DIGITAL EDITION   No. 19     March 6, 2013     EDITORS: Matt Everson & Jim Johnson     PHOTOGRAPHER: Nicole Le

Our Program For March 13th:


Epidemiologist Bruce Aylward starts an open discussion at a special Rotary meeting next Wednesday

This meeting will be at the St. Rose Business Center

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As a Rotarian, you have been involved in Rotary’s PolioPlus for what seems like forever. But at next week’s Rotary meeting, you will meet—in a video produced barely a year ago—the man who heads the Global Polio Eradication Initiative for the World Health Organization, Canadian  physician Bruce Aylward, who gives you his personal commitment to continue the scientific miracle that has almost completely eradicated the world’s most horrifying plague. But “almost” is not good enough. Poliomyelitis must be snuffed out everywhere. Forever! Please join this open conversation with our fellow Rotarians and guests.


March 20, 2013: Santa Rosa’s Gang Task Force
March 27, 2013: Ken Fischang & Sonoma County Tourism
April 3, 2013: Insights into the business of dying



President Bill opened our meeting by asking Will Haymaker to lead the Pledge of Allegiance. To follow up, Matt Fannin quoted Dale Carnegie on how to become a friendlier person and concluded with a brief prayer.


  1. Don’t criticize, condemn or complain
  2. Give honest, sincere appreciation
  3. Arouse in the other person an eager want
  4. Become genuinely interested in other people.
  5. Smile
  6. Remember that a person’s name is to that person is the sweetest and most important sound in any language.
  7. Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about them.
  8. Talk in terms of the other person’s interests.
  9. Make the other person feel important—and do it sincerely.

*Want to know more about Dale Carnegie? Scroll down to the end of this Santa Rosarian.


Sebastopol Rotary was represented by four fellow Rotarians: Karen Daniels, wine wholesaler; French restaurateur Pierre La Gourgue; writer/therapist Maurine Doerken; and communications coach Kristi Dodere. Welcome also to financial advisor Scott Holder from the Santa Rosa Sunrise Rotary and, from Salt Lake City, arts administrator Linda Bonar. A hearty welcome to you all!

Don McMillan's gifts from Hawaii to President Bill did not improve his luck

Don McMillan’s gifts from Hawaii to President Bill did not improve his luck


With today’s jackpot at a record high-water-mark of $511, even Raffle judge Nick Knickerbocker seemed a little tense as our speaker, Dick Matthews from The Mountain Play, drew Past President Don McMillan’s lucky ticket but—like almost all before him—he failed to draw the Lucky Joker and walked away with $10 as scant consolation.


Student of the Month Harrison Doolittle

Student of the Month Harrison Doolittle

Harrison Doolittle is a senior student who has attended Rincon Valley Christian School in east Santa Rosa since he was a freshman student. He has participated in school sports like soccer, basketball, and golf, including club soccer. Although he still exploring his post high school field of study, he has his sights set on Liberty University in Virginia, majoring in Pre-Med. Being a self-described man of few words, he thanked us the recognition and returned to his table.


Eileen Carlisle reported that Penny Tibbetts’ mother, Lorna Newton Abbots, had passed away after a long illness. Matt Everson informed us that the grandmother of his fiancée, Sara Trejo, had passed away on Friday. From all of Rotary, we wish your families peace in this difficult time.

Robbie Chase, Doug Chase, & Corrick’s owner Keven Brown

Robbie Chase, Doug Chase, & Corrick’s owner Keven Brown


Corrick’s and Ancient Oak Cellars hosted The Rotary Club of Santa Rosa at the first tasting room in the recent history of downtown Santa Rosa. Dozens of  Rotarians and guests shared Rotary’s traditional fellowship, Ancient Oak Cellars’ chardonnay and several pinot noirs poured by co-owner Melissa Moholt-Siebert and her tasting room staff,  and several tables loaded with fresh fruit, sandwiches and desserts Thursday evening, Feb. 28 th. To see all the photos from this great event, follow this link to our website’s gallery page:


What California Rotary club began supporting a community called Osukuru in Uganda by not just supporting a village, but by adopting a team. Page 23.


Obviously June was a busy month for many Rotarian parents of the past. Of the ten Rotarians on the list, two selected a bottle each of Sonoma County wine, and three received gift certificates to the new Rosso’s Restaurant in Petaluma. Happy Birthday to this month’s wiser but older Rotarians!
Rick Allen, Jane Duggan, Jock McNeil, Mark Burchill, Robby Fouts, Larry Miyano, Eileen Carlisle, Schuyler Jeffries, Debra Smith, Joel DeSilva and Doug Johnson

March birthdays-COPY


Dear Rotary Club of Santa Rosa,

You have paid me a generous and pleasant honor in sponsoring me as a member of the Group Study Exchange to District 1700 in France this summer. I will do my best to graciously represent Rotary District 5130, the region where I was raised, graduated college, and have taught for years. As I am convinced that this experience will enrich my life as a teacher, a community leader, and friend of Rotary, I pray that Rotary will glean strengthened international relations from it.

Peace, through faith & service,

                                                                                    Kathryn Osmer


Signing in on today’s guest register were the returning guest of Deborah Gray, mortgage broker Ray Giampaoli, Jeff Gospe’s lovely spouse Ann Gospe, and Jordon Borowicz.  Mike Kallhoff introduced a visiting pilot who dropped in from Phoenix Arizona, Stephen Gay, and Tim Delaney welcomed his guest from the Sonoma Jet Center, Josh Hochberg. Accompanying Scholar of the Month Harrison Doolittle were Harrison’s mother, Cheryl Doolittle, and Rincon Valley Christian School’s administrator, Marci Guevaia. Visitors for the last time were Manuela Gonzalez and Elizabeth Karbousky, who were inducted today into the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa.

Proud new Rotarians Manuela Gonzalez and Elizabeth Karbousky

Proud new Rotarians Manuela Gonzalez and Elizabeth Karbousky


Past District Governor Norm Owen waxed eloquently sentimental as he talked about the character and the value of new members to the life and success of our Rotary Club, calling new members “The Best in the World.” As he pointed out, Manuela Gonzalez and Elizabeth Karbousky are new to this area, both from banking and, being under 40, bring promising youth, energy, and wonderful new smiles to our club.  Special thanks to Kerrie Chambers, Manuela’s sponsor, and Elizabeth’s three sponsors—Diane Moresi, Jack Abercrombie, and Doug Johnson. Welcome aboard the most active Rotary Club in District 5130!


The word is that Matt Fannin’s team added two major Giro Bello sponsorships this week. And no official numbers on registrations but they are gradually coming in with 13 weeks to go before the July 6th Race Day.


This is a reminder that our Rotary Club is obligated to assist the Petaluma Sunrise Rotary Club with their 3rd Annual Backroad Challenge Bike Event coming up on Saturday, May 18th in Petaluma. Contact Doug Johnson for a Volunteer Information Sheet.

Peggy Soberanis

Peggy Soberanis


  • Incoming President Peggy was fresh off her PETS retreat and full of energy!  She called it a “tremendous experience” and can’t wait to receive the torch from President William in July.  She then urged members to attend the April 6 District Assembly at Mendocino Junior College in Ukiah…
  • Club Secretary Jack Abercrombie reminds us that our March 13 meeting of the Rotary Club will be held at the St. Rose Hall, 320 Tenth Street next to the historic St. Rose Catholic Church.
  • Matt Fannin stressed the importance of fundraising for the Giro Bello.  So, get ON IT PEOPLE!
  • Katie Barr reminded every Rotarian in this Rotary Club that there is $100 waiting for the first Rotarian who can bring in at least two new members before July.
  • It has been a while but winter is almost over. Daylight Savings Time begins Saturday night so remember to “spring ahead” one hour. Don’t miss the next fun day with our Rotarians at Work. Rotary’s next hands-on project will be on Saturday, April 27th.
  • Diane Moresi proved that not enough of us actually read this bulletin! Only one of us took her up on her offer of a free lunch by identifying all five fellow Rotarians who posed with their backs to Diane’s camera in last week’s Santa Rosarian. Should you get a prize for guessing the winner? Absolutely not! So, I’m just going to stop writing now…what’s the point? Psst…it was the indefatigable Doug Johnson!
Guest speaker Dick Matthews

Guest speaker Dick Matthews


It is hard to conceive 100 years of professional theater in the clouds, more than 2,000 feet above the blue Pacific, but since 1913, families have come to the historic mountaintop to bask in the sun, read in the shade and play in the forest before settling down to enjoy award-winning productions in the Broadway tradition. Our guest speaker, Dick Matthews,  President of the Mountain Play, gave us a broad overview of the Marin County non-profit theater group that puts on plays every summer atop majestic Mount Tamalpais, overlooking the hills surrounding San Francisco Bay and enjoying live music, sipping Sonoma wine and feasting on a picnic lunch with family and friends. Dick summarized 100 years of history that began in 2012 when three men hiking the mountain discovered a sloping meadow overlooking the Marin/Sonoma Valley and the foothills beyond. The Mountain Play’s singular mission became to produce an annual, spectacular, outdoor theatrical experience that nurtures an appreciation of Mt. Tam, involves the community, and builds on decades of tradition.

As Dorothy always says, “Right here in our own back yard.”

  • Dale Carnegie was a prominent lecturer of his day and a sought-after counselor to world leaders in the early 20th Century. He wrote newspaper columns and had his own radio program before television was invented. He founded what is today a worldwide network of over 3,000 instructors and offices in more than 70 countries.



Rotary Club of Santa Rosa

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