DIGITAL EDITION No. 288 October 3, 2018  EDITOR: Kris Anderson PHOTOGRAPHER: Diane Moresi PUBLISHER: Richard Lazovick

Our Program For Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Our Booming Economy

Senator Mike McGuire

“California Now: Our Booming Economy, Leading Environmental Protections and Tackling our Toughest Challenges”

Join us to hear Senator McGuire speak to the progress and challenges in the state. He will include an update on fire relief effort both locally and statewide.


Wednesday October 17, 2018:Rotary Club of St. Andrews International Golf Tournament 2018 – Don McMillian
Wednesday October 24, 2018: Buck Institute – Dr. Eric Verdin
Wednesday October 31, 2018: Rotary Friendship Exchange Chair – Greg Freitas


Aug. 19-26, 2019 – Rotary Rhine River Cruise
Jackie says only 3 cabins are left for the 2019 Rhine River Cruise.
                 Click here  for pricing, itinerary, etc.
                 Click here for flyer.
                 Jackie McMillan and Eva Atkin


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Come see us at: http://rotarymeansbusiness

Close quarters in the Flamingo Lounge!


President Tony welcomed us to our meeting in the “bar.”  An interesting place to meet.  Even had its own peanut gallery!

The Pledge was led by Carolyn Fassi

David Berman read us some inspirational quotes for the reflection.  The first one from Martin Luther King, “If you cannot fly, run, if you cannot run, walk, if you cannot walk, crawl, by all means keep moving.”


None today. 


Bill Adams, Lizbeth Broulet, Florencia Label, Jerry Miller, Jeff Kunde and Jacob Gospe


Ginny Cannon says that Roy Thylin is not doing well.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

President Tony auctions off an adult beverage from Greece provided by Kim Graves!JOKE OF THE DAY:

Cathy Vicini was not here today, so here is last week’s joke:

 A man was having marital problems. So, he went to his psychologist.

The shrink says, “When you get home, throw down your briefcase, run to her, embrace her,

take off her clothes, and yours, and make mad passionate love to her.”

In two weeks, he was back in the psychologist’s office.

The shrink asked, “How did it go?”

He said, “She didn’t have anything to say, but her bridge club got a kick out of it.”

Three raffle tickets drawn this week. Two for outstanding wines provided by Jeff Kunde. Rich DeLambert did not pull the winning marble for the real money!RAFFLE:

A good day to buy a raffle ticket!  Not only did we have the regular progressive raffle, but Jeff Kunde brought two bottles of wine!  Michael Moore got the Chardonnay, Bill Adams got the Zinfandel and Rich de Lambert got a chance to win the raffle, $68.00 today, but did not.


The Rotary Potluck and Meat Auction that will take place at Crane Melon Barn on October 18th

Three raffle tickets drawn this week. Two for outstanding wines provided by Jeff Kunde. Rich DeLambert did not pull the winning marble for the real money!PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDAR!  WE HAVE 1 UPCOMING MEETINGS THAT WILL BE MEETING AT THE ODDFELLOWS LODGE, 545 PACIFIC AVENUE, SANTA ROSA:  NOVEMBER 14.  PLEASE ALSO NOTE THAT THE VETERAN’S PROGRAM WILL BE NOVEMBER 8, THEREFORE NO MEETING ON NOVEMBER 7. Click here for flyer.

The October 24th meeting will also be in the bar at the Flamingo,

Vickie Hardcastle announced Bob Rogers Pedal for Polio ride on October 4th.  He wants to raise $140,000.  That would be about $65.00 per person in District 5130; for $100 you get a Polio Plus bracelet.

World Polio Day is October 24th.  Our club’s goal this year is $4000.00

Three raffle tickets drawn this week. Two for outstanding wines provided by Jeff Kunde. Rich DeLambert did not pull the winning marble for the real money!District 5130 Rotary Foundation meeting for the South is on October 27st at the Doubletree in Rohnert Park.  Keep an eye on your email for more details.

District 5130 Rotary Foundation Celebration will be a brunch this year on October 28th at the Doubletree in Rohnert Park.  Details have been emailed to you.

Doug Johnson reminded us that the Gran Fondo is this weekend.  Be in Monte Rio at 7:00 am to work.  We should be done by 11:30. He is inviting anyone who wants to go to stop by the Westside Bar for a drink after cleaning up in Monte Rio.

Doug also announced that they are still looking for organizations for the 3, $50,000 grants.  Send your nominations to him.

Matthew Henry announced the good bye party for Don and Jackie McMillan.  It will be on Sunday, October 21st at Legends at Bennett Valley Golf Course.  The cost for the hors d’oeuvres is $10.00 and they will have a cash bar.  For those who may not be aware, both their sons will be living and working in the Washington DC area for the next 18 months. The McMillan’s feel that this is an opportunity they could not pass up since both of their boys and their families have lived far away for many years.  I think grandkids have something to do with it! Click here for the flyer.

Paul Hamilton is now selling tickets for the Veteran’s Day program on November 8th.  Tickets are $15.00. 
Click here for Veteran’s Day Program flyer
Click here for the Honoring John Brown flyer.

Yale Abrams announced a Hands-on Project Day for Saturday, October 6th at the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation.  So, if you are not helping at the Gran Fondo, please see him to sign up to work.  Work starts at 9:30 am.

Steve Baime can get us discounted tickets for the Santa Rosa symphony performance on November 3rd.  If you would like to go, send him an email.  The more people who go, the more of a discount we get!  Please respond by October 10th.

The board has approved membership for Mary Graves and Lena Humber, both are past members who have missed us.  So happy  to have them back!

President Tony, Jerry Miller, and SRJC Board member and candidate Jeff KundeRECOGNITIONS:

Kim Graves, just back from a 3-week vacation to Greece, brought back olives, ouzo and a lapis charm.  Doug Johnson paid $100.00 for it so that he could tell his Greek vacation story.  Doug says that he was in a rather shady bar; could have been a whore house when he got a glass of ouzo on the rocks.  He declined the mixer which he found out was laced with a drug.  God only knows what could have happened!  Still, he never did tell us why he was at that bar…….

Kathleen Archer’s daughter was married at the Willard Hotel in Washington DC on September 22nd.

Sam McMillan and Rich de Lambert drank more beer than usual at the YMCA golf tournament?  They ran out early!

President Tony played two videos for us, “Experience is Everything” and a new Rotary marketing video

Guest speaker Jerry Miller, SRJC Dean of Career/TechGuest speaker Jerry Miller, SRJC Dean of Career/TechPROGRAM:  Jerry Miller, Dean Career & Technical Education and Economic Development for Santa Rosa Junior College

Jerry went through all the certificate and degree programs available at SRJC.  So many!  He makes a very strong case as to why young people, or anyone wishing to make a career change, should seriously consider going to SRJC first before transferring to a four-year college or university.

A Message From Past District Governor Bob Rogers

Rotary…Where Dreams Take Flight.” Hello District 5130 Rotarians…Past District Governor Bob Rogers here following up on the “Ideation” process begun at our District Conference this past May. We promised to get you all the ideas that came from those incredible sessions. We hope these will become “sparks” toward new efforts and initiatives to address these club, community and beyond issues. Our plan is to issue them at the rate of two per month. With this email, we are starting the process with the first two, Educating Children to be Better Citizens and Attracting New Members for Clubs, by including them as attachments. I think you’ll find plenty of new ideas for both challenges in these documents, particularly for your youth related Committees and your Membership Committee members.

Some history for those who could not attend. We sent out a survey to all Rotarians last December, where we took your responses and picked the top 8 challenges we, as Rotarians, should focus on at the District Conference’s brainstorming “Ideation” Sessions.

Here they are in their order of ranking and the dates we’re “releasing” the results in the months ahead (Please note: All of the results will be posted on the website).


1. Educating children to be better citizens

2. Attracting new members for clubs


3. Rotary’s relevance in the future

4. Access to education in the developing world


5. Disaster preparedness and response

6. Homelessness


7. Developing and sustaining vibrant communities

8. Female rights in the developing world

These Conference Theme quotes above are what the Conference was all about. Rotarians, In-bound and Out-bound Youth Exchange Students, Rotaractors, and Rotex Members all collaborated together in this process. Join in, take these ideas and make them fly!

Yours in Rotary,


ATTRACTING NEW MEMBERS FOR CLUBS Q & A’s Danielle Lallement Developing Ethical Behaviors Q & A’s

Developing Ethical Behaviors Q & A’s

Governor, District 5130

Barb Spangler, Valley of the Moon Rotary Club





Attendance Secretary

Debi Zaft P.O. Box 505 Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Board of Directors

Club Service I, Membership, Ryan Thomas
Club Service II, Club Meetings, Jeff Kolin
Club Service III, Fundraising, Steve Baime
Club Service IV, Member Activities, Anne Gospe
Club Service V, Information Technology and Records, Brandon Urich
Community Service I, Member Involvement, Andrea Geary
Community Service II, Youth, Laura Held
Vocational Service, Carolyn Fassi
International Service, Peter Holewinski