Words of Appreciation from Vigil Lights Residents

Dear Members:

Thank you for the beautiful poinsettia which is brightening up my apartment and giving me much lasting joy.

The delicious variety of home-made cookies, and your entertaining us residents with Christmas carols was also much appreciated.

It is kind of you to think of us Christmas after Christmas, especially with the current state of the economy.

May each of you receive many blessings in the New Year – among them good health, happiness, and prosperity.


Frances Lambert

Dear Rotarians,

Many thanks to you and the Rotary Club for the beautiful poinsettia.  I just moved into Vigil Light Apts. and seeing the lovely plant really warmed my heart. It was kind and so thoughtful.

I wish all of you at the Rotary Club a peaceful and joyful Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.


Clothilde Curtin

Thank you; it was a “Great Gathering” for all of us at the Vigil Light.

Thank you for the beautiful poinsettia and the delicious cookies.  I sure enjoyed it.  Marge

Thank you. We appreciate what you do.  Mary

Thank you all and may God bless you all.  Everybody had a great time. Dennis & Anna

Dear Friends of the Santa Rosa Rotary, Once again my Christmas is brighter because I have a beautiful poinsettia in my apt. to cheer me up! Many thanks – and the cookies and music weren’t so bad either!! Have a great one yourselves.  Shirley

I look forward to receiving a beautiful poinsettia. Thank you for your kindness. Carol

Thank you for adding beauty to our Christmas.  Elinor

Thank you for the lovely celebration.  Ruth

Thank you for the thoughtful poinsettias, cookies, and music.  Musak

It was fun to sing with you! Thanks for the bright spot of color in my living room.  Judith

Thank you for the poinsettia, music, etc. It was much appreciated.  Carole

People like you brighten the world for the rest of us.  Thank you for the beautiful poinsettias and the cookies, etc.  Sally

Thank you so much for sharing your songs and cookies and giving us poinsettias.  We all enjoyed your company and your generosity.  Jessie

God bless you all for your generosity.  Nancy

I love the poinsettia.  Thank you.  Susan

Thank you for the poinsettia plants, caroling and delicious cookies.  Thank you very much. We really appreciate it.

Thank you for my lovely plant.  It is so pretty and brightens up the apt.  Mary

Thank you for the lovely poinsettia.  Janey

Please excuse all my mistakes.  I’m 96 ½ and it’s easier for me to make mistakes.  What a kind and thoughtful group you are to be giving us a lovely poinsettia each year.  The poinsettia plant is such a cheerful plant.  May God bless each one of you that had a part. I enjoyed the singing, and Oh, that Piano Player.  I just had to go up and tell him how terrific he plays, and yum, yum, those good cookies.  In fact, I enjoyed everything.  See you next year, Lord willing.  Thanks again.  Zella