Next Meeting is Hybrid
Wednesday September 8, 2021

NOTE: This is a Hybrid Meeting.
See details below.

Proposition 19.
Approved By The Voters But Not Understood

Rhianna Yeager

Rhianna Yeager, the Chief Deputy Assessor of the Sonoma County Assessor’s Office will clarify Prop 19 for us.    What does it do, who does it affect, and how does it work?

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All meetings are in-person and online meetings. In-person meetings will be located at the Epicenter Sports Center located at 3215 Coffey Lane, Santa Rosa, CA.  Use the first door, closest to Piner Road. There will be greeters at the door to guide you.

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Wednesday September 15: “Getting To Know You Better”(Craft Talks  From Senior Members)
Wednesday September 22: Polio Update – Bob Rogers
Wednesday September 29: Afghan Peace Fellow
Wednesday October 6: Art Start

Keep checking back.  New Programs coming soon!


Sept 18th:
The next social will be next month on Saturday, September 18th at the Gospe’s house. This time it will be a family pool party. Please bring the kids and grandkids. We will also be having our meat auction from the lambs and pigs that were bought at the Sonoma County Fair. More details to come.

Keep checking back.  New socials coming soon!


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Opening Ceremonies:

Andrea Geary led us in the reciting off the Pledge of Allegiance and The Four Way Test. Her reflection, “Winners are not people who never fail. They are people who never quit.”

Visiting Rotarians:

Randy Hartt, the new major from the Salvation Army, is visiting from Suisun City, but will be transferring to our club.


Ginny Canon says that Matt Everson’s son is now starting physical therapy for his skateboard accident


We started over today with 10 marbles and $20 – $30 in the pot. Peter Holewinski had the right ticket, but he did not pull the blue marble. The pot rolls over to next week.


Keven Brown was here with prizes for the September birthday people. Cecil Humes was our only September birthday here today. So, we sang to him. Here are a few other September birthdays:  Chuck Bartley, Carolyn Fassi, and Ryan Thomas


Two tickets to Thursday’s Giants and Brewers game. Lower box seats! Vickie Hardcastle had the winning bid of $250.00. The money was donated to the Larry Miyano Engineering Scholarship. Gary Vice, Keven Brown, and Paul Hamilton each donated an extra $100 for the Larry Miyano fund. Which leads me to….

Larry Miyano Goal Achieved!

One year ago, the Rotary Scholarship Committee set an initial fund-raising goal of $50,000 to permanently endow the Larry Miyano Memorial Engineering Scholarship. Thanks to the contributions received over the few past days the goal has been achieved. Over 125 donors contributed to Larry’s Fund over the past year including many Rotarians, members of his family, friends, and professional associates. The fund is projected to generate enough return on investment to offer a $2,000 scholarship in 2021-22 and hopefully an even larger award in the future as more contributions are received.

The establishment of the Miyano Scholarship brings the total number of scholarships sponsored by the Club Foundation to seventeen including three renewable scholarships. The total value of the scholarships awarded for 2021-22 is $35,000. The cost of attending college continues to increase and for this reason, the Rotary Scholarship Committee is attempting to increase the base amount of its scholarships. Many of this year’s awards were increased from $2,000 to $2,500. Hopefully, the base amount of all the Rotary Scholarships will be raised in the near future.

Thanks to all who contributed to Larry’s Scholarship as well as the other scholarships sponsored by the Club Foundation. The Rotary Scholarship Committee looks forward to your continued support.

Steve Olson, Chair
Rotary Scholarship Committee

Today’s guest speaker is Terry Winter on Heathcare with emphasis on Medicare for All

Terry Winter has worked as a registered nurse and health planner for 40 years, including a 16-year stint designing and leading a team providing care for people with HIV/AIDS at Kaiser Medical Center in Santa Rosa. He is the co-chair of the Healthcare for All Working Group, a partnership of North Bay Jobs with Justice and Health Professionals for Equality and Community Empowerment (HPEACE). Terry was also a founding board member of the Graton Day Labor Center, a vibrant center for employment, leadership, and social action.

Terry asks the question:  By paying twice as much as the residents of other countries, do Americans get better health outcomes? According to reliable measures of quality from the Healthcare Access and Quality Index, The Commonwealth Fund, and the Kaiser Family Foundation, the answer is a resounding “no.” Despite paying less, 33 countries have higher quality of care while being more efficient, less error-prone, and removing cost as a barrier to care.

In the United States our healthcare is overpriced, underperforming, unequitable, and unsustainable. Bureaucracy gets in the way of the care we need. It does not let the professionals do their jobs. We have the highest drug prices, care costs and administrative costs than most 1st world nations. Employer base care is a problem because people cannot easily change jobs without the fear of losing their healthcare. Terry feels that a single payer system, like Medicare is the fairest and most cost-effective option. It would improve care, better workplace performance, and encourage people to be more entrepreneurial in their work since they do not have to fear losing their healthcare. There would be better service in rural areas. Dental, eyecare and hearing would be included. How to pay for it? Progressive taxation.

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