DIGITAL EDITION No. 201  November 16, 2016  EDITOR: Kris Anderson PHOTOGRAPHER: Kris Anderson PUBLISHER: Richard Lazovick




Our Program for November 30th:

Brian Sobel

election-brianWe are pleased to have Brian Sobel return to our speaker’s podium on November 30th to share his expertise now that the elections are over. He has appeared often on radio and television discussing military, historic and current affairs, as well as national and regional politics.

Sobel, principal consultant for Sobel Communications located in Petaluma, has many years of experience in the corporate and public sectors, as well as a long resume serving non -profits.  He is the author of two books and an anthology, along with numerous articles that have appeared in national publications including the Wall Street Journal.

You will want to invite a guest for this most entertaining and informative program.


Wednesday November 23: CLUB is DARK for Thanksgiving !
Wednesday November 30: 2016 Election Results – Now What !?
Wednesday December 7: Musical Program

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Jose Guillen with puzzle and skunk from Sam and Steve

El Presidente Jose Guillen


Robby Fouts


Peggy Soberanis

Since we had so many international visitors, President Jose greeted us all with “Welcome!” in several languages…..Kind of like Disneyland….or the airport!


Former member Barbara Beedon was visiting from Sebastopol


Sherri Carruthers, Anjelica Hinestroza, Samuel Perilloa, Haroon Zubair, Hermes Adje, Audrey LeBaudour, Herb Wilmsen


kerrie-chambersKerrie Chambers is looking for bell ringers for the Salvation Army kettles.  She has 96 openings to fill this year. Please call or email her for the times that are available.

Diane Moresi announced that our holiday party will be Thursday December 8th, 6:00 – 8:00 pm at Corrick’s.  Keven Brown is keeping open special hours just for us and he is known for giving a generous discount on anything that you buy that night!  Please bring a bottle of wine or an appetizer to share.

doug-chaseDoug Chase is working on organizing our Rotary photos.  If you are like me, you have a computer full of pictures.  He is organizing a Drop Box for all of us to deposit our Rotary photos.

Doug Chase was also promoting our local foundation for that end of the year donations.

Speaking of the local foundation Jeanne Levin has let us know that Amazon will make a donation to the local foundation every time we buy from Amazon through their Smile program.  She and Doug Chase showed us on the computer how to do it.  So go to to get started and pick the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa for the donation.


birthdays-for-novemberYale Abrams, Kathleen Archer, Steve Baime, Laura Held, Fred Levin, Wally Lowry, Craig Meltzner, Diane Moresi, Julia Parranto, Bob Sorenson, Brandon Uhrich, Cathy Vicini, and Dan Wright. Man, that is a lot of November birthdays!


President Jose had 10 people on his list and most were not here today.  Did someone tip them off?  Shari had been back east to the Naval Academy and brought back a book to be auctioned off in the future for the club.  She even had a naval hat for President Jose.

Chuck Bartley said a few words about Dick Jenkins memorial service last week.  I understand we had 18 members there.

jeanne-levin-and-doug-chasesam-mcmillan-and-steve-olson-talking-about-trip-to-fort-braggJeanne Levin was helping Fay Telamantes find a location for her husband’s memorial service.  Since Phil Telamantes was a big supporter of SRJC she thought that the campus might work.  In calling Steve Olson it occurred to her that Shone Farm might even be better!  So she calls Steve and he’s up in Fort Bragg with Sam McMillan and their wives.  It appears they were having a bit of fun so when Jeanne wanted to set a date, it got all convoluted.  I missed something about a Barbra Streisand song….and all they came back with her version of “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead,” from the Wizard of Oz.  Therefore, for insulting the Queen they gave a generous donation to their grandchildren’s Paul Harris.


marnie-goldschlag-introducing-our-guestsToday we had for students from the junior college as part of the SRJC international program.  Marnie Goldschlag introduced Audrey Bowdoor who is running the program.  This year they have 16 students from 9 countries.  Besides attending the school they also do projects and internships.

Samuel Perilla Chamorro and Anjelica Hinestrozo are from Columbia.  Sam mentioned that Columbia is thought of as just cocaine, but he says there is little cocaine use in Columbia as it is expensive and it is shipped out to the United States and other places in the world.  Sam comes from coffee country, Manizales.  He introduced us to the phrase “muy charro” meaning really funny.  There is an active volcano nearby.  Ibague is the town where he was born and raised.

anjelica-from-colombiaAnjelica is from Medellin where it always looks like spring.  Columbia is rich in natural resources, but due to corruption much of the population lives in poverty.

Harson Zubair is from Pakistan.  He asked us what was our first impression of Pakistan.  Terrorism is usually the first impression, but he hopes to win us over.  He works for a lovely hotel is Islamabad.  Pakistan is striving to build a thriving economy. Harron says part of his job in Santa Rosa is letting people know that the Pakistani people are more like him, not a terrorist!

hermes-from-the-ivory-coastHermes Adje is from the Ivory Coast. He wore a traditional costume to the meeting today, but he dresses like us in daily life.   The country was settled by the French so you will find a lot a French influences in the country.  However there are some 60 different languages spoken among the 25,000,000 people.  It is a popular tourist destination.  He was born in 1987 and is the 7th of 9 children. From a young age he became interested in electronics.  He has worked at the US embassy in Ivory Coast.  He would like to start his own company and/or build a school for under privileged children.

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harson-from-pakistan  jose-with-sam-marnie-hermes-audrey-anjelica-and-harson  sam-from-columbia  sam-with-map-of-columbia sam-marnie-hermes-audrey-anjelica-and-harson


Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Officers

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