DIGITAL EDITION No. 202  November 30, 2016  EDITOR: Kris Anderson PHOTOGRAPHER: Diane Moresi PUBLISHER: Richard Lazovick

Our Program for December 7:

Alan Silow

alan-silow-picAlan Silow, Executive Director of the Santa Rosa Symphony, will give a presentation on the search for the Symphony’s new music director.  The Santa Rosa Symphony has had only four music directors over its 89 year history. This coming year promises to be a fabulous one, highlighting the five finalists, each performing a concert on their own. These finalists represent some of the finest young conductors to be found. The community’s input is very important. Alan’s video presentation will give a glimpse of the talent we will enjoy next year and “back stage” insight on the selection process.

Harpist Christina Zieminski, a musician trained in the Santa Rosa Symphony’s many youth programs and orchestras, will perform holiday selections for our enjoyment.


Wednesday December 7: Musical Program
Wednesday December 14: Listening For A Change
Wednesday December 21: Club is Dark due to Christmas Holiday
Wednesday December 28: Annual Trivia Contest

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Debi Zaft led us in the Pledge of Allegiance

Yale Abrams gave us the invocation with some quotes from Mark Twain in honor of his 181st birthday


Mikel Cook from Sebastopol Sunrise


Speaker Brian Sobel and Mel Konrad


Kim Murphy’s daughter has had a stroke. Norm Owen’s wife, Beverly, is battling cancer.


dscn2231 dscn2230We had a winner last week, so today’s pot was only $34.00.  Matthew Henry gave Rich de Lambert a shot, but he did not pull the winner.


President Jose has suggested we have private dinners in our homes and charge our guests a nominal fee to earn more money for Polio Plus. We would like to raise $2,000 this year and so far, we have only raised $376.

Happy 95th Birthday Rotary Club of Santa Rosa

Happy 95th Birthday Rotary Club of Santa Rosa

Mark Burchill:  December 1, 2016 is our club’s 95’Th birthday!  We had cake to celebrate this milestone.  As historian, he is putting together a committee to plan our 100th birthday in 2021.  If you would like to be on that planning committee, please let him know.

Chip Rawson needs volunteers for fellowship jobs for our December meetings.  Please contact him if you can help with:  the pledge, invocation, greeter, ticket taker, raffle helper, and ticket sales this month.

Doug Chase thanked all who have been shopping on Amazon Smile.  We have already earned some money!  He also reminded all members who have photos that we now have a Drop Box account for all those pictures.  He will tell you how to submit them.

Ted Wilmsen announced that it is time to sign up for dictionary delivery in January.  The sign up will be on the back table.

dscn2240Kim Graves announced that the poinsettias are now for sale.  You will pick them up on December 7th.  The Christmas party at Vigil Light will be on December 14th due to scheduling issues.

Kerrie Chambers had only 13 more slots to fill for the Salvation Army Bell Ringing.

Mikel Cook, Visiting Rotarian from the Sunrise Club explaining how the Club’s donation to their project benefited

Cathy Vicini’s joke of the day was quite cute and just a touch risqué!  It just goes to show that grandmothers better be careful about what they say to their grandchildren!

Mikel Cook, a visiting Rotarian, gave us an update on one of our grants! In Nigeria we have brought telemedicine to one area…soon to be two.  Plus, it looks like another site will be opening in Rwanda!


dscn2237President Jose brought out all the gifts that club dscn2234 members have brought him this year and packaged them up.  We did not know what gift was in any of the bags.  So as Doug Johnson pulled the numbers, the packages were given out.  You had to be present to win the mystery packages, but not so for the instant Paul Harris award.  Ray Giampaoli was the big winner of the Paul Harris Award!



dscn2249Steve Marburger’s phone went off.  There is a $10 fine for that!

Larry and Mary Miyano were in Italy for 3 weeks.  They brought back a Napoleon Bonaparte apron to give to President Jose. But the gift was not enough for fining him.  Larry generously donated.

dscn2251Layne Bowen saw his picture on the screen.  Oh oh!  What’s this?  For all he does for our club’ bulletin, the recent concert at his home, wrangling a few of us to write the bulletin and other good deeds, he was selected as Rotarian of the Month for October!  He was so delighted that he donated $100 toward his Paul Harris.


Guest Speaker Brian Sobel

Guest Speaker Brian Sobel

Brian Sobel was back to take a look at what happened on Election Day for president and what it might mean for our county.   Boy was he wrong as well as most of the media.  How did Trump win?  Well, he did a very good job of getting out in front of the voters all the time and up to the very end.  Media, pollsters, Democrats and Hillary Clinton missed how much angst there is in Middle America.   Supporters for Trump and Sanders had a lot in common.  Their supporters were disenchanted with the status quo.  Once Bernie was out his supporters scattered.  Some voted for Trump, some Clinton, some third party, but the Millennials did not vote.  This is not the first time an outsider has won; Andrew Jackson and Teddy Roosevelt were outsiders. .  It is unusual that the President, Senate and House all be one party majority.  Republicans and Democrats are not monolithic.  So it is unlikely that the Republican agenda will go on without a fight.  We’ll just have to wait and see what happens and hope that everything will work out fine.  Brian pointed out the resilience of our country in transitioning after elections and reminded us that the election showed that every vote does matters.

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Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Officers

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