DIGITAL VERSION          No. 0          October 10, 2012          EDITOR: Jim Johnson

Our Program For October 17th:


An original Santa Rosa idea that enhances the lives of thousands

Flamingo Resort Hotel, Wednesday, 12:00 noon

Canine Companions for Independence is a Sonoma County Original, founded more than 35 years ago by the legendary Bonnie Bergin. But that’s another story entirely. Today Canine Companions is the largest assistant dog organization in the world with training facilities and operations nationwide and internationally. Headquartered in Santa Rosa, the non-profit 501(c)3 foundation provides highly- trained assistance dogs and ongoing support that enhance the lives of people with disabilities. This week’s speaker will be Michelle Lewis and her dog Angel. Michelle, a wife, mother of two young children, and an amputee, and Angel have asked that we spread the word to Rotarians and their guests that they can bring their CCI dogs with them meeting next Wednesday.


October 24: Iran political prisoner Jafar Yaghoobi, October 31: Press Democrat Editorial Director Paul Gullixson, November 7: No meeting due to Veterans Salute on Nov. 8th.


Retired U.S. Navy officer & Past President (1991-92) of our Rotary Club Wally Lowry led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America. For the invocation Doug Chase compared Mohandas Gandhi, the leader of Indian nationalism in Britishruled India 65 years ago, to local basketball coach Steve Azevedo, who often said to his students, “Remember, you miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.” Gandhi was more poetic but Doug believed both Azevedo and Gandhi spoke the same truth, “These two men differed greatly in the journeys of their lives” he said, “yet they made the same point: You may not miss the shot, not get the job or that date, fail to finish the race, but if you don’t stop your addiction or raise the money your charity needs; if you do nothing, never even try, you will never make any shot. Take the shot!!


No visiting Rotarians again this week, but some great guests of our fellow Rotarians: Real estate broker and prospective member Jane Duggan, introduced by Shannon O’Connell. Doug Johnson welcomed his guest from the old days at Santa Rosa High School, John McGill, the owner of Valley Tire & Brake on Piner Road. Doug Chase introduced his wife Robbie, and Keven Brown introduced his newest tenant at Corrick’s, Melissa Moholt-Siebert, the proprietor of Ancient Oak Cellars, downtown Santa Rosa’s first (and only) winetasting room. Wayne Rowlands proudly introduced his daughter Courtney, a Safari West volunteer and finally he introduced the old familiar face of today’s speaker, recovering banker Ray Byrne, bird fancier and wild life expert, then Kimberly Robinson, who obviously runs Safari West now that Ray has taken over.


In the Santa Rosarian dated Oct. 3rd Jack Geary’s guest was inadvertently omitted. Nona Lucas filled in for Jack and introduced Margaret Panely, Counselor, Department of Rehabilitation, who announced that the Employer Best Practices Awards Breakfast will be held on Wednesday, October 17th, at 7:30 am in the Flamingo Ballroom. The Rotary Club and the Disability Awareness Committee supports the Sonoma County Mayors’ Committee for Employment of People with Disabilities, which produces the event. Our club also provides the annual trophies presented at the breakfast.


Reporter Robert Pierce welcomed back our fellow Rotarian Cathy Vicini, who recovered from major surgery and returns to Rotary in great-looking health. Dick Jenkins is still serving his sentence at Creekside Rehabilitation Center, 950 Sonoma Avenue. He’s had visitors recently. Jim Johnson dropped off a box of photographic travel booklets for him to share on Monday and heard that, in spite of his problems, Dick was out running through the streets in his pajamas. (Editor: That rumor has been denied by reliable sources). The truth is that he is still in pain and confined to bed, and still lonesome even in his pleasant surroundings. Stop by or give him a call at 544-7750 and ask for Dick Jenkins in Room 222. Visiting hours are 10:30 am to 8 pm.


The Jackpot has swelled to $172, but Red Badger John Berto wasn’t any luckier than other recent card players, settling for a measly $10. Everyone knows the deck contains two winning jokers but it’s hard to keep count of the cards remaining.


Happy Birthday to all 14 fellow Rotarians celebrating birthdays this month. Fortunately for birthday chair Kerrie Chambers not everyone was present. Happy Birthday to all! Alphabetically, of course: Kris Anderson, Katie Barr, Troy Carrington, Dan Bornstein, Tim Fawcett, Jose Guillen, Greg Johnston, Nicole Le, Carrie Ludtke, Vinay Patel, John Poremba, Sonaya Stevens, Tim Stewart, Roy Thylin


Our Rotary Club annual grants are made from each year’s fundraising efforts such as July’s Giro Bello and next Saturday’s Casino Royale celebration at Windsor’s Mary Agatha Furth Center. The Valley of the Moon’s Center Dental Program received a grant last year to provide direct dental care to children brought into emergency foster care. Each child receives and initial evaluation, exam, x-rays, cleaning, and fluoride treatment. A treatment plan is begun if more care is needed. Over the past 15 months, our Rotary Club and our local foundation helped 177 of our county’s most vulnerable children with a $3,000 grant that gave their dental program a mobile dental cart, disposable supplies, dental tools & equipment, and individual hygiene kits for each child 7 years of age and under. The dental project taught all the children to actively participate in their own oral health needs.


Kris Anderson collects a fine from Rick Allen

Apparently some Rotarians just love to give their singles to Nona Lucas every week. In spite of President William’s penalties last week for showing up nude without Rotary pins, the same Rotarians coughed up another pile of bills for not learning what should be a valuable lesson: Always be proud that you are a Rotarian. Wear that little gold wheel at all times! Next week we start taking names and poking fun. It’s the truth and it’s fair; be prepared.


Here’s your mantra for the week: Black Jack! Craps! Poker! Roulette plus two auctions! On the 50th anniversary of “Dr. No”, the James Bond themed Casino Royale kicks off a great night of fun & games, black tie & tuxedo, ample hot appetizers and music and beverages included.—not to mention a bevy of Bond Girls in classy gowns, this Wednesday Shannon O’Connell offered us all a great opportunity to score $500 in cold hard cash with a final spin of roulette. All you gotta do is lay down $50 to own the luckiest number on the wheel. One lucky spin, the little ball stops on the good luck spot, and the money’s yours. But don’t forget that your allotment of tickets must be sold immediately–or at least before Saturday night, October 20th. The fun begins at 6 pm at the elegant & debonair Furth Center, 8400 Old Redwood Highway in Windsor. Chow down with hearty appetizers—Rosso’s cookedon- the-spot hot pizza, Vinay’s Indian Delights, not to mention Sally’s…well…Tomatoes! A wonderful evening of make-believe and fun has been planned at the Furth Center in Windsor, Saturday evening, Casino Chair Debi Zaft urges us to sell & collect for as many tickets as possible. All tickets need to be sold or returned by Wednesday, Oct. 17th in order to give food service an accurate head count.


• Paul Hamilton stood up and thanked Keven Brown for letting him know the winery tasting room was opening later this month. He was so happy that his wife would have the opportunity to get loaded at Corricks before she went Christmas shopping this year. Paul mentioned in passing an anniversary and the purchase of a new home in Wild Oak. Sounded like he paid a $100 donation to go into Lin’s Paul Harris Fellowship.

• Norm Owen, past district governor and past president, described the unusual set of cruises he and his wife Bev enjoyed a few weeks ago. If we got this straight they drove up to Seattle, boarded a cruise ship to Canada, then went to Victoria, caught another boat, took another tour, got on another ship, stole a car, and drove back to Santa Rosa. He paid $15 for the recognition, then another $100 for a speeding ticket. Or something like that.

• John Poremba has been missing in action for some time but he only admitted to a two week vacation for $15, then admitted to a 67th birthday and another $100 and/or 17 years of wedded bliss.

• Larry Miyano piped up and offered to contribute $15 for a secret wedding anniversary to his wife, Mary.

• Mark Burchill, one of our future presidents waiting in the cue, described a perfectly wonderful five days in the City by the Bay: Fleet Week, the Blue Angels overhead, the America Cup trials on a rather calm and cool wet stretch of the Bay, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the first date for Mark and Mary Lou. He also mentioned the parade down Castro Street … all for a measly $28’s worth of bragging!! Clothing optional, Mark?

• Deborah Gray made an advance payment for what sounded like two Hawaiian vacations with hubby Michael, upcoming and outgoing. At least Debbie paid twice—first $15, then another $50.

• Bob Sorenson contributed $15 for his true confession, so minor we can’t remember, but then he admitted that he had sneaked away to the Reno Air Races. After getting all the envious “aw-w-w’s from the guys, he dropped $50 into our local club foundation!

• Jack Abercrombie just cannot resist a good bargain and celebrated his youngest daughter’s B’day with a $15 gift to Rotary. Now, Jack, don’t you feel better?


In Central Park, on September 29th, Rotary shared the polio eradication message with a live  audience of more than 60,000 during the Global Citizen Festival in New York City. Two days earlier, RI joined its polio eradication partners in a show of solidarity during a side-event on polio at the UN General Assembly in New York. READ MORE, Watch the Concert, Read “Rockin in a Polio Free World”.


Did you check out Wayne Rowlands’ hot new website that’s setting Dry Creek ablaze across America? Figuratively, of course: Up only a week and no one can count the hits fast enough. Next June’s huge rock concert, Half-Marathon, and fantastic wine and beer tastings in Sonoma County’s gorgeous Dry Creek Valley, for the benefit of the Santa Rosa Salvation Army Corps, since 1889 helping those who need help the most.


Speaker Ray Byrne introduces Will Haymaker to a friend

After more than 25 years on 400 acres east of Santa Rosa on Porter Creek Road at Mark West Springs, Safari West remains a remote mystery to most of their next door neighbors. Did you know that it is home for almost 500 exotic mammals and birds, but it’s not a zoo, a drive through park, and it is more than a wildlife  preserve?

Volunteer Courtney Rowlands, daughter of Wayne Rowlands and volunteer at Safari West

This week, we got a taste of what most of us have been missing as one of Santa Rosa’s best-known “recovering bankers” stumbled through his so-called lack of knowledge about exotic turkeys, long-necked elephants, and cute “rhinocericersai”. Fortunately Ray’s keepers helped him along and we all had a great adventure (without getting to pet the lions and tigers). Established by Peter Lang in 1989, Safari West is one of only six private facilities in North America that is a member of the American Zoo and Aquarium Association. You owe it to yourself to see these beautiful animals in their natural habitat. Say hello to Ray and his little bird.


Mike Kallhoff- CEO United Way of the Wine Country, Sponsor – Matt Everson
Jane Duggan – Commercial Broker Associate, Sponsor – Shannon McConnell

This week’s photographer: Diane Moresi


Bill Rousseau, President
Peggy Soberanis, President Elect
Jack Abercrombie, Secretary
Cecil G. Humes, Treasurer
Jack Geary, Sergeant at Arms

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