DIGITAL EDITION No. 239 September 13, 2017  EDITOR: Layne Bowen PHOTOGRAPHER: Nicole Le PUBLISHER: Richard Lazovick

Our Program For September 20, 2017


Gail Ervin

Rotary Peace Fellow Dr Gail Ervin

Rotary peace Fellow Dr. Gail Ervin will share about Rotary and its role in building a “positive” peace in the world, and the work she has been doing in Kenya with nomadic herder communities.  She will share about an indigenous peace building process that brought peace between five warring ethnic groups, and how those communities are struggling to maintain this peace, to show how Rotary contributes to sustainable peace through the other five Pillars: fighting disease, providing clean water, saving mothers and children, supporting education, growing local economies.

Wednesday September 27th: Update from the Sheriffs Office
Wednesday October 4th: Eating For Health – Dr. Ed Bauman
Wednesday October 11th: City Manager – Sean McGlynn
Wednesday October 18thPat Harper – 180 Studios: New Maker Project


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Opening ceremonies

Pledge: Karen Ball
Invocation: Chip Rawson


Today’s guest were: Argo Thompson, Veronica Velez.

Visiting Rotarians

Steve Baime introduced our visiting Rotarians, DG Bob Rogers and his wife Peggy, GeorgeBatchel, Don Floriani and Steve Amend.


Sad news from Ginny today. Wally Lowery is in failing health and has been readmitted to the hospital. He is not expected to survive. Our beloved Wally is in our prayers as is Tim Fawcett’s dad, who recently passed away.


Doug Roberts ran today’s raffle with 98 bucks

Cathy’s a Joker

A woman walked into the kitchen to find her Husband stalking around with a fly swatter… “What are you doing?” She asked.  “Hunting Flies” He responded. “Oh. Killing any?” She asked. “Yep, 3 males, 2 Females,” he replied. Intrigued, she asked. “How can you tell them apart?” He responded, “3 were on a beer can, 2 were on the phone.


  • Andrea Geary announced September 29th joint social barbecue at the Living Room. She also needs parking volunteers.
  • Matthew Henry passed out 4 Way Test cards for us to give to prospective Rotarians.
  • Casey D’Angelo is looking for mentor volunteers for New Gen in January, February and March.
  • Kris Anderson and Argo promoted the production of Sideways at Left Edge Theater which will be September 21st. Tix are $40 each and are a fundraiser for Polio Plus.
  • Doug Johnson is still looking for volunteers for Gran Fondo on September 30.
  • Fred Levin told us this years Veterans Program will be November 9th.

Paul Harris Fellow

Rich de Lambert and his wife Faith were invited to the stage to accept Rich’s 5th PH which will be in Faith’s name.

Birthday Recognitions

Cecil Humes, Ryan Thomas and Kerrie Chambers were the only 3 present to accept birthday wishes.

Rotarian of the Month

Julia attended a meeting at the East club yesterday and heard accolades from a member about Paul Hamilton. In addition he is the month’s Rotarian of the Month for all that he does for our club.

Program – District Governor Visit

Assistant to the DG Marnie Goldschlag introduced District Governor Bob Rogers to our club. Mr. Rogers shared his thanks for our club’s Peddling for Polio donations. The goal was to raise a total of $84,000. The Peddling for Polio event was his idea and he shared his appreciation of the efforts of all who donated lodging and logistical support to make it a success. DG Rogers noted that there are 10 new cases of polio this year. We have to go another 3 years to make sure polio is totally a thing of the past. He noted the Bill and Melinda Gates has increased their matching funds so that if Rotary comes up with 50 million, the Gates Foundation will donate 100 million annually for the next 3 years. A video of the ride from Fortuna to Petaluma was shown to give us a better idea of how the riding contingent educated people along the way as well as how they made logistical decisions along the way. DG Rogers also announced the 2018 District Conference May 18-20 at the retired and repurposed McClellan Air Force Base. Overall, the District Governor inspired us, noting that all of our Rotary accomplishments start with one person’s dream.

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Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Officers

President: Julia Parranto, President Elect: Tony Roehrick, President Elect Nominee: Cathy Vicini, Past President: Jose Guillen, Secretary: Debi Zaft, Treasurer: Cecil G. Humes

President Rotary International

Ian Riseley of the RC of Sandringham, Australia

Governor, District 5130

Bob Rogers, Rotary Club of Sebastopol

Attendance Secretary

Debi Zaft P.O. Box 505 Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Board of Directors

Kathleen Archer, Ray Giampaoli, Steve Marburger, Jackie McMillan, Diane Moresi, Laura Held, Peter Holewinski, Steve Baime and Jeff Kolin