Next Meeting is Hybrid
Wednesday July 14, 2021

NOTE: This is our second In-Person / Hybrid Meeting.
See details below.

Meet our new District Governor

Dustin Littlefield

Our new District Governor, Dustin Littlefield, plans to focus on the energetic promotion of the ideals of Rotary spirit and service, to tell the Rotary story and to increase the understanding of Rotary’s work in the community.

Oh Yes, we are MEETING IN PERSON!!!!!

We will be meeting in person every week on Wednesdays from 12-1:30pm in the 300 Room at the Epicenter, 3215 Coffey Lane, Santa Rosa.

Register to attend at  In person attendance and virtual attendance require pre-registering.

–>  Debi will send you the Zoom login link for the 12:00 meeting once you have paid. Feel free to put your feet up, grab a sandwich, and join the meeting. <–


In-Person / Hybrid Meeting details:
Effective July 7th, 2021, we will be hosting in-person and online meetings. In-person meetings will be located at the Epicenter Sports Center located at 3215 Coffey Lane, Santa Rosa, CA.  Use the first door, closest to Piner Road. There will be greeters at the door to guide you.

Meetings times are the same.

–> Please note that starting the July 7th meeting you will NEED TO MAKE A RESERVATION IN ADVANCE so we have a proper count.  Debi Zaft will email you the link for online, once you have paid.  Use this link for details and to pay.  CLICK HERE!

Wednesday July 21: Family Justice Center of Sonoma County
Wednesday July 28: Redwood Gospel Mission

Keep checking back.  New Programs coming soon!


Keep checking back.  New socials coming soon!


Visit our district at:
Check out Rotary International at:
Come see us at: http://rotarymeansbusiness

Watch The Meeting:  Did you miss the meeting?  Here is a link to the recording of last week’s meeting:
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Please note it is only available to view until 7/18/21

Opening Ceremonies:

President Jeff rang the opening bell at his first, and only, live meeting. Cheers from everyone!

The Pledge of Allegiance and Reflection were done by Scott Bartley, and he brought a mirror for the reflection.


Ben Ellis, Cookie Garrett (last time as a guest!), Major Randy Hartt, Monica Morales, Matt Fannin,

Cindi Balfe, Mike Landry, and Alyssa Landry

Visting Rotarians:

Will Haymaker

Birthdays are Back:

Cookie Garrett, Peter Holewinski, Matthew Henry, Casey D’Angelo, Blaine Goodwin, and Paul Hamilton were our August birthday boys and girl. They pulled a piece of paper from the basket and 3 of them got a prize from Keven Brown, a California T-Shirt, and a mug. Mary Graves and Keven will be bringing a prize for 3 lucky winners each month.


Mark Burchill reminded everyone that tickets were now available for purchase as well as tables for the 100-anniversary party on December 3rd. Individual tickets are $125. Table tickets are $1200 for the table (yes, it is a little more, but you get seating closer to the front). Only 190 tickets are available and 60 are already sold. The party will be at the Santa Rosa Golf and country Club on Friday December 3, 2021.

Bill Rousseau announced District Conference and the Business Ethics dinner in October.

Karen Ball reminded everyone about prepaying by the Saturday before our meeting to get the $27.00 lunch price. After that, or at the door, you will pay $30.00. President Ray will send out a reminder every Thursday.

Wine Basket Raffle:

Scott Bartley won the basket! Not sure how much we raised for the club, but he is a happy guy!


It is back and so is Michael Moore! As usual he had some funny things to say about Idaho and why he and Janet decided to come back. But we start over with 10 marbles. Ted Wilmsen had the right ticket, but he did not win. He is happy with the $10.00.

Induction of a New Member:

Cookie Garrett came to our club at the urging of Mary Graves and Tasia Henderson. She is the Area Coordinator for Sonoma State University. She is originally from Georgia. She has a master’s degree in crisis management, which she needed these past few years with fires, floods, and a pandemic. She mentored the Sonoma State Rotaract Club. She is a member of Alpha Phi Omega Sorority. She has been offered a new position at Cal State East Bay, so it does not look like she will be with us long. Once she finds a new club in the Hayward area, she will transfer her membership. Gregory Sawyer said that Cookie is a “loving and caring person.”  Welcome Cookie!

100% Paul Harris Club:

Past District Governor Doug Johnson presented our club with a 100% Paul Harris Fellow banner. This was a goal of the board this last year and President Ray Giampaoli and District Grants Chair Dan Balfe worked extremely hard and worked every angle to get all 82 members to be a Paul Harris Fellow. The Paul Harris Fellow recognition acknowledges individuals who have contributed, or have contributions made in their name, of $1000 to The Rotary Foundation. This recognition was established in 1957 to encourage and show appreciation for substantial contributions to what was then the Foundations’ only program. These funds help Rotary to do good in this world in our seven areas of focus.

Paul Harris Fellowship Recipients:

Dan Balfe has completed Paul Harris Fellowships for his daughter Cindi Balfe, her husband Mike Landry, and granddaughter Alyssa Landry. Thank you, Dan!

Rotarian of the Year:

That was Dan Balfe. He has done so much work for our club with World Community Service, District Grants Chair and assisting others to get their first Paul Harris Fellow. Outstanding job, Dan!

Installation of New Officers:

Ok, now we can call him President Ray. The rest of the new officers are Kris Anderson (president-elect), Debi Zaft (secretary), Karen Ball, (treasurer,) Robert Pierce (Sergent at Arms), Jeff Kolin (past president), Julia Parranto (club service I: membership), Mary Graves (club service II: Club meetings), Diane Moresi (club service III: fund raising), Ann Gospe (president elect nominee and club service IV: Member Activities), Pete Lescure (club service V: records and outreach), Casey Carter (community service I: member involvement), Andrea Geary (community service II: youth), Dave Berman (vocational service recognition), Scott Bartley (international service programs), and Paul Hamilton (foundation representative).

President Ray described his vision for the next year. He was incredibly pleased with all the hands-on projects that we completed this year and wants us to do more this coming year. We have 82 members and of the 82 members only about 50 are active. Let us engage the other 32. His local Rotary theme is “Bring a friend to Rotary” whether that is to a club meeting, a social or a hands-on project. If they see how much fun, we have they may ask to join. We will be submitting a district grant project for Pepperwood Preserve before the end of the month. There will be a district project coming up to plant trees on Hood Mountain. He even wants to do an international hands-on project. Right now, he is in touch with Puerto Vallarta Sur Club on a water project. If that does not work out how about a bunch of us go to Colima for Project Amigo? Maybe World Community Service knows of a project. On August 29, 2021, he and a friend are going to climb Mt. Shasta for a Polio Plus fundraiser. He has no idea how much he can raise, but he is going to try. More of us can do something similar. We can set our own goal, let our friends and family know and do the same. We achieved the goal of becoming a 100% Rotary Club this year and he wants to keep it that way. He strongly suggests that we all sign up for Rotary Direct giving. Instead of sending a check to Vickie Hardcastle, you can sign up for Rotary Direct with as little as $10.00 a month. Set it and forget it. For the price of a couple of lattes you are helping Rotary in their Seven Areas of Service and to do good through Rotary. At the PETS Conference our new international president, Shekhar Mehta suggest “Do More, Grow More.”  The Giro d’wine Country is happening! 1000 riders and all the sponsorship money go to our club. already we have $13,000 pledged on a goal of $20,000. He would like to go for more! Let us all work hard, play hard this next Rotary year and do good locally and internationally.

Program Slides:

(No program slides this week)

Additional Pictures:

Governor, District 5130

Doug Johnson


Debi Zaft P.O. Box 505 Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Board of Directors

Club Service I, Membership, Julia Parranto
Club Service II, Club Meetings, Casey D’Angelo
Club Service III, Fundraising, Diane Moresi
Club Service IV, Member Activities, Anne Gospe
Club Service V, Information Technology and Records, Pete Lescure
Community Service I, Member Involvement, Rio Ray
Community Service II, Youth, Andrea Geary
Vocational Service, Carolyn Fassi
International Service, Dan Balfe

DIGITAL EDITION No. 415 July 7, 2021  EDITOR: Kris Anderson PHOTOGRAPHER: Kris Anderson PUBLISHER: Richard Lazovick