DIGITAL EDITION No. 270 May 30, 2018  EDITOR: Layne Bowen PHOTOGRAPHER: Diane Moresi PUBLISHER: Richard Lazovick

Our Program For Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Legal Aid For Sonoma County

Ronit Rubenoff – Executive Director

How many of us think we know what the Legal Aid does?  We may be in for a surprise when we welcome Executive Director Ronit Rubinoff  to our podium on June 6th.   She will discuss Legal Aid’s function as a social justice agency, some of the housing issues they are seeing, and also address the overlap between civil legal issues and our immigrant community—particularly their fears of losing their children, fears to report crime etc.  Be ready for fun a Q & A game as well.

We are honored to salute this national institution and its 50 year role in combatting poverty and injustice.  Hope to see you June 6th and invite a friend.

Wednesday June 13, 2018: Executive Director Ben Stone – Economic Development Board 
Wednesday June 20, 2018: Julia Parranto – President’s Year in Review
Wednesday June 27, 2018: Debunking of President Julia – Jose Guillen


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Guest speaker Colt Briner draws the lucky numberOpening Ceremonies

Pledge: Steve Marburger
Reflection: Vicki Hardcastle shared gardening tips from Blowing Rock, NC.

Visiting Rotarians

Former PDG Bruce Campbell was in attendance today.  


Today we welcomed James Randolph, Rio Ray, and Tom Allen.


Jack Abercrombie has a heart monitor. He is using a walker these days to get around.

Sergeant of Arms Jose Guillen, draws for the winning marble - Ahhh! Raffle

$48 worth of pot, no wait, there was $48 IN THE POT. Unfortunately, no one won said pot today.

Cathy’s A Joker

Once upon a time, there was a cat who died. When she got to heaven, God asked her how she liked being on earth. She told the Lord that it was awful, she had to sleep in cold back alleys where there was no food and life was hard. God told her that he was sorry it had had turned out that way but here, in heaven, she would be happy and He would give her the most comfortable, warm pillow to sleep on. The cat laid down upon the pillow and was happy.

A few days later, about a dozen mice that came to heaven together and God asked them how they had liked earth. Earth was no better for them than it was the cat. They explained to God that it was tough and exhausting, and their feet were worn out from always running from cats and dogs and people. God felt bad for the mice and decided to give them roller skates.

One day God sees the cat again and asked her how she was liking heaven. She explained that it was absolutely wonderful. The pillow he gave her was the most comfortable place that she had ever slept on, but even better than the pillow were the meals on wheels.

Long time Rotarian Jack Tolin is honored with a Craft Talk by Jose GuillenCraft Talk

Jose Guillen spent 4 hours with fellow Rotarian Jack Tolin and shared Jack’s story with us today. Jack was born and raised in the mean streets of Richmond. Jack attended Salesian High School, the went on to USF. Jack then went on to dental school at UCLA. Jack moved to SR in 1974 and became a fabulous dental surgeon. Jack raised two wonderful children and has been very active in the community. He first joined the Active 20/30 Club, then later Rotary.
He spearheaded the Rotary basketball tournament and has been an asset to our club and community.

Past District Governor Bruce Campbell recognizes Rotarian Carloyn Fassi as a new member in the Paul Harris SocietyPaul Harris

Former PDG Bruce Campbell, the District Chair of the Paul Harris Society inducted Carolyn Fassi into the Paul Harris Society. Congratulations, Carolyn!


  • President Julia announced that Dan Balfe will co-chair the Foundation charitable giving with Vicky Hardcastle.
  • Instant Paul Harris board for brownies and wine. Julia called the numbers, Debi Zaft called out the winners. Doug Roberts’ name was called for the Instant Paul Harris award.
  • Rich de Lambert announced that Tim Fawcett is in a long term rehab situation. Everyone is invited to the picnic this Sunday for Tim. Please let Kathy Schwartz know what you plan to bring so she can coordinate
  • Karen Ball announced that starting June 1st, you can buy 3 month’s of lunch tickets for our meetings. It’s an optional program that allows Rotarians to get a lunch discount.
  • Yale Abrams announced a building project June 9th assembling sheds for fire victims. The event is from 9:30 to 4pm.
  • Jackie McMillan announced we are 65 riders ahead of last year. Jackie read a letter from a ride group complimenting Giro Beĺlo as the most well-organized ride they attend each year. Jackie also asked that we make sure all pledges have been paid so business logos get onto the event advertising.

Congratulations to us! Our district awards!  Secretary Debi Zaft circles the winners of the Paul Harris winners!  Ted Wilmsen one of many winners! Doug Roberts though absent wins the Paul Harris!!  President Julia calls out the winning numbers.

Giro Bello T-Shirts

Currently, 55 people have signed up for Giro bello T-shirts. If anyone has not signed up, please email Jackie by Monday and be sure to include your shirt size. Anyone who might have a non-Rotarian guest helping out at GB should (be sure to get their size!) and order a shirt for their guest as well.


Guest Speaker Colt Briner.Kathleen Archer introduced today’s speaker, Colt Briner discussed the “Exponential Age”. He shared examples of disruptions caused by new technologies. He listed examples of winners and losers such as Tower Records, Blockbuster video and other businesses who rose and ultimately fell due to changes in technology.

He discussed new technology such as self-driving cars and ways in which they might change our ways of traveling. He suspects that an automotive service will likely replace individual car ownership. Changing needs might determine what vehicle you need day to day. Plus, you save money by not insuring and maintaining your own car. Colt listed all the ways life will change from this one technology.

VR and AR. Robotics is changing rapidly and will affect everything. Apple products replaced 60,000 Chinese workers with automation. He gave examples of automation building cars, houses and bridges as well as performing surgeries. Colt listed a number of ways we are currently using Artificial Intelligence in the home and in business from Alexa to diagnostic images in the medical profession.

Finally, Colt noted that as usually happens with technological advances, there will be people who see their outdated jobs (anyone need a blacksmith?) go away, but there will be new opportunities for those who look forward and not backward. It’s a brave new world out there, Rotarians!


Rio Ray of the Salvation Army has been approved for membership to our club by our Board of Directors. Welcome, Rio!

Don’t forget to sign up for the river cruise if you are going!Rotary Rhine River Cruise August 19-26, 2019

So far 22 Rotarians from our club and friends have signed up for the Rotary cruise on AMA Kristina. There are cabins remaining. If you are interested in joining us, please book as soon as possible to get the best cabin category.

Click here to get more information on pricing, itinerary, etc. Printed fliers are also available at our meetings. The early booking discount deadline has been extended to May 31, 2018.

 Click here for flyer.

Governor, District 5130

Bob Rogers, Rotary Club of Sebastopol

Attendance Secretary

Debi Zaft P.O. Box 505 Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Board of Directors

Kathleen Archer, Ray Giampaoli, Steve Marburger, Jackie McMillan, Diane Moresi, Laura Held, Peter Holewinski, Steve Baime and Jeff Kolin