Next Meeting is via Zoom
Wednesday June 23, 2021

President’s Year In review

President Jeff Kolin

This weeks meeting will feature a presentation on the “Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Year In Review” presented by Jeff Kolin, Club President.   I will do a presentation highlighting our goals, accomplishments and activities during the year.   We will revisit our club goals, strategic plan and achievements of our Board of Directors and individual members during a year of virtual meetings, social distancing, masks and vaccination clinics.

–>  Debi will send you the Zoom login link for the 12:00 meeting. Feel free to put your feet up, grab a sandwich, and join the meeting. <–


All in-person meetings are currently on hold.  Instead, we will be holding online meetings using Zoom.  Please be on the look out for an email with the link from either Jeff or Debi.

Wednesday June 30: Debunking

Keep checking back.  New Programs coming soon!


Keep checking back.  New socials coming soon!


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Opening Ceremonies:

Ann Gospe led us in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and for her reflection she read a quote about courage.

Visiting Rotarians:

Jackie McMillan, Jennifer Strong


Haider Ajina, Pauline Pellini, Sarah Harper-Johnson, Will Tesconi, Natalie Gospe

Sunshine Report:

Jeanne Levin will be in a wheelchair for a while with a broken femur. Jack Abercrombie is still struggling. Your cards are appreciated, but do not call at this time. Pris is just overwhelmed.


Jose Guillen gave a World Community Service report on a student served as part of Amigos de Guatemala.

Robert Pierce needs 4 more people to be part of the Sergent of Arms committee.

Ray Giampaoli reported that the jerseys for the Giro d’Wine Country are done..  Registration will open in 10 days, but only 168 spots still available based on the current reservations. Ann Gospe will have the Sign-Up Genius ready to go for volunteering soon.

Membership Application:

Shatearra “Cookie” Garrett has applied for membership to The Rotary Club of Santa Rosa.  Mary Graves is her sponsor.  Cookie is an area Coordinator with Sonoma State University.  Please be sure to reach out to Cookie as we process her application.

Today’s Program:  Sarah Harper-Johnson, a Youth Exchange Student and what that has meant to her.

Sarah was born and raised in Crested Butte Colorado. District 5470 sent her to Denmark in 2011 as a Youth Exchange student. She had four host families during that time and did a lot of traveling. She came home, graduated high school, and enrolled in the American University in Paris. Traveling abroad is different than living abroad. She learned that language is power. She went to India in her senior year and joined the Peace Corp after graduation. In January 2018 she went to Myanmar to teach English. The Peace Corp advertises that it is the “toughest job you will ever love.”   So true!  The language barrier was a problem (once again language is power.  She learned to ask for help) as she started to learn Burmese.  The people she lived with really took her in. She told one person she liked coconuts and mangoes, so he brought them to her daily. Auntie Diamond was her counterpart there and her lead the whole time she was there.  She learned that she would not “save” everyone.  It was ok to save just one person.  It was ok if that person was you.  Patience and positivity require resilience.  In March 2020 she came home.  since she has returned to the United States, Myanmar has been experiencing civil unrest.  Aung San Suukyi was arrested earlier this year. For six weeks she heard from no one. Auntie Diamond was able to contact her, and she was ok. about 900 people from that area have been arrested. Because of the unrest Sarah asked that we not record the meeting lest it got out. It could jeopardize the people she knows in Myanmar. She is now working in peace and conflict resolution.

Program Slides:

Additional Pictures:


Governor, District 5130

Doug Johnson


Debi Zaft P.O. Box 505 Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Board of Directors

Club Service I, Membership, Julia Parranto
Club Service II, Club Meetings, Casey D’Angelo
Club Service III, Fundraising, Diane Moresi
Club Service IV, Member Activities, Anne Gospe
Club Service V, Information Technology and Records, Pete Lescure
Community Service I, Member Involvement, Rio Ray
Community Service II, Youth, Andrea Geary
Vocational Service, Carolyn Fassi
International Service, Dan Balfe

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