DIGITAL EDITION   No. 47     September 25, 2013     EDITORS:  Layne Bowen & David Brown     PHOTOGRAPHER: Diane Moresi

Our Program For October 2nd


A “bucket list” overflowing with Italian wineries, vineyards, & castles

10-02-2013 - La Dolce VitaAfter nearly 30 years working in the corporate world, Don Chigazola decided to change his path and embark on a journey that takes him to Italian vineyards, wineries, and castles. He travels the back roads of the Italian countryside in search of small family producers of native Italian varietal wines and then imports those wines to Northern California. Next Wednesday, Don shares with us his trial by regulations, navigating through the Italian wine culture and the U.S. federal, state, and local regulatory quagmire to become becoming a licensed wine importer and retailer here in Santa Rosa. Don has lived in Sonoma County for nearly 30 years and worked for several major employers including PG&E, Hewlett-Packard, Agilent, and—most recently—Medtronic.


October 9: What’s New in the World of Elections?
October 16: The Honorable Rene’ Auguste Chouteau: The state of the Superior Court
October 23: John Blount, Director, Rotary International
NOTE: The October 23rd meeting will be held at St. Rose Hall


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President Peg was away today, so Past President Debi Zaft was called upon to fill the void. She did so admirably! Blaine Goodwin then led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of these United States of America. Dr. Barry Silberg, after a recent visit with his mother, shared with us the virtue of her remarkable 99 years of good health, not to mention her sharp sense of humor.


Judy Glenn introduced her husband Thom, who was present today to hear Judy’s Craft Talk…her second talk since she became a Rotarian ‘way back in 2002. Doug Chase introduced his guest & friend, Dr. Michael Rice, D.D.S.


Although Penny Tibbetts was missing in action today, it was still a beautiful sunny day in the September crush, Wednesday, the 25th of September with no new reports of ill health among our fellow Rotarians.

Jane Duggan

Jane Duggan looks very serious as she chooses a card from Mike Kalhoff


Obviously either a mathematical genius or a skilled gambler, United Way exec Mike Kallhoff confidently informed us that this week’s Rotary Raffle Jackpot totaled $576. With only 32 non-winner cards in the velvet bag, the odds of a winner were one in 16. Jane Duggan’s lucky number was drawn but she was less than successful at finding the Joker. She walked away with $10 and a smile on her face, probably mentally totaling all the conciliatory ten spots she has pocketed in recent months.


Nick Knickerbocker has been greatly missed at our weekly meetings these past weeks, although his replacements filling in for him have been as frugal with the Jokers as Nick always was. He’s been taking care of his wife Camille, who is slowly recovering under his care at home. Nick reports that she had an allergic reaction this week due to medication intended to improve her flagging appetite. We wish the Knickerbockers a speedy recovery to full health.

Dick Jenkins is due admiration and recognition for his persistence and stubbornness, maintaining 43 years’ of almost-perfect attendance at Rotary since he joined this Rotary Club back in 1970. After so many months’ absence in recovery Dick and his wheelchair pilot continue to make virtually every Rotary meeting. Please join us in stopping by his table with a Rotary handshake, a warm welcome,  a Rotary handshake, and our sincere thanks for all that he has done for our club through his dedication and loyalty to Rotary. 

Judy Glenn prepares for her Craft Talk

Judy Glenn prepares for her Craft Talk


After giving a few of the usual craft talk statistics and credits to her husband and family, Judy Glenn, commemorated her second Rotary tour with the help of three musically-talented fellow Rotarians—Layne Bowen, fiddling with his mandolin, Chip Rawson pitching in on the vocal, and filling in adequately for the late, the original and still missed Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong, past president Don McMillan on his trumpet. What a pleasant surprise!

Then just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Judy began to polish the ivories and proved herself to be a talented jazz piano player. Together, the group transported us back to the sixties with a fine rendition of Satchmo’s greatest hit, Hello Dolly, in which Chip inserted Judy’s name at the appropriate moments. After 12 years it is now official: Judy will never go away again!  Welcome back to the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa!

Judy Glenn

Judy Glenn, Don McMillan, Layne Bowen and Chip Rawson


Ted Wilmsen gave a public service announcement on behalf of the worthy “501-C 3” non-profit organizations in Sonoma County, encouraging each and every one of us to report back to him at our Rotary Club’s grant foundation. We are looking for worthwhile top-of-the-mark community service organizations to submit Grant Applications to our Rotary Club’s Local Foundation to be considered for high quality cash grants. To discuss any suggestions you think would be of interest, contact Ted Wilmsen in person, by email, or through his telephone number listed in the club roster.

Legacy Project Progress: “15 or so members of the Rotary Club have submitted ideas to be evaluated”, John McHugh reported to us,” but the door is still open for new ideas. Anyone who would like to make another suggestion or two, send me an email: or call me. I’m listed in the Rotary Roster.”  

Rotary Youth Exchange: A two way street! For example, earlier this month, 17- year-old Giovanni Provenzano, a high school senior from the eastern Mediterranean Island of Sardinia, enrolled as an inbound exchange student in Santa Rosa High School. Next Tuesday & Wednesday, Sonoma County Rotary Clubs will interview local eligible students between the ages of 15½ and 18½ to select Rotary’s outbound exchange student who will represent us overseas in the 2014-15 school year. Interviews will be next week, October 1st & 2nd at Chops Teen Center. For more information contact fellow Rotarians Larry Miyano, Creed Wood, or Tim Delaney. They are in the Roster!

This month’s Rotary Means Business’ Fireside meeting is this Thursday evening, Oct. 3rd, 5:30 pm to 7 pm. Hosted by Kris Anderson and Karen Ball, admission is $10 per person, payable at the door. Rotarian members and guests are welcome: or email for details and reservations.

Rotary Change of Venue to St. Rose Hall: Please note on your calendar, in your iPhone, on the refrigerator, and put a note on your dashboard that Wednesday’s noon meeting of the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa on October 23rd will not be held at the Flamingo. For this date only, our Rotary meeting will be held at St. Rose Hall, 350 10th Street, Santa Rosa.

Payback Time: Giro Bello Chair Doug Johnson reminds us that at every Giro Bello conducted by our Rotary Club for the past three years, the YMCA of Santa Rosa has provided volunteers to help us with those annoying little chores that made Giro Bello the success that it has become. The Pragmatic Doug encourages us to reciprocate by volunteering at the YMCA Golf fundraiser on Friday, October 18th. Contact Doug immediately to offer your help and your presence. He’s in the book, in the club roster, listed on our website, and can be seen at next Wednesday’s Rotary meeting. The name is Doug Johnson and his email address at Discovery Office Systems is www.djohnson@discoveryoffice

Urgent! Sharks Hockey Game: Next Wednesday at Rotary, Greg Johnston will sign up interested Rotary sports fans for the San Jose Sharks Hockey vs. the Phoenix Coyotes: Saturday, Nov. 2nd at 7 pm. The Sharks must be notified that very afternoon how many tickets we’ll need, and if there is enough interest. Minimum of 25 Tix must be sold on Wednesday. Greg says, “Tickets are $87 each and include a snack buffet and two (2) drink tickets. This has always been a lot of fun for us, so don’t miss out on the most exciting sport to watch in person, especially from the same big suite with a great view of the game. Remember, when you sign-up, you are on the hook and firmly committed! If enough of us sign up, we may book a party bus for a little extra cost. Stay tuned. Any questions? Contact Greg Johnston at 707-799-1184.


With President Peggy living it up back in the Big Apple, Past President Debi took advantage of the opportunity to collect her own transportation taxes from our own Traveling Rotarians. Help us keep track:

[list style=”arrow” color=”blue” el_position=”first last”]

  • John & Judy Poremba made it back to Detroit  for a 50th Class Reunion in Detroit
  • Rick & Patricia Allen spent their summer in Russia, the Baltics, and  then to Great Britain for Rick’s 50th class reunion
  • New York City overflowed with fellow Rotarians, including Matt Everson (and Sarah), Ray & Debra Dorfman, and others still missing.


With the well-traveled Judy & John Poremba home from the seven seas, they proved that you really can go home again…back to Detroit (or at least what’s left of it) to attend John’s 50th high school class reunion. In appreciation of that nostalgic visit to The Good Old Days, John donated $50 to the Club.

Rick Allen, not to be outdone, finally admitted that he and his lovely wife Patricia had been spending time this summertime in Europe, then they visited parts of Russia, the Baltic States, and then paddled back to Great Britain, where they caught up with old friends from Rick’s misspent youth as a Fulbright Scholar. All for a measly $50 contribution to the club.

Matt Everson was recognized for his trip with Sara to Boston and then New York. In Boston, they witnessed the Red Sox beating the Yankees at good ole Fenway “Pahk”. Matt and Sara took their act to lovely Mystic, Connecticut, and then to New York City’s Yankee Stadium, where they watched as the Giants play; first the Mets, and then the Yankees.

Our club’s perpetually-engaged media-famous couple also had lunch near Central Park with newlyweds Ray and Debra Dorfman, catching up for lost time between “now” and “then” for the Dorfmans’ delayed honeymoon trip to The Big Apple. As the Marvin side of the Better Half was noticeably absent at Wednesday’s meeting, Debra donated $100 to her daughter’s scholarship fund. Not counting Ray’s handwritten I.O.U. (in absentia) to his Paul Harris Fellowship.

The Atkin’s mystery month: Jack Atkin succinctly confessed that he and Eva had vanished on a month-long vacation and willingly gave up $100 of his hard-earned money to the Club. No questions asked. Thanks, Jack, for volunteering…and contributing.

Let’s make a Deal: Past President Don McMillan copped to going on a Reno golf trip with 17 buddies. For this he donated $100 (a dollar for every stroke on the score card, Don?) to the John Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Tim Stewart broke down and admitted that his mother celebrated her 100th birthday. Tim donated $250 to the club and $250 to the Club Foundation. Very, very generous, Tim! In only three years you’ve adjusted quickly to Rotary’s tradition of generosity.

Another much newer Tim, Tim Delaney that is, was at opposite ends of the country at a business conference in San Diego. Tim treated the grandkids to a visit to Sea World, and ended the adventure with a strange story of watching—with his children—planes crash on YouTube! Tim donated $100 to his Paul Harris.

The word is out: Brandon Uhrich—originally from Indiana—rooted for the Baltimore Colts at Candlestick Park over the weekend and, for this virtually unforgivable transgression, donated $25 to the club. Brandon swears that he roots for the ‘Niners (when they aren’t playing the Colts) so we’ll let him stay in the club.

At Wednesday’s Rotary meeting, John & Cathy Vicini were recognized for hosting this month’s Rotary Social last Sunday for Rotarians and their families around their mountain-top pool overlooking the rest of northern California. It was a beautiful October day full of Rotary fellowship and family fun, with enough juicy barbeque and sinful deserts to satisfy even all the hungry Rotarians who missed the hospitality and the food. Cathy made it a point to say how well behaved the children were and how much she enjoyed hosting the event as we were treated to a photo taken Sunday of Cathy and John in front of their many winemaking awards and hostess Cathy contributed another $100 toward John’s Paul Harris Fellowship.


Cathy & John Vicini - gracious hosts!

Cathy & John Vicini – gracious and generous hosts!

Thanks to the Vicini Family, members and families of  this Rotary Club have been fortunate to enjoy the hospitality and the ambience offered by Cathy and John Vicini in their home atop Fountaingrove Parkway overlooking Santa Rosa and much of Sonoma County, west to the Pacific at Bodega Bay.  John Vicini brought with him the passion and the love of wine that has been handed down from one generation another from the historical Tuscan town of Jera for more than 150 years. After 20 years of hard work, now living and working with Cathy, his wife, and David, their son, they offer their friends and clients exceptional wines from Sonoma County’s gently-rolling vineyard-covered hills. In 1999 they expanded their family’s business, developing & introducing their own label, Trecini, to represent all three Vicinis—John, Cathy, and David—offering five award-winning varietals; Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, Merlot, Merlot Rose’, and a Zinfandel.

Page Two: When the Gates Foundation joined Rotary and stepped up their campaign to eradicate the deadly poliomyelitis virus from the face of the earth, Cathy Vicini already knew what to do: She created a new blend from the lightest of red wines—Pinot Noir—and donated hundreds of cases of her “Polio Plus” wines with the proceeds going to End Polio Now. Only a few bottles are stored away, but this year—2013—the number of cases have decreased globally by 99 percent to only 69 cases. The live polio virus now exists only in three countries on earth—Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria.


Guest Speaker David Rabbitt

Guest Speaker David Rabbitt

Rotary Board Member Jose Guillen introduced the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa to the relatively-new Sonoma County Supervisor David Rabbitt., who immediately acknowledged the good work being done by service clubs, such as Rotary, and thanked us for all the work we do in the community. Mr. Rabbitt then covered the litany of committees and responsibilities he is charged with, giving a brief rundown of each. A few of the many committees on which he serves, such as the Sonoma County Water District, Golden Gate Bridge District, ABAG (the Association of Bay Area Governments) and, not to mention, he is also a trustee for the Sonoma County Retirement Pension Fund. Sonoma County Supervisor Rabbitt also described his involvement with BEST, formed to encourage business growth in Sonoma County and which, directly or indirectly, “has fostered some 1,300 jobs in the county”, as our speaker stated.

He also noted, “The County of Sonoma lost some 600 jobs since 2008, primarily through attrition, and that a new way of thinking is being implemented to assess what is needed and how it can be accomplished with fewer available funds. $2 billion dollars in infrastructure improvements—more or less—are underway to support airport expansion, the new Target Shopping Center in Petaluma, the new casino facility in Rohnert Park (likely to be a traffic nightmare at first!) and of course SMART.”

Supervisor Rabbitt also covered Obamacare preparation in the county, noting that 50 new employees have been added, “But are paid for by the federal government.”


Tim Delaney, Cathy Vicini and Rich de Lambert. Happy Rotarians!

Tim Delaney, Cathy Vicini and Rich de Lambert.
Happy Rotarians!


Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Officers

President: Peggy Soberanis, President Elect: Mark Burchill, President Elect Nominee: Jose Guillen, Past President: Bill Rousseau, Secretary: Jack Abercrombie, Treasurer: Cecil G. Humes, Sergeant at Arms: Jack Geary

President Rotary International

Ron D. Burton, member of the Rotary Club of Norman, Oklahoma, USA

Governor, District 5130

Helaine Campbell, Rotary Club of Sebastopol Sunrise

Attendance Secretary

Jack Abercrombie P.O. Box 505 Santa Rosa, CA 95402 707-538-4770

Board of Directors

Debra Dorfman, Matt Fannin, Jose Guillen, Doug Johnson, Nicole Le, Robert Pierce, Jack Tolin, Creed Wood, Cathy Vicini