DIGITAL EDITION   No. 81   June 18, 2014     EDITOR: Layne Bowen     PHOTOGRAPHERS: Marnie Goldschlag & Robert Pierce

Our Program For June 25th



Today we will be providing President Peggy with a great debunking. You will not want to miss this event!



July 2: Introducing President Mark Burchill
July 9: Don’t Shoot! I’m the Guitar Man
July 16: What’s New in Solar?


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Special Photographers:

Marnie “Flash”Goldschlag with assistance from Robert “Step out of the way, Ma’am – I’m a professional” Pierce.


President Peggy welcomed all present to the FINEST Rotary Club in District 5130. The pledge was led by Chip Rawson. Ryan Thomas then gave the invocation which focused once again on the use of the Four Way Test in our club.


Sydney Fairbairn, an attorney from the Rotary Club of San Rafael, was in attendance today. From Sebastopol was our own Past President Barbara Beeden.


Guests of Rotarians included:
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  • Michael Wilson, a Rotary member in waiting, guest of Mark Burchill.
  • Mel Konrad, wife of the aforementioned Mark Burchill.
  • Will Hatcher, son of Rotarian Bill Hatcher.
  • Attorney Emily DeMeo, guest of our own Carmen Sinigiani.


Raffle winner

Raffle winner David Brown!


Robby Fouts was today’s raffle master, offering the lucky ticket drawer a 1 in 4 chance for the $181 pot. David Brown successfully drew the Queen of hearts to win the prize!


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  • Board Minutes to be on the website by the 2nd Wednesday following the board meeting. Draft only, can be revised at the next board meeting before approval.
  • Approved sending $1,350 to sponsor three abused and/or neglected kids to the Rotary Camp at Cloverleaf Ranch this summer. (Used to be called Kool Kids Kamp”, now called Rotary Camp.)
  • Approved an Audit Committee Proposal that would set down procedures for auditing the club’s fund raisers.
  • Submitted John Blount’s name as our recommendation for the 2016 Council on Legislation.

Town Hall Suggestions to be implemented or already implemented:

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  • Getting Wayne to Return – Done!
  • Publish Board Minutes on website – Done
  • Publish Board Agenda before Board Meeting so members can see if there is a topic they’d like to have input on. Agreed. Agenda – will be out a week before Board meetings.
  • Provide a bulletin board at each meeting with copy of bulletin and notices of upcoming events, news, etc.

Other things to work on:

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  • Prepare and provide procedures for resolving conflict,
  • And some recommendations need to be worked on over time, like apologizing to one another and communicating directly to another.
  • Working towards 100% participation in club fund raisers, and
  • Creating a culture that respects active listening & allows members to agree and disagree.



Elizabeth Karbousky provided home baked goods (banana bread to be exact) to our June birthday Rotarians. They were: Jack Abercrombie, Jack Atkin, Ray Foreaker, Ray Giampaoli, Nick Knickerbocker, Steve Reuter, Carmen Sinigiani, Peggy Soberanis and Eunice Valentine.


Vicky Hardcastle presided over the Paul Harris awards.The following were recognized for their $1,000 Paul Harris contributions: Rick Allen, Ann Gospe, and Tim Delaney. President Peggy, Craig Meltzner, Sam McMillan, Steve Rueter and Kris Anderson were recognized for earning another of multiple Paul Harris recognitions. Three Rotarians were recognized for PH awards in their children’s names: Cathy Vicini for Gabriel, Bill Hatcher for Will, and Kathleen Archer for Bryce.


Debi Zaft was charged with the task of getting more people to read the Rotarian Magazine. It’s really a good publication and we can all get something out of it. Debi made sure that someone got $100 today for participating in her weekly Rotarian Question. The lucky winner was none other than Elizabeth Karbousky!

Rotarian of the Month

Rotarian of the Month Yale Abrams


President Peggy stated, “This Rotarian has been very helpful to me in my role as Prez. He has come to my aid and used his skill and his experience to help accomplish tasks that needed to be done, but needed special skills. This Rotarian carried out the task of submitting District Award nominees for various awards. He recruited a committee to help him. He got seven nominations written, and submitted on time, five of which were given District recognition. He used his skill at being a facilitator and ran the Town Hall Meeting with tact. He led the River Project for our District Governor. It turned out to be a joint project with two other Rotary Clubs, and he saw what came to be the Laguna Project to a successful closure. He has been a good advisor to me, and of for this I am grateful. Please help me recognize Yale Abrams as the Rotarian of the month.”


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  • Bill Rousseau reminded us that next week will be the debunking of President Peggy.
  • Mark Burchill announced that he intends to do periodic evening meetings (every 5th Wednesday) including a talent show on July 30th.
  • Doug Johnson – Doug noted that we already have over 725 riders signed up and that we expect to fill the remaining slots. Lots of Rotarians have volunteered and all are encouraged to fill any open slots that are left.


Rotarian of the Year

Rotarian of the Year Doug Johnson


President Peggy then honored our Rotarian of the Year, “For the outstanding job he has done with the Giro Bello, growing it like a business, our own Doug Johnson. Our first Giro Bello raised about $20K. The next two years had about 700 riders and it raised about $47K for the Club. The club has supported both local and international projects with this money. We’re getting closer and closer to our goal of 1,000 riders and a $70K net profit (and the money comes from outside the club). The number of club members participating each year grows. We’ve been at about 70% participation and Doug is shooting for 100%. Doug has worked at this project with his team all year and has done an outstanding job. And so, we recognize you, Doug, as our Rotarian of the Year.


Some award recipients were not able to attend last week’s Academy Awards Night, but President Peggy wanted to make sure that their contributions were recognized and that they were presented with their nifty Gold plated Rotary awards. They were as follows:

Socials – Debi Zaft

Debi planned and executed numerous, successful socials at various places this past year: Joy Parker’s, Wayne Rowland’s home, a winery, Greg Johnston’s home. Thank you for giving the club members those opportunities to come together for fun and socializing.

Casino Royale – Debi Zaft

Even though the Casino Royale did not happen this year, Debi Zaft deserves our gratitude and recognition for taking on that challenge and putting her time and effort into it. Thank you, Debi, for all your efforts.

Magazine – Debi Zaft

Debi’s job was to help increase readership of The Rotarian magazine, so she asked us questions about the magazine and gave special emphasis to The Rotarian magazine during the month of April. Thanks, Debi, for challenging us to keep informed and inspired by reading our monthly magazine.

Meeting Duty Schedules – Bob Sorensen

Bob Sorensen organized the schedule for greeters, welcoming Visiting Rotarians, collecting lunch tickets, and selling raffle tickets for all Rotary meetings. He delegated, organized and made the process work very smoothly. Thanks, Bob, for taking on the task and for being so faithful to it all year.

Disability Awareness – Mike Kallhoff

Mike was mentored in this job by Jack Geary. This committee supports the Sonoma County Mayor’s Committee for the Employment of People with Disabilities. During the year it is the committee’s goal to promote employment of individuals with disabilities and to recognize employers who do. Each year there is an Employers Best Practices Award Recognition breakfast held in October. The Rotary Club sponsors and fills a table to support the event and provides money for the awards given out. Thank you, Mike, for taking this on.

Four-Way Test – Mike Kallhoff

Mike took the Four Way Test to the next level and brought in the talents of Ryan Thomas and Casey D’Angelo. We had to think more about our club’s ethical code and call ourselves on it. I thank you for presenting the 4-Way Test to us in varied and practical, and meaningful ways.

High School Recognitions – Bill Hatcher

Bill invited and recognized outstanding High School Students from each of the public and private Santa Rosa High Schools. At a Rotary Luncheon meeting each student was awarded a monetary gift and was extolled by his/her principal in front of the Rotary Club. Bill has been diligent in doing this job over the past 14 years. Thank you, Bill, for your work over all those years.

Public Service Awards – Marnie Goldschlag

Marnie’s excellent public speaking skills, combined with humor, passion, caring, and kindness makes her a natural ambassador for the Public Service Award.This job entails contacting the Police and Fire Chiefs and reminding them to make their selections of the outstanding police and fireman of the year. Then she and Jim Johnson plan the entire program for the day of the awards. Family members, City and County officials are invited, as well as reporters. This year the event was an exceptional celebration of the outstanding work done by the departments and by two very worthy individuals. Thank you, Marnie for putting in all the time and effort to make this a great service recognition.

World Community Service – Tim Delaney

This committee has the wonderful chore of choosing which international projects to fund during the year. It also brings in speakers to teach either the committee and/or the club about a few projects, like micro-lending, and Project Amigo. The chair keeps the committee focused, organized, and enthusiastic about helping other Rotary Clubs with international projects. This committee has also taken on helping to raise the money it spends by giving a major group effort at the annual Giro Bello fund raiser. Thank you, Tim, for doing all the agendas, the minutes, and for helping us spend $12,000 bringing scholarships to children in Mexico, water filters to families in rural Mexican villages, funding the building of a surgery center in Nicaragua, and giving micro loans to women in Africa and more.

New Members – Jeanne & Fred Levin

Jeanne (& Fred) met with each prospective new member to the club and gave them an overview of the club, its goals, programs and mission, both locally and internationally. Thank you for opening your home to these prospective members and for preparing them to be good and active Rotarians.

photo 1

Awards winners


President Elect Mark Burchill came up with a wonderful short notice program when our guest speaker cancelled. Mark shared photos and even a short video taken while driving on the wrong side of the road in Australia. Mark and wife Mel were in the land down under to attend the Rotary International Convention in Sydney, making a side trip to New Zealand. Mark noted that over 18,000 were in attendance. Interestingly, he noted that few Europeans were there compared to the last convention in Lisbon, Portugal. Mark and Steve Olson, who also attended, encouraged their fellow Rotarians to attend a convention. They both noted that many new international friends are to be made.


President Peggy thanked todays Meeting Helpers:

Pledge: Chip Rawson
Invocation: 4 – WayTest – Ryan Thomas
Lunch Sales Asst.: Judith Glenn
Greeters: Bart Eddy and John McHugh
Ticket Collector: Nona Lucas
Raffle: Robbie Fouts
Visiting Rotarians: Marnie Goldschlag



Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Officers

President: Peggy Soberanis, President Elect: Mark Burchill, President Elect Nominee: Jose Guillen, Past President: Bill Rousseau, Secretary: Jack Abercrombie, Treasurer: Cecil G. Humes, Sergeant at Arms: Jack Geary

President Rotary International

Ron D. Burton, member of the Rotary Club of Norman, Oklahoma, USA

Governor, District 5130

Helaine Campbell, Rotary Club of Sebastopol Sunrise

Attendance Secretary

Jack Abercrombie P.O. Box 505 Santa Rosa, CA 95402 707-538-4770

Board of Directors

Tim Delaney, Debra Dorfman, Matt Fannin, Jose Guillen, Doug Johnson, Nicole Le, Robert Pierce, Jack Tolin, Cathy Vicini