects Rotary…suggestions, innovative ideas, and other input from our cub’s membership. The suggestion box will be located at the rear of the ballroom at an obvious and easily accessed location.

Rotary’s Dictionary Project, the subject of a recent survey of teachers and administrators in the local schools, was reviewed this week by a special task force that reports the overall feedback and comments from those taking the survey was good.


John McHugh announced that our Rotary Club’s new Legacy Project now has a Facebook Page, and reminded us to be thinking outside of the box to come up with innovative and unique suggestions for Rotary’s community-wide efforts to impact the residents of Santa Rosa and the communities throughout the North Bay.

Debi Zaft informs us that our Next Social is August 22nd at Joy & Bob Parker’s home at 4627 Sonoma Hwy from 5:30 to 7:30.

Wayne Rowlands gave a big plug for next week’s exceptional program about the San Francisco 49ers that includes a preview of their new football stadium with a focus on public security to protect the fans, the football players, and the new stadium itself.

President-elect Mark Burchill, after taking a few minutes to acclimate himself after his long week in Lisbon, Portugal, attending the Rotary International Convention, announced that the next meeting of Rotary Means Business would be held next Thursday, August 1st, at the Center for Staying Young, 1150 Coddingtown Center, Suite B, Santa Rosa. Hosted by Janet Codding & Chris Parr.

President Peggy auctioned off two tickets to the Sonoma County Fair. Wayne Rowlands captured both of the tickets to the fair with a winning bid of $25.


Tim Delany, back from his recent trip to New York City, seemed surprised to find the July weather to be repressively hot & humid, as high as 112 degrees on the street at mid-afternoon! Admitting to enjoying the steam bath and having a good time, he put another $50 into his Paul Harris Fellowship.

Ray Dorfman, past president & recovering newlywed, ratted out on Carmen Sinigiani’s recent recognition in The North Bay Business Journal. Carmen cheerfully admitted that she had been on vacation and also closed escrow on their new residence in Sebastopol. With the eager help of fellow Rotarian Marnie G, of course. Carmen donated $50 to the club and Marnie contributed $25 to her (Marnie’s) Paul Harris Fellowship.

Red Badger Elizabeth Karbousky announced that she was celebrating her first wedding anniversary and donated $50 to the club.

Robby Fouts volunteered the news that lots of family had convened recently at their Mountain Home Ranch in the hills of east Sonoma County. Either we missed his recognition contribution or he was coasting on his past generosities.


Today, July 24th, The New York Times published a major front-page story about the polio eradication effort in Pakistan, one of the three remaining polio-epidemic countries. The article highlights Rotary’s leadership role, and focuses on the contributions of courageous Pakistani Rotarians & volunteers. While the story discusses recent setbacks and challenges in Pakistani’s efforts, the tone is cautiously optimistic. Another recent story in the Wall Street Journal reported on the extension of the partnership between Rotary and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in support of polio eradication.


As our club’s historian and the senior editor of The Santa Rosarian, I may have the most fascinating volunteer assignment in Rotary. Being an historian is pretty easy, and I get to wear a one-of-a kind Rotary pin. During Bill Rousseau’s presidency alone wearing that pin every Wednesday has saved me about $100 in fines because it is an honor to wear it habitually. Then every week, I get to record our club’s history—more or less—in the weekly bulletin. About the most stimulating job in Rotary this side of being club president.

This week’s presentation about the “new” 50 year old Memorial Hospital reminded me of the value of history to human civilization, even in the tiniest way. Just imagine what being admitted to Santa Rosa’s old Community Hospital was like for the 14,000 citizens who lived here in the early 50s. Or the even-older General Hospital. Every time I walk by that modest old building across the street from the county museum, I envision the founders of this Rotary Club taking their children in to have their tonsils removed, dropping by to visit an ailing friend or relative. That was generations ago; back before even penicillin existed! Or it was during the Great Depression when one of the last plagues in this country was killing & crippling people of all ages. And physicians, scientists, and others only a few generations ago had no idea that a tiny, invisible virus was the unknown cause of a deadly affliction.

From Memorial Hospital: Tucker Beerbaum, Andrea, Kris Wilson and Todd

From Memorial Hospital: Tucker Beerbaum, Andrea Learned, Kris Wilson and Todd Salnas

This week’s program by Memorial’s Todd Salnas, Tucker Beerbaum, and the playback of today’s medical professionals in action emphasized again how fortunate we all are to benefit from the good luck to be alive at this time and in this place  out of the many generations of human beings, advancing, technology, and scientific knowledge and to be involved with organizations that offer us the opportunity to pay back our debts to others less fortunate than ourselves.


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A fork-wielding Wally Lowry is prepared to defend his pile of cookies!

A fork-wielding Wally Lowry is prepared to defend his pile of cookies!


Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Officers

President: Peggy Soberanis, President Elect: Mark Burchill, President Elect Nominee: Jose Guillen, Past President: Bill Rousseau, Secretary: Jack Abercrombie, Treasurer: Cecil G. Humes, Sergeant at Arms: Jack Geary

President Rotary International

Ron D. Burton, member of the Rotary Club of Norman, Oklahoma, USA

Governor, District 5130

Helaine Campbell, Rotary Club of Sebastopol Sunrise

Attendance Secretary

Jack Abercrombie P.O. Box 505 Santa Rosa, CA 95402 707-538-4770

Board of Directors

Debra Dorfman, Matt Fannin, Jose Guillen, Doug Johnson, Nicole Le, Robert Pierce, Jack Tolin, Creed Wood, Cathy Vicini