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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Student Scholarship Awards – 2022

Tony Roehrick, Steve Olson, & Sam McMillan 

This week’s program will recognize the outstanding students be honored this year with Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Foundation Scholarships. Fifteen students will be awarded scholarships for a total value of $40,500.00, an all-time record for the club. The students will be introduced by Scholarship Committee members Tony Roehrick and Steve Olson with Foundation President Sam McMillan presenting each recipient with a framed certificate. According to Olson, “the accomplishments of this year’s scholarship recipients is truly amazing especially when you consider the challenges they have faced with the pandemic’s effect on their education, work and personal lives”. This is a Rotary program you will not want to miss.



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Wednesday May 18: Rethinking logging in the Mendocino Preservation Forest
Wednesday May 25: An African Program

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Opening Ceremonies:

After President Ray greeted us, Kris Anderson led us in the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance and the Four-Way Test. Her Reflection was a quote from David Lilienthal on service (minor editing), “Out of the best and most productive years of each person’s life, he/she should carve out a segment in which he/she puts his/her private career aside to serve his/her community and his/her country, and thereby serve his children, his neighbors, his fellow men, and the cause of freedom.”


Courtney Coogler, Manny Baldenegro, Curt Groninga, Dennis Ball and Mike Duffy

Future Rotarians:

Curt Groninga and Sabra Locke

Visiting Rotarians:

Carrie Noonan was a member of a club in Boulder, Colorado, and now lives in Sonoma County


Norm and Bev Owen are recovering fine.  Norm fell and needed a couple of stitches and Bev had gallbladder surgery.


Nine marbles this week with about $20.00 in the pot per Odalis Medianero. Curt Groninga’s number was pulled, but he did not get the blue marble. Pot rolls over.


Polio Update:

There was another case of wild polio infection in a child in Pakistan. Same area where the last case came from.

Paul Harris Fellows:

Craig Meltzner received a new pin this week with a ruby stone.  Craig uses Rotary Direct to have $83.33 taken out in monthly increments over the course of a year. Therefore, he gets new Paul Harris Recognition every year.

WCS Raffle:

We finally had all the squares sold, so it was time to pull the winner(s). The instant Paul Harris was won by Craig Meltzner! Sam McMillan and Jose Guillen won the wine and Chuck Wear got the Rotary backpack.

May Birthdays:

Karen Ball was the only May birthday that was at the meeting today, but other May birthdays are: Wes Daniels and Tasia Henderson

Hands-On Projects:

President Ray will be out at Pepperwood Preserve on Saturday to plant grasses or get rid of plants that do not belong there. Check with the Pepperwood website to see if they are full. Next week on May 11 we will be at the Redwood Empire Food Bank from 5:00 – 7:00PM. You can sign up on their website, but if you forget, come anyway.

The Governor’s Citation Award:

Steve Baime announced this new award program to address climate change and it puts a little fun into it. Each month there will be a suggested activity, but clubs can do other activities too. Steve Baime will announce the project for the month and will keep track of those who participate. For the month of May the suggested project is to determine your carbon footprint. Go to to calculate your carbon footprint. Report back to Steve Baime. The suggested challenge for June is carpooling, walking, or biking to our Rotary meeting. That might be a challenge but check out who works or lives near you so that you can come to the meeting together.

Giro Bello:

Karen Ball is still looking for a lot of volunteers for various Giro Bello activities. This weekend we have club members out at the LBC for the Wine Country Century Bike Ride to solicit riders on Friday and Saturday. Lots of other things need to be done too.  Robert Pierce made it to all the bike shops in Sonoma County to leave flyers on the ride. We all need to help.

Ann Gospe is looking for more sponsorships! Are about a half of our goal.

Mike Duffy on Nuclear Fusion:

Mike is a writer for North Bay Biz magazine and has authored articles on nuclear fusion. I would say he has a definite passion for the topic. Nuclear fusion is solar power. It is hard to replicate what the sun does without burning everything up, so magnets, which can give continuous energy, or lasers that give bursts of energy, is where all the research is going. Steam powered pistons were first used going back to 1938. Ever since then nuclear fusion has always been “20 years away” and still is. Nick Hawker, in First Light Fusion, says that to solve the problem now we will need to have plants in place by the 2040s. One megajoule is the caloric energy in one candy bar. 59 megajoules is the most recorded output of nuclear fusion thus far. Research is being done at Lawrence Livermore Lab in the United States as well as Canada, France, and the United Kingdom. Helium gas is the output of nuclear fusion. Any radio activity is short lived and there is no chain reaction as in nuclear bombs. Burning plasma is the heat generated by the reaction and is the primary heat source of the creation/maintenance of the plasma. So, Mike says we are still, “Twenty years away.”  We need to electrify the world. Our electric grids need upgrading. Fossil fuels will be outdated. Helium, a byproduct of nuclear fusion has many uses so that will not be a problem. It does use lithium so there will need to be more mining of this metal. In the end the trick is to get it hot enough, with enough pressure, to create fusion.

Nuclear Fusion Slideshow

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Governor, District 5130

Dustin Littlefield


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