DIGITAL EDITION No. 316 May 15, 2019  EDITOR: Layne Bowen PHOTOGRAPHER: N/A PUBLISHER: Richard Lazovick

Our Program For Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Science Education in Sonoma County…
In and Out of the Schools

Mike Roa

Find out about how the Next Generation Science Standards differ from the old Science Content Standards, and about how educators in and out of the public school system are helping educate our next generation of scientists and science-literate citizens.


Wednesday May 29, 2019: To Be Announced


Aug. 19-26, 2019 – Rotary Rhine River Cruise
The cruise is sold out. Those still interested may place their names on a waiting list.
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Meeting Called to Order

  1. Pledge of Allegiance: Holly Garretson
  2. Reflection: Bill Crowley reflected by sharing quotes from Nelson Mandela and Morgan Freeman.

Visiting Rotarians

Mikel Cook visited today from Sunrise.


Tom Bierl, Andrew Leonard, Ben Taylor, Letitia Hanke and Lorez Bailey were today’s visitors.

Sunshine Report 

Ginny Cannon reported sadly that Ted Wilmsen’s brother passed away in the last few days.


Cecil Humes presided over today’s raffle and somehow lost his marbles in the process. Layne Bowen’s ticket was drawn and once Cecil recovered his lost marbles, Layne, not being the unusually lucky Ted Wilmsen, drew the LOSER. Since only one marble remains, ALL the marbles go back into the bag for future raffles. Bring lots of cash next week as the pot is going to be over $300!


  • Casey D’Angelo needs everyone to help in promoting ridership at Giro Bello. We are currently running about 100 riders behind last year’s pace. Distribute flyers and posters all over!
  • Ray Giampaoli reprised his role as carnival barker encouraging us to approach businesses about advertising with a Giro Bello sponsorship.
  • Pete Lescure is on the prowl for meeting duty sign-ups.
  • President Tony asked for help in promoting our New Gen Peace program in Reno this weekend, so anyone who is going – you know what to do!


Rick Allen was recognized for the adorable photo of him and his new grandchild. Rick then made a sponsorship donation to Giro Bello.


Each year, our Club and Foundation donate thousands of dollars to worthy local non-profits.  This year, we have asked the recipients to take a few minutes and tell club members how the money you contributed or helped raise will be used to improve lives here in Sonoma County.  Facilitating this presentation was the Charitable Projects Committee chair and Past-President or our club, Mark Burchill.


“Each year, The Rotary Club of Santa Rosa raises thousands of dollars to support our charitable works in Sonoma County.  A large portion of those funds are raised thru the GiroBello.  Many thousands more are available as a result of your contributions to the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Foundation.

We are all familiar with the Dictionary project.  Our club also supports youth in agriculture, thru purchase of animals at the Fair, Public Safety Awards, World Community Service, Polio Plus, & more.

Our Club’s Foundation is a legally separate entity from the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa. The Foundation has a regular focus is on scholarships to deserving students, mostly at the Junior College.  These scholarships are funded by what is called “directed funds,” where someone has contributed enough that they can specify the criteria for a student to qualify for the scholarship.

The Foundation’s corpus also contains a significant percentage of non-directed funds.  This money can be used for any legitimate charitable purpose.  In most years, the Club and the Foundation work together to develop a budget that allows us to make grants to worthy non-profits in the greater Santa Rosa area.  A committee composed of some Foundation Board members plus members of the club at large comes together in the late summer to develop criteria, request grant proposals, analyze those proposals, and recommend the award of grants to deserving local non-profits.

Today, we will hear from five local non-profits who are this year’s recipients of the combined Rotary Club of Santa Rosa and Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Foundation grants.”

The LIME Foundation

$5,000 for NextGen Trades, Academy, a training program in the building trades,  for young people Letitia Hanke       

A small-town girl from Lake County, California, Letitia Hanke grew up dreaming of a music career. She attended Sonoma State University envisioning a future in the performing and recording arts. She accepted an opportunity at a prominent roofing company and managed the business for 8 years. In 2004, she started her own roofing company known as ARS Roofing, Gutters, and Solar. In June of 2019 she celebrates 23 years in the industry, 15 as CEO. She currently employs 25 full-time, year-round employees servicing the North Bay.

Some of her many accomplishments include receiving the 2017 Entrepreneur of the year award by the National 100 Black Women Coalition, the 2015 Entrepreneurial/Innovative Spirit Award winner by the North Bay Leadership Council, the 2014 Small Business of the Year Award from Governor Gavin Newsom, and the 2019 Champion of the Children award from 4C’s of Sonoma County.

In 2015, she started the non- profit “The LIME Foundation,” which advocates for the disadvantaged community through three programs; Turner Arts Initiative, NextGen Trades Academy and Senior Activity Program. 

 “We are supporting a program in the Nextgen Trades Academy.  Here is your check from the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Foundation for $5,000”

Santa Rosa Symphony

$5,000 for the “It’s Elementary” Program

Ben Taylor, Director of Development                                 

Ben Taylor, Director of Development, joined the Symphony in 2003 and leads strategic planning for all fundraising. With over a decade of experience in the arts and education fields, he formerly served as the Symphony’s Director of Education. Also an accomplished composer, his music has been heard across North America and China. He has held music directorships and composition residencies with organizations such as the San Francisco Choral Artists, Albany Community Chorus and Sonoma County Chamber Singers.

We are supporting the “It’s Elementary” Program .

 “Here is your check from the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Foundation for $5,000”

Chop’s Teen Club

$5,500 for the Creative Arts Program, which Lorez will describe

Lorez Bailey, M.Ed                                       

Lorez Bailey is in her second year serving as the Executive Director of Chop’s Teen Club located in downtown Santa Rosa.  In recognition of Women’s History Month, in March she was awarded U.S. Congressman Mike Thompson’s Sonoma County “Woman of the Year.” Lorez has over 20 years’ experience implementing and managing youth development programs. Previous to Chop’s, Lorez worked at Social Advocates for Youth (SAY) as the Director of College and Career Readiness. Lorez has also worked a large part of her career in media including The Community Voice, Press Democrat, and Channel 50. Lorez is a graduate of the Santa Rosa Metro Chamber’s Leadership Santa Rosa Program (LSR Class 32) and soon will serve as the Vice Chair of the LSR Steering Committee.  Lorez and her husband are longtime Sonoma County residents and have three daughters.

 “Here is your check from the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Foundation for $5,500, in support of the Creative Arts Program.”

Community Support Network

$6,500 for privacy improvements

Tom Bieri, Executive Director                                 

This was an interesting project.  The original request was for $10,000, including materials and labor.  Our committee saw a perfect opportunity for a “Hands-On” project, so we awarded $6,500, the cost of materials, and will schedule it as one or more Hands-On projects.

As Executive Director of Community Support Network for ten years, Tom has leveraged his leadership experience including clinical work and senior management expertise, to position CSN as Sonoma County’s leader in supportive housing. As a community leader, he is exceptionally skilled at building model programs and sharing them with other community agencies serving similar populations. Tom serves on the Sonoma Continuum of Care of Homelessness Technical Advisory Committee and is the Co-chair of the Homeless Youth Task Force Committee. As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Tom’s experience with the client population, as well as his leadership skills make him a strong asset for CSN and the community.

 “Here is your check from the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Foundation for $6,500.  I know we will see you again, as we work together on this project.”

Salvation Army

$10,000 for the Back to School shopping event   (our largest award this year)

Rio Ray                                                                      

Mark: “I asked each recipient to provide me with an introduction.  Many of them I edited down, mostly for length.  I am going to read Rio’s entire bio verbatim.”

As a young boy Rio Ray trained tigers for the Ringling Brothers’ circus.  It was a dangerous job that cost him two fingers and the ability to hear out of his right ear.  As a teenager he decided to find a profession that was manlier, so he began a career as professional shark tagger and part time competitive lumber jack.  It was in the sawdust of the lumberjack arena that he first met Rachel.    Rachel had graduated from the SNSA (Super Ninja School of Assassins) and been having a very successful career as a rogue agent for the FBI, CIA, NSA, and YMCA, but it was her hobby of juggling chainsaws that brought her to the lumberjack competitive circuit. 

It was love at first chop, but a problem loomed.  Rio’s passion was the sea and tagging various varieties of man-eating sharks and Rachel’s was dedicated to fighting evil crime syndicates. 

How could they find a career that matched both of their passions?  How could they find an adventure exciting enough to compete with the Spy world and yet sparking the same adrenaline as shark tagging…  Salvation Army officership was their only option. 

 “Here is your check from the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Foundation for $10,000.”

President Tony thanks the following members who participated:

  1. Pledge: William Rousseau
  2. Reflection: Bill Crowley
  3. Raffle: Cecil Humes
  4. Visiting Rotarians: Steve Baime
  5. Lunch Tickets: Jeff Kolin
  6. Lunch Check-in: Holly Garrettson
  7. Greeters: Bill Crowley & Yale Abrams
  8. Attendance & Collections: Debi Zaft

And of course, he thanks the editors, photographers and publisher of the weekly bulletin that documents each meeting, thereby giving an historical account of our club and its contributions to Santa Rosa, Sonoma County and our international endeavors.   




Governor, District 5130

Barb Spangler, Valley of the Moon Rotary Club





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